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A pretty lil’ seat for a pretty lil’ thang

Another Goodwill find turned from blah to fab. This occasional chair now packs a ton of color!

Baby Cake couldn’t seem to keep away from the chair while mommy was trying to snap some before shots. Good thing she’s a cutie!
And voila lots o color
Email me at if you are interested.

Student desk and chair to boot

I found this piece in need of some major TLC in a local thrift store. In the same trip I found a chair that was perfect sooo I HAD to get them.
Here is the desk already sanded. The only thing missing is the ugly pink knobs…but you get the idea.
These drawers were a special kind of yuck…really. gross. Here they are cleaned and ready to say bye bye weird outdated paper lining.
Completed with a fresh new look and ready for a happy home!
Found these great glass knobs in my stash and found some new pewter handles for the lower drawers.
I was determined to blow the dust off my sewing machine to make a cushion for this lil thing. Sheer determination is the only thing that got me through it. Now seriously this is not a difficult task but when you haven’t used your sewing machine in as long as me you get a little rusty. Oh well! I survived and next time it will be much smoother. It did add to the set…I was pleased.
Drawers refinished. Much better!
And when I am not painting furniture this lil babe keeps me
busy as you can see.

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Hol-E Pillow Batman!




Sooo excited to show off my girlfriend, Natalia’s, awesome handiwork today! I dub her Queen of the Crochet Hooks. I have seen some cool stuff she has put together with her hooks and a skein of yarn but I thought her pillow project was particularly fun.

Isn’t she a beauty? These pillows can be used for a punch of color on the sofa or the bed or something soft to snuggle up to. They have a vintagey feel and fun fabric.

Also, good to know they are envelope pillow cases so you can easily handwash the outer cover and inside pillow. All you mamas out there can appreciate the washability factor.

What you want one or two or three? Lucky you Natalia is taking custom orders for her fabulous pillows! You pick your colors and she will have your order ready for you in a jiffy. Pillows are $20 each or a pair for $35. Shoot her an email at for your order.

Love this project as much as I do? Leave a comment and let her know!

Happy Creating!

Just me, a paintbrush, and a canvas…ok well some paints too

This is where it all started…a nice clean white canvas. I have been creating and selling my paintings for many years now and this remains one of my favorite things to do. I am not a trained artist but I do what I do and I enjoy it. As I embark on this blogging journey I sure wish I would have kept pictures of my work but alas I have not done a good job of that. Nevertheless, I am going to take a minute to show off a few of my paintings.
This little lady was created while my first girlie girl was still a cookin’. Ladybugs have just been a thing for me ever since I can remember. It started out as a nickname and then as a girl I collected all things ladybug so I thought it right lil miss have a ladybug room of her own. You can see a bit of her curtain to the right that I was coordinating with. Ohhh and the wall words…I love love love them! If you have been in my house you know this already. You can get them all over now but all mine came from Uppercase Living. They are super easy to use!
These babies were an order from a friend. She gave me a sample of her curtain fabric you see to coordinate with. I am sure this is much more lovely hanging on her wall than my craft table but you get the gist. This is actualy one flower painted over three canvases. Lots o fun!
My favorite room in my house…maybe because it’s chocolate brown and I do have a thing for chocolate. As my husband and I were painting this room in a delirious state of home remodeling gone mad we both swore it was actually chocolate pudding. I don’t know but those days of our major home overhaul were quite intense so I am not sure I can be completely held responsible for my actions. Sheeesh! So glad that is all behind us! I painted these canvases for our dining room to coordinate with our curtain fabric. The bright flowers against the deep brown make me happy!
Ahhh…the best for last because this was made with sweet lil baby Piper in mind. She is quite a beauty! Mama Sloan picked out an adorable tulip crib set by Dwell Studio and I went to work. Love this verse from James and perfectly fitting for such a sweet gift of a new baby girl.
Have something you would like painted for your home? I would love to help! Email me at
Until then…happy creating!

A few of my favorite things…

Ahhh this makes me want to burst into song… ♫ I simply remember a few of my favorite things and then I don’t feel sooo baaaad.♫ Hey, just be thankful none of you can actually hear how incredibly…uhh…beautiful…that would sound coming from these lips and since I am not trying to out do Julie Andrews or anything I think the tune in my head will suffice.

All singing aside, this will be a regular around here. I will use “my favorite things” to showcase something I have done in the past in my own home, someone else’s home, or maybe inspiration of something I would like to do.

First up…drumroll please…

A fun way to decorate the kids bathroom!

I purchased unfinished wooden frames from the Hob Lob…multiple trips all with 40% off coupons. There are a few perks with a HL store being less than 2 miles from your house! The frames have a nice 2-3 inch border which I love and then it holds an 8×10 photo. I also purchased a few sheets of scrapbook paper to match my decor.

The idea is to cover the frames border with the scrapbook paper. First paint the outer edge of the frame only because the rest will be covered with paper anyway. Then cut the paper into strips slightly larger than the frame or cut to fit. Grab the handy dandy Mod Podge and foam brush. Brush Mod Podge directly on to frame and apply paper. Press and smooth. Continue until entire front surface is covered with paper. If you cut slightly larger you will have some extra paper hanging over the edge, just grab a finger nail file and use the edge to file the extra paper off. I like the way this makes the edge look best. Messy but simple. Voila frames are decorated and adorable.

I created these for my children’s bathroom. I have three little ones so I did three and they each have their picture in one. Since it was going in the bathroom I thought it appropriate Mags has a towel on her head, Sam has crazy wet hair, and Cate was just a few months in that picture so the one where I caught a smile worked. I found hooks that screw directly in the wall and put one hook below each frame so they could hang their towels there after showering. 

The kiddos think it is great and of course I love the functionality
and cuteness of it all. 
This is another frame I did as part of a baby shower gift. I added the chipboard “E” for Emery and the flower for good measure. My girlfriend actually had the mirror cut to fit. Another fun idea!

Happy Creating!

Magnetic Board Workshop

You are invited!

For those of you who saw the turtorial and still feel overwhelmed by the process…never fear…I am here to save the day! Well, that may be a bit dramatic BUT I am here to save your magnetic board troubles. I will be hosting a workshop where you can complete the project with a wee little help from mwa and you will leave with something you have created! The boards make great gifts if you aren’t chomping at the bits to have one in your own home. Don’t forget Mother’s Day is May the 8th! Whatever the occassion the workshop is going to be a fun time with the girls! So come on and join us!

Important Info:

Where: email me at for location

When: Saturday, April 2nd at 10:00

Reserve your spot today! All RSVPs and money will be due by March 28th. Also, below you will find six color palettes to choose from. Upon reserving your seat please let me know which palette you would like so I can have your frame and other materials ready.

Furniture Rehab…take 2

Furniture rehab will be a series of posts as I have several furniture projects going on right now. Below is a coffee table I picked up last Summer at a yard sale and completely forgot about it until the hubs was cleaning out his shop and very ummm…politely….yea that’s it…reminded me that it was time I did something with it. I had already done the not so fun prep work of cleaning and sanding so then it was just a matter of what to do. I am always a sucker for green…absolutely my most favorite color. Happy to say this baby has already been sold! Until next time…happy creating! 


This post made me think of what the hubs so affectionately calls our daughter Maggie…Magneat-O the Magnificent! As she comes bounding down the steps the other day in her brother’s Hulk costume…yea you read that right my not so dainty little girl as the Incredible Hulk. She was quite a sight! We thought it only fitting she have her very own super hero name. The price you pay when your little girl’s best friend is her big bro. Don’t be fooled we have caught him in some interesting get ups as well…but we won’t go there. Ahhh…I am getting off track or maybe I began off track?!

::Pulling it together now::

My dear friend Rosemary asked me to create a magnetic memo board for her. I came up with this idea a few years ago and have made many of them now. Here is step by step directions so that you can create your own.

1. Find a frame you like. I like to snag these at yard sales or thrift stores since you are going to change it anyway. This particular one I found at Goodwill for $3. The picture itself was pretty gross but you’ll have to look past that and just look at the frame to see if it’s worthy.

2. Choose a paint color and paint your frame.

3. You can purchase sheet metal at your local hardware store relatively inexpensively. I paid $8 for this sheet and I can get several projects out of it. Using metal cutters cut the metal to fit inside your frame. If the frame came with glass already in it you can use that as a template to size the metal.


4. Decorate the metal or leave it plain for a more modern look. With this magnet board I cut scrapbook paper into squares and used modge podge to adhere to the metal surface. Using Rub a Dub antiquing rub I distressed the edges of the board as well for more interest. I have also used a piece of fabric before to cover the metal. In that case use a spray adhesive directly to the metal and then lay fabric on top and press evenly and firmly.

5. Spray a clear protectant coat over decorated metal (only if using scrapbook paper) and frame. I used Rust O Leum clear enamel spray paint.

6. Create your magnets. There are endless ways to make your own magnets…you can get really creative! I used wooden discs from the craft store. I painted and distressed them. Then I used hot glue to adhere an embelishment to the center. I also used hot glue when attaching the circular shaped magnets to the back of my wooden disc.

7. Put it all together and you have a truely unique magnetic memo board.

That is a picture of Magneat-O the Magnificent when she was just a wee one. Geez…check out those cheeks!

Apparently, even super heroes suck their thumbs…at least this one does until she is 5…so she says. Love that girl! Happy creating!

Furniture Rehab

One of my most favorite things to do is take what may appear to be junk and make it into something usable or lovely. So those of you who know me know I am a yard sale nut. This is where I snag most of my bargains. A couple weeks ago I picked up a coffee table and side table for a mere $20. I was too excited! I love the simplicity of the peices. Soooo my wheels got to turnin’ and I knew they were in for some major rehab. Fortunately, I already had this great charcoal grey black paint color that I knew would look fab. So off I went to the Hob Lob to grab some scrapbook paper to add some interest to the table tops. I found the perfect modern floraly pattern to go with my paint color on clearance no less. Ohhhh how I love a good deal! So now for a grand total of $21.16 and a whole lot of work I have two fabulous tables that are ready to be sold. Yippeee! Check out my before and after…
Side table with a whole lot of water rings soon to disgused by paint, paper, modge podge, poly and a little more poly…did I say it was a lot of work?
Coffee Table
No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you the legs are black. One day I will remember to take before pictures BEFORE I begin…duh!

And finally….da…da…da..daaaaa…..

The baby wave continues

In my circle of friends we have welcomed six babies within the last year and now we are expecting to meet the seventh in a couple short months. Gracious…don’t drink the water around here! This weekend we gathered around the newest mommy-to-be-again and showered her with lots o baby loot.

I do love a good party and an excuse to get a lil crafty! I was in charge of the party favors which is so up my alley. I decided to attempt cake pops made popular by Bakerella. While I was pleased with the end result I did feel like I had went to war with cake and candy coating but hey I came out on the winning side so all in all it was good. When or if I make them again it should go much smoother but with the first try there is always a learning curve. 
Rolled, dipped, sprinkled, and ready for packaging
Ahhh…the finished product!

You can also check out this tutorial by Bakerella.
My girlfriend gave me the inspiration for her gift…really quite clever I thought. She is welcoming her third boy…wowza…so instead of the traditional big brother, little brother shirts she went in a totally different direction. She wanted each shirt to have monkey and each to be doing something different to correspond with “hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil.” Love it! Here is what I came up with:
I made traditional fabric appliques for the monkeys and used a zig zag stitch to secure all the edges. For the lettering I used an iron on material I purchased at my second home…ummm…I mean Hobby Lobby. It is made by Purple Chimp and it is a printable sheet for iron on applique. You simply make your own design on your computer and print! Then follow instructions to apply to shirt. I have a couple sheets left. I think I will let me two oldest create their own shirts. Hmmm…sounds like another post a brewin’.