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Model Material

Oh my word! Check out this little guy! Is he cute or what?! Trace is modeling his Tie Tee I made for his Easter outfit. The shirt is cute but seriously this kiddo makes it!

Have an idea for a custom shirt for your little ones? Not sure how to make it happen? Let me help!
Here are a few samples of appliques available, but really your imagination is the limit. So let me know what you have in mind!
Letter Tee’s available as well with your child’s initial.
Custom Big Kid Tee’s ~ $18
Custom Toddler Tee’s ~ $16
Custom Onsies ~ $14
Email me at with your order!
The giveaway is going GREAT! You girls took me seriously with the game face. Remember the deadline is tomorrow at midnight! Happy voting!

Get your game face on for a great giveaway!

Alrighty my friends you have just stumbled upon my first giveaway and it’s a good one! Calling all parents, grandparents, and anyone who knows any kids you don’t want to miss this! I have up for grabs a beautiful children’s table and four chairs! It really is quite lovely if I do say so myself. Formerly it was a very drab oak set for adults but now it has been transformed into the perfect seating for the vertically challenged. The beauty of it is the seats were made for adults so Mom and Dad can sit down comfortably with the kids too. This set will work for boys or girls or both. It is chock full of color but gender neutral at the same time. If you have only girls you could doll it up a bit with some fun standard size seat cushions. Check it out…

The alphabet paper is red and green. It looks a little washed out on the photo but it is red not pink.

Listen up peeps this is how this beauty can be yours…

1. Contestant must be a blog follower. So follow me already!
2. Must “like” Monkey Doodles Facebook page.
3. Must be local to Greenville, SC and able to pick up. No delivery available.
4. Enter by typing…”I want that table!” on Monkey Doodles Facebook page and you are in the running.
5. Get your family and friends on board! Ask nicely, beg, plead for them to vote for you on our Facebook page. They must “like” our page and cast their vote. They can cast their vote by writing your name on our wall ONLY once please. 

Contest begins immediately and ends midnight April 30th. So get moving! The competitor with the most votes takes it home. Just think how excited those little people will be!

Maybe this set is not for you but I bet you know someone who would looove it. Spread the word!

This is my first giveaway and while I have tried to think of everything I reserve the right to tweak the rules a bit if need be.


I don’t want to say goodbye…

More than a few times now have there have been a piece of furniture given new life that I really don’t want to part with. This is one of them. It would fit right in at this little place I call home but alas my friend Anna at Home Couture has already claimed her. I know it is for the best but I may just have to whine a bit.

Alright knock it off…

I found this piece with my dear friend Christine when we hit the town one Saturday morning at an insane hour hunting for deals. A little repair was needed. I batted my eyes and in the sweetest little southern voice I could muster I asked the hubs to help me with the repairs. Not too fooled by my charm he said a few words under his breath and went to work. Really he just likes to give me a hard time but he loves any excuse to get out in his shop and tinker. I guess it just wouldn’t be as much fun if he didn’t give me a hard time?

Nevertheless, he did a beautiful job as always and even did my sanding for me. Here she is all sanded…

She definitely had potential but now she has realized it…

Ahhh well. Sad to see her go but she will be quite lovely where ever she calls home.

I am wrapping up this perfect Easter day with my family and reflecting on the memories we made today. My motto for holidays this year is “laid back.” I get frustrated sometimes with all the hype of the holidays and the 52 lists that come along with it. When the day finally arrives I find it hard to enjoy myself. Today was a perfect combo. We had a fabulous Easter service this morning and it touched my heart to think about the sacrifice Jesus made for us but not only that he lives still! WOW! I might get a little teary again. Next came a relaxed lunch with my treasured family and playing with the kids the rest of the afternoon. I may have snuck one teeny tiny little project in but no one noticed. Take time to enjoy your loved ones today. This is just a moment in time and it goes by so quickly. Don’t get too distracted with all those lists that you miss the most important parts of life. Those things CAN wait…I promise.

My treasures…

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Every little girl needs a hairbow or 12…

After the arrival of my second baby girl I thought it might be time to learn to make hair bows for the little ladies. Now for those of you who know me know that historically I haven’t been able to tie a bow to save my life. I married wisely though because my hubby who is talented in so many ways can tie a mean bow. You can see how that my inability to actually tie pretty bows would have been a deal breaker when it comes to making my own hair bows. But after buying many a boutique bow I buckled down and figured I could definitely figure this out for myself. I dedicated a Saturday to learning this craft. Googling, YouTubing, and trial and erroring only to have gotten NOWHERE! It was not my best moment. Now mind you I wanted a perfect boutique look and wasn’t going to be satisfied with anything less. After taking a nice long time out for myself and some new fancy schmancy tools I decided to give it a whirl again. Voila! Beautifulness! Once I got the hang of it I was able to run with and get more creative. For any of you mama’s out there who don’t quite yet feel you are up to bow making 101 let me help you out! I keep my prices competitive and reasonable as I know it may be less than rational to spring for a $10 bow to go with a $12 outfit.

Below are a few samples of my work along with prices. Feel free to email me at if you would like to order a special occasion bow or maybe a pack of 6 with a variety of bright fun Summer colors. Discounts will be given with multiple bow orders!
All bows come complete with a fabric covered alligator clip and finished off with a box knot.

Crocheted baby headbands available in hot pink, brown , white, and black. $1 each.

Itty Bitty Baby Bows ~ 2 for $4
Double Layer Boutique Bow ~ $6 each
Boutique Bow ~ $5 each (not pictured, single layer)
Multi Layer Boutique Bow ~ $7 each
Double Layer Classic Bow ~ $5 each
Classic bow ~ $4 each
Multi Layer Loopty Loop Bow ~ $6 each
Sweet baby girl modeling for her Mommy!

Aqua…My New Fav!

This little baby was a yard sale find…shocker I know. I love it when they are all beat and banged up because then the seller is like…”well…I am not sure what you could do with it so you can have it for $7.” Ummm…sold! I don’t always have vision right from the get go but with this piece I liked the different wood patterns in the top so I knew I wanted to enhance the beauty of the wood and not cover it up with paint. Here is the side table as I bought it…

All that shiny black finish had to be sanded…sanded…and then sanded a little more. Next step…primer. I had a wee bit of help from the wee one.

After a few coats of paint this baby is ready to meet my new “girly” sander. Notice in the picture Buddy is peeking out the back door to make sure I am doing everything right while Daddy is at work.
 And there she is. Jon says “girly” I say “just right.” The tapered end made it perfect for getting into tight spaces and saved me from having to ice my arm that night.

And here she is all dolled up after a coat of dark walnut stain and some satin poly and she is ready to go to her new home.

This little bit has found a happy home with my new friend Erica!

Mural Mural On the Wall

I recently met a couple, Michael and Deidre, who are getting ready to welcome their first baby into the family. They are expecting a sweet baby girl! They have picked out a fabulous name might I add. Baby Claire will be making her entrance in August. They have done an amazing job getting everything ready for lil miss.

Can’t we all remember how it was with the first? The moment we found out boy or girl registries had been made, crib was in place, clothes washed in Dreft (no less would do), curtains hung, diapers neatly stacked and waiting. Ahhh the luxuries of the first time parents. Enjoy every moment first timers ’cause life may never look the same.

Truly, Deidre has picked out some super cute not over the top babyish bedding for Claire. Here you are for your viewing pleasure…

Deidre and I met through a mutual friend. She wanted a tree with a few whimsical birds for Claire’s nursery. I put some ideas together and we came up with a plan and it went a little something like this…

The blank canvas
Sketched and paint is going up
Color blocked in…this is about the moment I was feeling a little batty with all the leaves.
And finally it was all worth it…

Here’s to hoping Baby Claire has many nights of peaceful sleep under her tree.

Tribute to a very special lady…

My mom. She is incredibly special to me. We have been through so much together and survived. Not only survived but come out on the other side better. I am truly blessed in my life and she is another blessing that I hold very dear to me. Last night we celebrated her birthday and all her adopted daughters came out to spread the love. When I say all her adopted daughters I mean ALL her adopted daughters. She has been a mama to so many when they needed a safe place to talk or someone to give advice in difficult situations. I know she has touched many lives but it is beautiful to see how each one of these women have put pieces of her back together as well. I have to sit back in awe of God’s handiwork in our lives and what incredible people he has brought along the path. Knowing that each person, each relationship has purpose and meaning that God intended from the beginning.

We enjoyed some delicious italian food tonight and topped it off with a smack yo mama sweet potato cake from Brick Street Cafe. OH MY! Ridiculously yummy!

Mom had asked me to refinish a table she had picked up last Summer at a yard sale. Sooo being her birthday and all I thought that would be a great gift for her.

Table before…not bad just a little plain jane.

After…shabby chic just like she wanted.
Conclusion after this little table was that I WILL be buying a sander and I love trying new things…well new to me things. Also, I may have enjoyed slamming a large metal wrench into the wood a little too much. Nahhhh!!
Happy Birthday Mama!

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Workshop Success!

I had a great time with the gals this morning! We had the table covered with glitter, glue, paint, brushes, jewels…you name it we had it. Big mess = lots of fun! Here is the table set and ready…
Check out their beautiful creations…
Stay tuned for information about future workshops. If you have any ideas for something you would like to make let me know.
Happy Creating!