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Duo of blue

Well…actually a grey blue to be more precise but “duo of grey blue” just didn’t seem as catchy. This lovely pair was more I salvaged from Jon’s old house. It is funny to me because I remember them in his place when we were dating 100 years ago. One still had one of those sticky round room perfume things. I have no idea what you call them?? When I flipped the table over and saw it stuck to the underneath he remembered putting it there…again 100 years ago. I am sure he did that to impress me with his good smelling abode. I am going with that anyway. Regardless, I pried that sucker off pronto.

I sanded my pretty little arms silly getting them ready taking the tops down to the wood. I chose an oops paint that was really a tinted primer I had picked up at Sherwin Williams. Next, I heavily distressed them with the help of my paint scraper and a 60 grit sanding block. Glazed with a dark walnut and clear glaze mixture and used Danish Oil in Dark Walnut to finish off the top. The final dressing came with some new hardware from the Hob Lob and then I called it a day or a week…whatever…finito!

Please contact me at for pricing and dimension info.
Counting down the days till I can feel the sand between my toes. I can almost smell the ocean air now. Did I mention school is almost over?? Happy Dance! Looking forward to snugglin’ in with my babes in the mornings.
Thanks so much for your comments! I looooove them!
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Rooaaaaaar…fierce I know

I do hold a special place in my heart for little redheads. This fiery redhead just celebrated his 3rd birthday with a whole bunch of his closest buddies. Nathan’s Mama, Rosemary, is super talented herself and went all out with an adorable circus themed birthday party. Man! I wish I would have snapped a few pics of the decor. It really was so cute! Rosemary asked me to make a lion shirt for Nathan to wear for his party. Here is the little dude being as cute as ever in his lion tee…
Loved being able to celebrate with Nathan and be apart of the memory making!
Need a special occasion tee or maybe a monogram tee? I would love to help you out! Email me at with your custom order.
Also, check here for more samples of our custom appliques.
Can I just add…wooohooooo…the last week of school!!! Ok…thank you…I feel better now.

A little bit of whimsy

I inherited this fun little table from a stash my hubby’s family had stored. I snagged a few things that day. We loaded up the van and I was a happy girl.

This was pretty damaged with water rings and years of wear and tear.

I decided to take this unique little table and go a whole different direction. While I do love doing “grown up” furniture I have to explore the kid in me occasionally. Here is what my inner kid came up with…

I used Glidden primer and paint in one in Walnut Bark. Then I raided my stash to create the owl painting and finished it off with a couple coats of wipe on poly for those messy little fingers.

Thanks for your comments! They always mean so much to me!

Contact me at for more information and dimensions.

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A little ray of sunshine…

I just finished up a corner cabinet for my friend, Anna, at Home Couture. If you haven’t been in her shop yet you really should drop in! They are located at 700 Garlington Rd in Greenville, SC. You might just find a treasure in there for yourself!

She received this piece as a gift but it was just unfinished wood and was squealing for some attention.

Anna requested a pale yellow with a weathered look. I used Valspar Signature in lazy sun and glazed with a clear glaze and dark walnut stain mixture. The result…

I added nice antiqued glass knobs. Also, there was no glass in the doors and since that curved glass is ridiculously expensive she is thinking about adding plexi glass or maybe chicken wire. What are your thoughts?

Glazing detail…

Isn’t my clover…otherwise known as the only grass I have…just loverly?!
The color in this shot is a bit washed out.

I love this little cheery piece!

June Workshop

OK ladies as promised we have a really fun workshop planned! This time we will be working on two fun projects.

First, gather up some of your favorite photos … snapshots … professional … whatever suits your fancy. We are thinking outside the frame on this one or is it inside?? I will have white antiqued frames for each of you and you will be creating the masterpiece to adorn the inside. We will essentially be creating scrapbook pages for the frame. You will have free reign on my decorative papers, embellishments, glitter, punches, etc. Here are a couple I have come up with for my girls…

Next up we will be making Anthropologie inspired acid wash mirrors. I stumbled upon this fun little tutorial on Vintage Revivals. This is a really fun technique! I will have your weathered frame ready to go and you will be using the acid washing technique on your mirror then pick your fabric or paper to have peaking through your mirror. You will have a little something like this…

Originally this frame was blah…
The skinny…
When: Saturday, June 4th @ 10:00
Where: Email me at for location info
Reserve you spot today! All RSVP and monies are due by May 27th so that I can get all your supples ready.
Looking forward to it ladies!

Sweetness from the sweeties

I hope all you Mommies and Mommies-to-be had a lovely Mother’s Day yesterday!

My day was perfect from beginning to end! A big thanks to all the people in my life who fill my world with so much goodness. I am so in love with my little family.

This morning I opened Maggie’s book bag…I totally forgot over the weekend to clean it out…oops! I found a sweet little questionnaire filled out by her and her teacher…

Does that lil’ girl know me or what?! Well minus the McDonald’s and brown hair…she may have had me confused with herself. Ok and while I would really love to lose some weight I don’t think 18 pounds is a reasonable goal. I totally look 18…right?! Gah!

Here is my sweet little note from Sam…

 Giving thanks for those sweeties today! I am incredible blessed to be their mom!

Later today you can look for pictures of my furniture finds available for custom paint treatments and tomorrow I will have all the fun details about our next workshop!

DIY Wall Decor

I am going to give you a little tutorial today on how to make this wall art for your home. Sooo easy and cheap too! Trust me you can do it!

I got the idea flipping through a magazine. They had a picture of this nice Summery porch complete with a once upon a time silver tray now a beachy blue color with the help of a little spray paint. ::light bulb moment:: I had been racking my brain trying to figure out wall decor for my dining room and I had finally found my inspiration.

What you need:

Silver trays
Steel wool
Spray paint
Plate hangers

I began my hunt for silver trays. Yard sales…thrift stores…you know how I roll. It took me a few weeks to gather a collection of unique trays but I did it. I didn’t do a great job taking pictures throughout this process…sorry…but this is basically what I started with just more of them…

When I had enough for my collage I began gathering spray paints. I used several colors. Have I mentioned my color addiction? The curtains in that room pack lots o color so I picked a few of my favs to bring those into the room more.

All supplies gathered and ready to paint…almost. I laid out my trays in the pattern I wanted on the wall so I could decide which color to paint which tray.  Then scuffed up my trays with a little steel wool so the paint would adhere better. Didn’t go crazy just lightly scuffed. Next…paint away baby. My favorite part. I love how spray paint transforms anything so easily! Just a tip…brand matters! Don’t buy the cheap stuff you will regret it! Krylon is my personal favorite as you can see. Here is my stash…

Use traditional plate hangers to hang each tray. I really want to paint mine brown but since I have a problem with finishing things 100% I will get around to that one day. Until then they are a tacky gold.

The owl is without a doubt my favorite! Adds a bit of the unexpected. I was sooo stinkin’ excited when I found it! It was actually an old trivet with little feet on it. Jon sawed the feet off for me so it fits right against the wall. I added a couple green plates to the collage that I already had.

See you can do it! Now go and be creative! I would love to see what you come up with!

Ummm…yes, a piece of my glass is missing on my cabinet. Three kids…something will get broken. Yet another item I will get fixed one day.

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Tea for Two

So I give the hubby a hard time but in all fairness he is pretty awesome to me. I am blessed beyond measure to have him in my life. Without his support in this whole venture I could not proceed.
I had been eyeing this table at the permanent yard sale near my house. Gotta love the permenant yard sale…when it is not across the street from your house it is much cooler. Gah! Nevertheless they had this really cute table not for sale but just to display all their other crap stuff on. Jon dutifully stopped and asked the guy if he would sell it and how much. I thought it was a bit pricey for an old worn out table that I would still need to get chairs for but I wasn’t ready to give up on it. You know when you want it…you want it. Plus I had vision for it already. Then I remembered this old table we had in the shop that was unusable to me and I thought about maybe trading if the guy was willing.

A few days went by and I kind of forgot about it. Then I was outside sanding another peice and I thought the hubs was working in the yard until I see him coming around the corner carrying this table…yes carrying! He sets it down and in his way says…”I made your trade babe!” ::Swoon:: He knows how to make me melt. So I know I am a little abnormal but seriously he made my day.

I love the round shape and the curvy details. I knew this table was in for a little surgery to transform it into a sweet little table for some girly girls.

Jon measured, leveled, and cut the legs down with his circular saw. This is actually a chair from another set being cut down but it gives you the idea.
I still needed to find some chairs with the right amount of curves. I found this duo while visiting family in Georgia. Yes, I am that die hard. It was music to my ears when the Mim’s asked if I want to go yard sailing with her on my visit. Here is one of the two chairs I found while we were out…

They underwent surgery as well.

I primed the whole set and handpainted fun details to the chairs and leg spindles. No matchy matchy completely random. Then I distressed everything. I used Danish Oil in dark walnut to give an aged look. I used scrapbook paper to create the flower for the center and applied it to the table with Mod Podge of course! A few coats of poly to protect surfaces from sticky fingers. Lastly, I gave the cushions a fresh look with new decorator fabric. And here you have it…

I can see two little ladies dressed in their finest enjoying an imaginary cup of tea. Sweet memories are going to be made here.

Interested in purchasing this set? Email me at for pricing information.