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Rehabed Goodness x 3

Just a few pieces I have been working on are all wrapped up and good to go so I thought I would share. This will be a quickie because I have lots to do to prepare for our girl’s weekend at Edisto Beach! Wooohooo! Excited about sleeping in, sun, and good friends!

My friend Stephanie kept asking me what I was going to do with the little round table. Me in my sleep deprived stooper had no idea. Jon finally got smart and asked her what color she wanted it to be. Duh! Yellow she said and yellow it is.


Found these two sad little pieces separately and thought they would be much happier together in a lovely shade of Paris Grey.


The Paris Grey set can be found under the “shop” tab under our logo. This sweet set also coordinates with our French Hutch!

Ok off to my to-do list for the day! Have a good one!

UPDATE: Sold, sold, and sold! 🙂


This solid oak hutch was a Craigslist find. Seems to be my usual treasure finding spot lately. I am missing my Saturday morning treasure hunts but our weekends have been so packed lately that I haven’t been able to get out for that.

There was really nothing wrong with this baby she just needed a facelift and a whole lot of sanding to get rid of that shiny finish. To me it already had a country look to it just in the not so good kinda way…you know?

The process…
Sand and prime. I used Benjamin Moore Wood and Metal Enamel in Smoke. Love this paint, it has such a great finish! Turned out a really nice pale blue color. Distressed and painted hardware and chicken wire with Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze. Replaced the glass shelf with a wooden shelf and the glass door panels with chicken wire to go with the farmhouse look. Also, I replaced the original backer board with white bead board paneling. Voila!


Jon and I delivered this beauty to her new home with Stephanie and her sweet family. She had a great spot in her kitchen that looked like it was made just for this hutch. It fit perfectly in her home!

Now to share some overdue pics of the two eldest in their back to school adventures.

Now that’s more like it…

They are loving school! I couldn’t be more pleased for them!

Happy Monday! Let’s make it a great week!

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Giving Back

It is my complete and total belief that part of living a fulfilling life is giving back. Giving back comes in many shapes and sizes. It is certainly my heart and desire to recognize needs around me and if it is within my reach to help meet that need then go for it. What have you lost by going for it…nothing! Now granted your gift may not always be received or handled in a way that you think it should but at the end of the day you have to be satisfied that you felt the nudge and followed it through and the rest is out of your hands. We can never go wrong sowing goodness into the lives of others.

Since Monkey Doodles began I have been praying and searching for how it as a business could give back. I am very pleased to share with you all that we will be directly supporting The Pull-thru Network with 10% of every sale.

The Pull-thru Network offers information, education, support and advocacy for families, children, teens, and adults who are living with the challenges of congenital anorectal, colorectal or urogenital disorders.

I became aware of this group after a sweet friend of mine, Becki, and her son, Tyler, were awarded a scholarship that paid for their trip to the PTN National Conference. When they returned home I heard stories of how much the whole experience meant to the both of them. With a congenital defect so rare you can I am sure feel isolated and alone at times. The conference provided for them other moms and children in the same place they are. People that understood not just because they were sympathetic but because they were too living with the same issues. It was life changing for them both. I was completely touched by their story.

Without the scholarship this is not a trip they could have made. The cool part is a young girl the age of 12 raised money for the networks “scholarship fund” making it possible for Becki and Tyler to have the money to go to the conference. WOW! What an amazing gift she gave! When Tyler returned home he decided he too wanted to raise money and make it possible for another family to go to the conference the next year. I have watched him over the last few months working and doing just that. It hit me that this is exactly what I had been searching for for Monkey Doodles! I am really excited to join Tyler in this journey and benefit this great network of people!

I will be adding a permanent link to the blog so that you can access The Pull-thru Network’s website and donation page if you feel so inclined.

As always thank you for your support of Monkey Doodles as we continue this adventure and you can feel good that each purchase is directly benefiting The Pull-thru Network and the families affected.

Oooh la la…

I am so stinkin’ happy to show this french beauty mainly because that means it is done! Sheesh! I became a little obsessed with this monstrosity. It was even showing up in my dreams. I know I’m crazy.

This was my first experience with Annie Sloan Chalk paint. Throughout the process I went from I love it to not so sure and back to I love it again. The color was mostly what I wasn’t sure about. I chose Paris Grey for the exterior and didn’t really fall in love with the color until I distressed and waxed. I love the dimension the wax adds. Lovely! The interior is Annie Sloan Old White. The two really look nice together.

Any of you local Greenvillians should know we have a local Annie Sloan paint stockist. You can check out Jennie Leigh Designs here!

In the end I am so happy with the results! Now if I could just get back all that time I lost thinking and rethinking it I’d be golden.

This piece of french goodness was a fabulous Craigslist find. Before…

And after all my stressing here is what she looks like now…

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Glamified Girlified Par-tay

My Maggie girl turned 5 this week and started K5! Talk about a teary week for a mama. It’s the whole point right…help them grow, learn, mature, become independent. Then why is it so emotional? Watching some of my goals as a mother being achieved and it gets me right there in that spot. I know, I know so cliche but I still remember that chubby little dark headed bundle when they handed her to me. Oh no…here I go again…I better stop.

Maggie had a really fabulous birthday party this year! Her friend Madison has a birthday just a few days before Maggie’s so Madison’s mom, Jena, and I got really smart this year and combined their parties. It was so much fun! I think Jena and I had just as much fun as the girls with all our planning!

The girls had a glamorous spa day and a fashion show! Side note: I am still wondering where my spa day is…hmmm….

I thought I would share with you the pictures from this girlified party.

*Beware lots-o-pictures ahead*

The banquet is set. Jena took care of all the food and what a great job she did! The ladies menu included: yogurt parfait, veggies and dip, mini pizzas, “M” cookies, rice krispie treats, yummmm…

Hair and Make-Up Booth…
Mani and Pedi Booths…

Dress Up Booth…

The stage is all set! Let the party begin…

Fabulous cakes made by Nonnie! Madison ordered chocolate and Maggie ordered strawberry. They were oh so yummy! Need a cake? Go here. You will not be disappointed!

Primping in progress…

Oooh la la! Gorgeous group of ladies all wearing Monkey Doodles! Appliqued shirts, matching hair bows, and tutus. You know I had fun with this one!

Happy Birthday Maggie and Madison! Love you girls!
Typical. Poor guy.

Fabulous furniture pieces coming up!! Stay tuned!

Also, Monkey Doodles has been featured again!

Mandi @ Altar’d featured this Shabby Cabinet.

Suzy @ Saved by Suzy featured this Icey Blue Chest.

Big thanks ladies!

Ice Ice Baby

Whoa…going way back now but it is probably better I leave that alone.

I just finished up this sa-weet piece and it turned out a nice icey blue color. Ohhhh…I so love it!

Not so beautiful but just as I found her…

Jon had to work his magic fixing the drawers before I could take my hand at it. I applied primer and next came a lovely shade of Bayou Blue. Distressed and glazed with a mix of glaze and an oops Benjamin Moore color which I would describe as a pale baby blue.
When I began distressing somehow I only had 1 kiddo at home with me…angels singing…HALLELUJAH! Naaaah…love those babies but I also love getting to have one on one time with them because I get to see the real little person without all the fussing and fighting that comes with siblings. So I had my Sam boy and he wanted to help me out sanding. He worked his little arms silly and was really good might I add. We got to the last drawer and he suggests we wait on that one till tomorrow. I tell him no let’s get it done…”well, alright…it’s just my muscles are so uncomfortable.”
Next, I painted the hardware silver metallic and glazed with the same mixture I used before. I added pink paper to the drawer insides. Finally, a good ol’ waxin’ and she is D.O.N.E.
Drum roll purdy please…
The flower was a happy accident! Got to love those!

And on that note…I am outta here. See you tomorrow with an Oh So Glamerous Girlified birthday party with all the fun details.

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Farmhouse Coffee Table

I had the pleasure of another custom rehab for my friend Anna. This coffee table she wanted made over for her daughter. Anna knew exactly what she wanted so I went with her vision. Here is the table before:

I sanded this baby down taking it down to the wood for the top surface to prepare for stain. Primed with Kilz Clean Start and painted in Muslin White. I distressed with my mouse sander and 80 grit sanding block for the leg spindles. Antiqued with Danish Oil in dark walnut and restained top surface. Finally, I used several layers of wipe on poly for protection.

Love my clients! Thanks Anna and I hope your daughter loves it!

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I’ve been featured!

Woohoo! I have been featured by Bonnie over at House of Grace for my shabby china cabinet overhaul. I feel so honored! I am not sure there is anything much better in the bloggy world! Thanks so much Bonnie!

I now proudly sport this badge:


You can see the feature here. While you’re there look around. There are some fabulous tips for around the home. You won’t be disappointed!

Thanks to all my readers! Love you all and your comments!

New Digs for a New Babe

Today I am sharing a super fun nursery by my friend Mandi. She is not afraid of color and I love that! I myself am a little addicted so I can totally relate. Her family will be welcoming baby Evan any day now and I know it feels good to have everything ready to go before baby arrives. Let the pictures roll…

Evan’s name and some really cute circles Mandi painted herself to coordinate with his crib bedding. Look at all those diapers all neat in a row just ready for that lil’ babe. Don’t miss that aqua shelf too! Seriously love all the color.
Organization is important in any room especially for the kiddos.

Lots of baby snugglin’ will be taking place in this sweet spot. The alphabet picture on the wall Mandi’s mom made and it hung in her nursery as a baby.

Lastly, Evan’s awesome bedding and more bright circles. The large giraffe and turtle canvases I created to coordinate. A pleasure to create for a friend!
Mandi, thanks for letting me show off Evan’s room!
As always, I would be glad to help you outfit your nursery for your new little one or big kid room. Monkey Doodles offers custom canvases as well as murals to suit your decorating needs. Contact for details.