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Ramblings and a Sweet Lil’ Kitchen Reveal

I was so excited to hear from a college friend a couple months back. Facebook does has some benefits to it, although lately I am questioning how it fits into my life. Beware! I am totally going on a rabbit trail here…

I was visiting a church this past Sunday and the pastor challenged the congregation to a 40 day fast. I didn’t feel immediately moved to jump on board but yet I wanted to be able to pray and seek God to see if this was his desire for me. Later that day after some reflection I felt moved to restrict Facebook in my world. The social platform, pared down, back to the basics when it first caught on seemed like such a great way for me to connect with friends past and present and now it seems like a big pot of yuck. Nice description, huh? Maybe you can identify, maybe not. Either way for me it has become negative, so in an attempt to simplify my life and be real with my friends and family I am cleaning shop…the shop of my heart that is. Goodbye discontentment, goodbye negativity, goodbye. This is just a way for me to minimize some unnecessary junk and focus on what matters most to me. Focusing on getting to know my Creator better and more deeply, being a good wife and mom, and being the best friend possible. This is a small first step in reclaiming what has been a tumultuous year for me. A year where soils have been dug up and flipped me upside down leaving me not really sure where to begin again. I am still unsure of my new beginning but I know that God has a perfect plan for me. A plan that I have faith in and for which I am thankful. As you can see Facebook is really a side note to this story but maybe this is the start for me focusing in on what God has for me. 

I will still be maintaining the Monkey Doodles Facebook page (that is probably how you got here, right?), but on a personal level it will be limited.

Bringing it on around now…

My friend, Angela, wrote me and asked if I could find her a vintage kitchen. Well, it just so happened the Pinterest addiction had led me to the entertainment center turned play kitchen idea. I shared the idea with Angela and from there we went.

Here is the entertainment center as I found it…

Solid with good bones. A nice blank canvas.

Thankfully my hubby is awesomely talented and he was able to construct the new doors and other odd and ends for me.

In progress…

Angela’s only requests were sage green, pink, and ultra girly. Check, check, and check. Here she is…

Now I want to cook in this kitchen (and that’s saying a lot!). The curtains were made from vintage pillow cases. I used a dog bowl from Tractor Supply for the sink basin. I hijacked the old faucet from my house. We have had a new Kohler faucet for probably a year now and we finally changed that out. Woohooo!

Turnable stove knobs and sparkly stove burners. ‘Cause you know every girly girl needs a little sparkle.

Fabric covered magnetic board and hooks for all of little misses important kitchen utensils.

Last but not least every good cook needs an apron!

That’s all folks! Have a great Thursday! Be real.

December Workshop

Yes siree, it’s that time again! Our December workshop is full of some simple yet fabulous last minute gifts just before Christmas. Pssst…I won’t tell if you keep them for yourself….wink…wink. I have three projects lined up for us!

#1 Jersey Cotton Scarf ~ Soooo popular right now and fun to wear! You will have two styles to choose from. You can choose the ruffle or an infinity style scarf. These are no sew projects and super easy to create!


#2 Bird’s Nest Necklace ~ These are quite lovely. They can be personalized with your choice of color beads for your “nest.” Another simple but stunning creation!

Sarah Ortega

#3 Felt Flower Pins ~ These beauties are very versatile! You can add them to an outfit or to embellish your new jersey scarf. Go crazy with color!

Alright get those fingers ready to get reacquainted with the hot glue gun and RSVP for this fun event!

All the particulars…

When ~ Saturday, December 10th at 10:00

Where ~ Message me for details…

Payment Options ~ Class fee may be paid through Paypal to When you RSVP for event I will send out Paypal invoice. you may also drop a check in the mail or bring it by in person. Mailing address is given upon request.

*All colors will vary upon availability*

Looking forward to some crazy craftin’ girl time!

A little of this and a little of that…

This week has been full of construction for this family but it is coming together. Woohoo! It will all be worth it!
Movin’…movin’…movin’ right along…
Day 2, 3, and 4

Day 5
Porcelain tile floors in…
Day 6
Remaining windows placed and trimmed and tile grouted…
Taking a break from construction I got to hang out with the girls at the workshop on Saturday! We had a smaller crowd this time so we all got listen to Stephanie…ummm…no I mean we got to get to know each other better. 🙂 (Hehe…Steph…I had to) It was much fun and as always everything turned out great! Jennie Leigh Designs was a great space for us to gather! Thanks again Jennie!!
Some of the lovelies from Saturday…
My Maggie girl went to the Princess Academy at the Children’s Little Theatre on Saturday. Her Nonnie took her and made her a real princess gown! She was quite the lovely princess. Hair, make up, princess gown, lots of glitz and glam. What little girl wouldn’t be in heaven?

LOTS to do this week! Finishing up a few projects and preparing for Thursday’s feast at this humble abode. Squeezing my work into 2 days so I can relax and be with my babes when they are home from school. What are your Thanksgiving plans?

As Thanksgiving is happening this week and it is a great time to reflect on what really is important in life. I wanted to take a minute and say thank you! Thank you for reading, thank you for your support, and thank you for being just who God created you. Praying blessings over each of you this week!

One more thing…Baby Kail, are you here yet????

Laundry Room Renovation ~ Plans and Demo

Happy Monday! Sheesh…what a weekend! It started off with a family camping trip with Sam’s boy scout troop. I thought surely I could swing it since the camp out was less than a mile from my house and Maggie had been begging to go camping for weeks. I tried, I really really tried but the crazy cold night did me in. Sam and Mags were all snuggled into their cozy sleeping bags and Jon, well Jon is just tough so I snuck out right before I turned into a popsicle and ventured back home. I found my way back to the campsite before the sun and they barely missed me. I was a much better Mama with a little more beauty sleep. I survived and everyone had fun so all in all it was a successful trip.

When we got home Jon and I figured we would go ahead and start demo on our laundry room remodel. Make sense, right?! Little sleep, major renovation…sure sounds good. We have been thinking and planning for a few months now and while we didn’t plan when exactly we’d start Saturday seemed like as good a day as any. We went for it! Now we are in a construction mess but it isn’t the first time and it won”t be the last. Our 1920’s home is always in need of some sort of revamping.

The laundry room is the first thing everyone sees when they come to our house. The way our lot is no one ever uses the front door, leaving the back entrance as the first impression. Gah! We have lived here an embarrassingly long time not have touched this room but we are now on it!

Here are some pics with a few of my to do’s…

Day 1 ~ Demo leaves a pretty scary room. This room is an addition to the original house so the cedar shakes were found on two walls after we removed the cruddy bead board. Those walls will be nice and smooth in a week or two so it no longer looks like an addition.
Progress…scary…but progress…
New insulation and two new can lights. Just to be clear my hubby ROCKS! Woohoo! Excited to see this project get off the ground!
To be continued…

November Workshop

Last month was such a blast with all the workshop girls! After much searching and brainstorming I have finally pulled all the details together for our November workshop. We are making ruffled felt Christmas wreaths! Pictures don’t do it justice for sure. The felt ruffles are perfect for the cold Winter weather because it is so soft and luscious. Reminds me of a warm cozy sweater with an elegant flair.

Are you excited yet?!? I have 5 options for you to choose which works for you and your holiday decor.

#1 Deck the Halls 
Deep burgandy felt with crystallized berries and pine tree branch with pine cone 

#2 Joy to the World
Sparkly white felt with pink poinsettia and lime green spray 

#3 Hot Cocoa
Cream felt with large sparkly brown poinsettia

#4 Winter Wonderland
Grey felt with silver leaves and spray

#5 Peppermint Winter
Red felt with crystallized peppermints and sparkly lime spray with red balls

**Exact materials pictured may slightly vary depending on availability. The sooner I know you are coming the sooner I can secure your materials!

All the juicy details…

When ~ November 19th @ 10:00

Where ~ Jennie Leigh Designs
               27 Mohawk Drive
               Greenville, SC 29609

You have all heard me raving about Annie Sloan paint, right??! Our local stockist, Jennie @ Jennie Leigh Designs is hosting our workshop this time! YAY for more open space. I can’t wait for you all to meet her and see her lovely shop!

Payment Options ~ Payments can be sent through Paypal to Let me know if you would like a Paypal invoice sent directly to you. Also, you may pay your class fee by dropping a check in the mail or in person. Mailing address is given upon request.

RSVP ~ November 11th deadline. **ATTN: This workshop requires a lot of preparation on my part…i.e. cutting a BAZILLION felt circles…seriously!…so the sooner your reserve your spot the more my scissor using hand will be eternally grateful! :)**

Details ~ Include with theme wreath you would like with your RSVP.

Nonnie’s Meals To Go will be providing our refreshments! Yummmm! Pssst…she has a great teacher gift combo that can be made to order for all your school moms out there!

The fine print…you can go here to see details about workshop policies. I will be putting up a permanent policy page later this week but for now you can refer to this page.

Keep December 10th on your calender where we will be making last minute gifts!