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New Kitchen Color {Ahhh that’s better}

Ok so after my post about the kitchen last week I totally got a wild hair and painted it this weekend! I grabbed my BM Wedgewood Grey paint I had used in the laundry room and painted a sample spot. Umm yea that sample spot turned into…I caaaan noooot stop…and so I didn’t. I was supposed to be getting ready for my girlfriend coming into town and I guess I was…I just suddenly became very ambitious to get it all done before she arrived. A few hours on Friday and an hour on Saturday and she’s done! The wall color anyway.

Remember…we went from countrified blue

To whiny green…
To a cool smoky aqua…

Soo whatcha think?

I am still debating on painting the cabinets. If I do I am thinking a creamy white with a grey glaze similar to the finish from this rehab.

Close up…
If not white maybe a very light grey. I am not in a super big hurry just planning. Of course, I say that but I could have them painted next week, who knows?!

Ok so help me out and cast your vote…

A. Leave them natural maple
B. Creamy white with grey glaze
C. Light grey

I am the most indecisive person ever so thanks so much for your help!

I am spending this week with one of my closest friends visiting from Georgia and our 7 children…yes you read that right. S-e-v-e-n.

Ready for a great {loud} week! Hoping you all are well and have a fabulous week!!!

This Old House {Kitchen}

When we moved into our house eight years ago the plan was to be here for five years before we moved on…obviously moving on never happened. We had only been married a little more than a year when we were desperate to get into a house but didn’t quite feel we were ready for the plunge. That didn’t stop me from browsing the internet for homes ALL the time. In truth it is an addiction of mine. I just love to look at houses. It can sometimes stir up discontentment though so i try to stay away from it. I’m silly like that.

Anyway I found a house I LOVED from the pictures and they were having an open house that weekend. I managed to convince the hubs to look at it. I knew it was for us as soon as we walked in…mind you it really wasn’t much to look at at the time but it had potential for sure and so the story of this ever evolving old house began. 

I thought it would be fun to share with you the house as it was when we moved in and how it has changed over the years and maybe my future plans too.

So we will start with the kitchen…

The kitchen as it looked when we moved in. Nice wallpaper, huh?!?

The stove in front of those gorgeous windows was not working for me.

I did love those glass cabinets so we included that look when we remodeled. How about that faux butcher block?! Oh and did you notice this kitchen is minus a dishwasher? While I know lots of people live completely normal and happy lives without them I am just not one of those people. I remember the day we were doing a walk thru of the house before we moved in and Jon’s parents came with us. I pointed out there was no dishwasher and Jon’s dad quickly snapped back…”I am looking at her, right?” OH DEAR! I am sure he meant that in jest…surely.

A few months before Sam was born Jon did install a dishwasher for me. Good husband. Oh check out that peel and stick flooring we had. Um it was a special kind of gross.

I would tear a piece of wallpaper off every time I walked in the kitchen so eventually it was so bad it all had to come down. Down it came and the kitchen became blue. About a year after I painted it blue we gutted the kitchen and it became this…

The glass cabinets inspired by the original kitchen and those gorgeous windows can now be fully appreciated!

Millions of miles better than it was before! At the time we did all that we could afford paying cash for the whole reno. That being said we were working with a tight budget and there are definitely things I would have done differently. I guess. I wouldn’t have wanted the debt for it but we did have to trim some corners.
The two biggies that I would change…taller top cabinets and different flooring. We have 10 foot ceilings and there is so much space wasted above the cabinets. I am not a fan of junk on the top of the cabinets either but I have to put something up there! The floor was DIY gone wrong…I will explain more later.

Here is the kitchen now(ish)…

I am actually going to be painting the kitchen again within the next month or so. Going back to the blues to flow more with the new laundry room! New window treatments and some budget friendly decor too!


I have been drooling over these Ikea butcher block counter tops for some time now and seriously every time I see them I looooove them. I am not sure about the practicality of them but they are gorgeous and very affordable. Seriously considering.

OOOO I like this cottage style…
My plan exactly...wood counter tops, glass upper cabinets, Bead board back splash!

To paint the cabinets or not to paint???? White or color??

Yes please.  Copper farmhouse apron sink and beadboard backsplash.  Lovely.
source unknown
painted cabinets

Hmmm…I may be more confused now than when I started this post. It will all come together eventually, I suppose.

Have a great day!

A Year of Date Nights

Who else out there lacks some imagination when it comes to planning date nights with your significant other. Surely I can’t be the only one?!? Maybe the kids have made our brains mush…quite possibly. Sad to say we are soooo obnoxiously practical when we do have a weekend to ourselves we generally have some crazy project we are working hard to finish (or uh hmmm refrigerator shopping…boooring and entirely too practical). 

The last date night we had was in December. I dare say it was a bit disastrous. Where do you want to go eat…noooo…where do you want to go eat?? Seriously we are adults, right? Am I still the only one? If so, stop reading now because I may just bore you to tears.

Ok, so for all of you who just might be familiar with my issue I have a fun idea to share with you! I stumbled upon an idea for a “Date of the Month Club” by Cher from Love Actually. I thought it was quite brilliant I just needed to simplify it a bit for my purposes. All the extras in her package were cute I just knew my hubby would never use that stuff and I would be wondering where I was going to put it.

Sooo…here is my version….

I printed these free blank tickets here. I came up with 12 date night ideas that I thought we would enjoy. About half of them are nights in and half are nights out. In the name of being realistic and budget friendly. Plus, I love the idea that once the kids are all tucked in the bed any night can be a date night. It is what you make of it. If you zone out in front of the TV {guilty} you may have missed an opportunity to strengthen and deepen the bond with your mate.

With my tickets printed I wrote a little preview of what each date would look like. I wrapped them up and tied them with a bow. Next, I made a flyer of sorts. I explained what the tickets were for and the benefits of being a “Date of the Month Club Member” included. Maybe a little cheesey…eh…you decide.  

Now all Jon has to do is put one ticket on each month of our calendar. 

Then I will take care of planning them out each month. I can make it as elaborate or as simple as I like. For me I like the thought of intentionally planning time with the man I love and stepping out of the dinner and movie routine.

Here are the dates I came up with…

{Bring It!} Game night in
{Dinner for Two} Candlelit dinner at home
{Relax} Spa night 
{Envelope Surprise} Day date, open an envelope to reveal you next destination
{Strike} Bowling date night
{Chef Challenge} Cook dinner together with a new recipe and then Wii face-off
{A Basket and A Blanket} Picnic…could be in the backyard, living room, park…we shall see.
{Power Outage} Date with no electronics…no TV, no phones, no lights…maybe?
{Out of Dodge} Headed out of town, where we will go nobody knows.
{Tourist Attraction} Act like tourists downtown 
{Night In} Breakfast in bed for dinner and snuggle in for a movie
{Get Dolled Up} Put on our fancy schmancy clothes and enjoy dinner and a show

Jon loved it! I am sure any guy would like a little pressure lifted from date night expectations. My thought and hope is this will spark more creativity from us both. 

Check out these links for more ideas:
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The Art of Date Night

Before I go…our Valentine’s day stuff…

Pictures before school are too hard. If only you knew what it took to get this one. Silly kids!

A girl and her Daddy

A boy and his Mama

 Observations: Boyfriend you gotta deal with Mama’s kisses and Mama needs to visit Miss Rene bad.

Yes, and the only pictures Cate made it into were ones where her sticky little fingers were all over the camera lens. Nice.

Happy Dating!

Last Minute Valentine Goodness

I am so squeaking this in at the last minute but maybe it will be useful to someone??? 

Check out these adorable Valentine’s I whipped up this morning with the help of some very creative bloggers. 

Thanks to The Crafting Chicks for these fun free printables! I found these solid color bouncy balls at Target with all their Valentine’s stuff. They were $2 for 16 balls. I found the right size bags at Wal-Mart with their Wilton cake supplies. I got 50 bags for $2.47. All in all this was a pretty thrifty goody for all their school classmates. 

I signed up to take care of the sweet treat for Sam and Maggie’s class so I could just make a lot of one thing making it easier on me. Anything to make life a bit easier. 🙂
I started out with these supplies to make traditional Rice Krispie treats. Go here for the recipe. Let them cool in the pan for about 30 minutes. Then use a cookie cutter to cut out your shapes. I used a small heart making these bite size.
Next grab these supplies…
Melt your candy melts in the microwave for 30 seconds at a time stirring in between each time. I dipped the tops of each heart into the melted candy coating. Give it a little shake to get rid of the extra and top with sprinkles while it is wet. This is where I made a really big mess!

I used the whole bag of candy melts for two batches of Rice Krispie treats. So just melt half the bag for one batch.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Goodbye factory finish…hellllooo custom goodness!!

I have a big ol’ rehab to show off today! My friend, Jena, asked if her table was worth saving…uhhh…yea silly! She asked me to take this project on for her and so I did! 

Here is what she gave me to work with…

White wood with a clear varnished top. The table does have legs somewhere…

 There they are and ohhhh those lattice back chairs…

All finished up! From factory blah to custom goodness! I used Behr Black Suede and Minwax Jacobean for the table top. *The sunlight in these pictures makes them appear navy but it is black I assure you :)*

It is times like these when I am so thankful to own a paint sprayer. While I rarely use it I knew these lattice back chairs were prime candidates for the sprayer. Whew!
Jena picked out a lovely fabric for her cushions from one of my favorite local fabric shops. This is actually the best shot of the true color of the table top. I kept getting a glare and I was not into moving this set all over the back yard chasing the shade. 🙂

That’s all for today peeps but I will be back this week with a lil’ something new.  I thought it might be fun to show you around this little cottage I call home. Going back to what it was (and wasn’t) when we moved in and all the changing scenery over the years around here.

Happy Monday!

Spring Wreath Workshop

Can you believe Spring is almost here?!? Yep…March 20th marks the first day of Spring! So let’s go ahead and get a jump on all that fun Spring decor!

Join me March 3rd when we will be creating colorful moss wreaths!

“Grass Green” color option…


“Spring Green” color option…
When: Saturday, March 3rd, 2012 @ 10:00

Where: Email me at for location info.

Cost: $25 per 18 inch wreath. You can check out “moss wreath” on Etsy and these babies sell for 30, 40, 50 and up so this is a pretty sweet deal. 🙂

Payment Options: Class fee may be paid through Paypal by following the button below or to You may also drop a check in the mail or bring it by in person. Mailing address is given upon request.
RSVP: Deadline for reservation and payment February 24th. You can RSVP directly to our Facebook event page here. Please let me know which color moss you would like. Spring green or grass green.

**Remember if you bring a friend who hasn’t attended a workshop before you get $5 off your class fee!

**April 14th we will be tackling photo pendant necklaces and photo canvases!

Can’t wait for another fun morning with the girls!!

FYI: Upcoming Workshop Dates!

Alright girls mark these dates on your calendar for the next couple of workshops! If you were here on Saturday we are definitely still doing the workshop I was telling you about but we are going to move it back for one month so we can squeeze in some Spring time fun before it passes us by. 

March 3rd ~ Spring Wreaths

April 14th ~ Photo Pendant Necklaces and Photo Canvases 

More details to come!!

Valentine’s {Love} Sign Tutorial

Remember this sweet little picture from the giveaway a couple weeks ago? Well, since there could only be one winner I thought I’d share a little how-to with you to create something similar for your home. It’s a super cute little thrifty project.

What you need:

Mat (could make your own mat from a cereal box or any thin cardboard)
Scrapbook paper or any image you like
Crepe paper
Hot glue

I purchased a frame with a mat from Goodwill for $3. I loved the details in the frame but to enhance them a bit more I brushed on two light coats of grey paint and once dry I lightly sanded. Much better.

I took crepe paper…left over from a birthday party no doubt…to make rosettes. 

Here is the method I used to create the rosettes…

~ Cut strip of crepe paper and fold in half lengthwise. I used varying lengths for different size rosettes.

~ Fold one end and begin to tightly roll to create center of flower

~ Once you have a good center begin twisting tail up as you turn the bud. As you twist pinch and hold with you fingers holding the bud. 

~ As you continue turning and twisting your flower will grow larger and larger. You can add a dot of hot glue as needed to keep petals in place.

~ Continue until you come to the end and finally glue the tail to the back of your rosette.
Glue the rosettes to your mat. Squish them all together…there are a whole lot of rosie roses on there!

I added some scattered pearls in the rosettes for more texture.

I took the original art work from the frame and used a spray adhesive to glue the “LOVE” scrapbook paper to it. Next I took some scrap paper and cut a few triangles and scrap ribbon to create the pennant banner. I glued the pennant banner down and put my frame back together.

While this one is likely a one of a kind it would be so easy to create something similar with the same elements.

Happy Creating!

Drum Roll Please…Laundry Room Reveal!

Patience…patience…you must have an extra dose when you undertake a remodel! Not to mention I have a whole lot of kids and a bazillion other things going on at the same time. Ok, well three kids but that feels like a whole lot some times. Like when they are all talking to me at the same time…say around 5:00 when I am trying to finish up dinner. Ahhh well the remodel is done…at least for the moment anyway. I can never really say anything is DONE when it comes to my house because my wheels are constantly turning. 🙂

Picture reel please with a few “before” shots just in case you forgot…

Ikea to the rescue! Check out those laundry sorters. Uh huh…the deal of the day for a whooping .99 cents each. Awesomeness!

Cork tiles and my most important organizational tool period. The calendar. I salvaged this old cabinet door to create my calendar station. Notepad for my grocery lists and a small tin to keep pens and push pins close by. 

Another cabinet door salvage…
All the shoes have found a home perfectly concealed in this Ikea cabinet! 

Cabinet door #3…yep I am addicted.

My most favorite element. 

Small Ikea baskets…do you see a theme here? Somebody went shoppin’! The top bins are diaper boxes covered in burlap and ribbon. They fit perfectly! Oh and do you see my laundry bar?
In case you missed it follow these links to see the progression of this transformation…

There are still a few details I would still like to add but then again there always will be I guess. 

Question…do you think I need curtains? I planned to make them but the windows are so pretty when it came down to it I thought they might take away. Plus that is my view to the back yard and when the kiddos are playing I like to be able to keep an eye on everything. What do you think?

Whew! Glad this one is done. Now I am going to enjoy!

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Need some Valentine’s sweet treats? I have just the thing…

I am so happy to be featuring Nonnie from Nonnie’s Meals To Go! If you have attended a Monkey Doodles workshop you have already had a taste of her scrumptious treats! She has a sweet little deal going on for Valentine’s Day you should definitely check out! Yummm-o! I want some now! These pictures have my mouth watering. 🙂

Here’s Nonnie…

“We can do no great things; only small things with great love.” ~ Mother Teresa

I love this quote and it is so true, and what better way to remember those we love and care about this Valentine’s Day than a sweet treat from Nonnie’s Kitchen! The selections are as follows:

Decadent Cheese Cake ~ Large $32 ~ Small $25

  • Chocolate Cheesecake ~ rich chocolate cheesecake with an Oreo cookie crust
  • Chocoloate Chip Cappuccino Cheesecake ~ rich coffee taste with chocolate chips
  • White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake ~ white chocolate with swirls of raspberry preserves

Whoopie Pies ~ $25 a dozen or $2.50 each

  • Red Velvet with sweet cream cheese filling
  • Chocolate with marshmallow creme filling

Cake Pops ~ $20 a dozen or $2 each

  • Pink Velvet Cake Pops covered in White Chocolate
  • Red Velvet Cake Pops covered in Dark Chocolate

If you would like to place an order or ask a question you may email her directly at:

Psssst…If you will be here Saturday you get to sample some of this goodness! Yay for you…and me!