How I Painted My Kitchen Cabinets ~ Annie Sloan Style!

Ummmm K so I am pretty sure I promised this post some months ago….a promise is a promise…right?!?

Remember the before….

The After…

Let me share with you what worked for me in this process. I have worked with Annie Sloan on many projects at this point and really appreciate many qualities about the paint. Of course…the minimal prep work part is a biggie. When it came time to paint the cabinets it was a simple choice to go with the ease of the chalk paint.  Still I tend to like to do things the good ol’ fashioned way…you know where lots of elbow grease is required and anything less than that is cheating. Resisting the urge to go crazy with the sander on my cabinets I choose to wipe them down with a couple coats of liquid deglosser before painting. This may have been an unnecessary step but for me I rationalized it with the thought that these were my cabinets that I was going to be living with for many years to come and durability was key. Also, I wasn’t going for the distressed look either. I really just wanted a smooth satin finish. So liquid deglosser it was. 

Next I filled my spray gun with paint and went to town spraying the doors. I know…I broke the rules again. I rarely use my sprayer but sometimes it is just necessary. Like I said I really wasn’t going for the hand painted look but more sleek and the sprayer seemed like the best option for this look. The paint sprayed beautifully by the way! I did, however, brush on the cabinets themselves and I must say they turned out pretty smooth as well. I diluted the paint slightly and used a nice dense foam brush.

I went back and forth a dozen times about how to seal my lovely new painted cabinets. Annie recommends wax, which typically I use with ease and love, but for my cabinets I was very unsure. Keep in mind I have 3 littles around my house, a dog, and a hubby…there are messes to be dealt with all the time. I needed the sealant I used to be highly durable and cleanable with water. I skipped the wax and chose General Finishes High Performance water based sealant. LOVE this stuff! It went on like a dream and many months later I am very pleased with how everything has held up!

SO that is my cabinet story. If I had it to do all over again I would make all the same choices. I am so pleased with how everything turned out!

Recently, I had a customer walk in my house and comment on how much she loved my modern farmhouse vintage-y kitchen. Ahhhh….mission accomplished. Just what I was shooting for!

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