Monthly Archives: October 2012

Oatmeal and Peacock China Hutch Makeover

I love meeting the sweet families bringing me their furniture for a custom look. This couple was no exception! Ann-Marie and Travis are new to the area…and the couth for that matter.

Nursery Collection Up-Do for a New Baby Girl

I am showing off a sweet custom rehab today! My client, Annie, brought me some vintage pieces that had been collecting dust in storage for quite some time. They were way too pretty to be tucked away…well after a bit of TLC they were waaaaay too pretty. 

The name of the game on this rehab was repair, repair, repair. The veneer was rather peeled and wavy. Not so cute. Glue, clamp, putty, sand…repeat if necessary. A week of furniture flipped upside down in my kitchen and they were ready to be sanded down. 

In the midst of the process…

Annie chose SW Watery and the result is soft and lovely!

Baseball Inspired Rocking Chair

I am going to be a better blogger….I am going to be a better blogger…I am going to be a better blogger. Believe me yet? Ok, I am working on it and would really like to keep this updated better. Truly.

We have delivered some really cool pieces since my last post but I thought today I would feature a rocking chair makeover. 

Kelly found this rocking chair in our Facebook album of pieces needing a new look and wanted it for her son’s nursery. She requested an “old dirty baseball” look. So fun!

First up this baby needed some repair.  Fortunately, I am married to my guy who is awesomely handy and he totally fixed it up for me. If only he would read this little blog to see all the props I give him. Love you honey!

Sanded, primer, and white paint later this baby was ready for some baseball stitching. I played around chalking on some stitches and made a real mess actually. I tried making the seat itself look like a baseball and to be honest it look like a perfect place for your rear…ya know? Not cool. Erase.

Just so happens my girl, Amanda, was visiting that week and we put our noggins together and came up with this…

Heavily distressed and glazed for a good ol’ dirty worn look and it’s all ready for lots a baby snugglin’. Congrats Kelly on your new bundle arriving soon!