Beginner’s Sewing Class Supply List

Heeeelllllooooo Ladies!!

Below you will find the list of all the essentials you will need for February’s Sewing Class!

Sewing Class Supply List

  • Sewing machine – cleaned, oiled, and good working order

  • Scissors – sharp for cutting fabric

  • Straight pins and pin cushion or magnetic pin holder

  • Matching thread – all-purpose thread

  • Sewing machine needles – size 12/80

  • Measuring tape

  • Seam ripper (optional)

Fabric for Project

I am recommending Duck Cloth fabric, which comes in a variety of colors and patterns at Hobby Lobby. You will need two pieces of fabric: one for the body of the tote bag and a smaller, coordinating piece for the accent border and handles. This is your opportunity to let to let your creativity go to work as mixing and matching fabrics is a part of the process. In other words, have fun with it! You will need:

1/2 yard of fabric for the body of the tote bag

1/3 yard of fabric for the accent border

Whoop! This is going to be a FUN time!!

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