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How I Painted My Kitchen Cabinets ~ Annie Sloan Style!

Ummmm K so I am pretty sure I promised this post some months ago….a promise is a promise…right?!?

Remember the before….

The After…

Let me share with you what worked for me in this process. I have worked with Annie Sloan on many projects at this point and really appreciate many qualities about the paint. Of course…the minimal prep work part is a biggie. When it came time to paint the cabinets it was a simple choice to go with the ease of the chalk paint.  Still I tend to like to do things the good ol’ fashioned way…you know where lots of elbow grease is required and anything less than that is cheating. Resisting the urge to go crazy with the sander on my cabinets I choose to wipe them down with a couple coats of liquid deglosser before painting. This may have been an unnecessary step but for me I rationalized it with the thought that these were my cabinets that I was going to be living with for many years to come and durability was key. Also, I wasn’t going for the distressed look either. I really just wanted a smooth satin finish. So liquid deglosser it was. 

Next I filled my spray gun with paint and went to town spraying the doors. I know…I broke the rules again. I rarely use my sprayer but sometimes it is just necessary. Like I said I really wasn’t going for the hand painted look but more sleek and the sprayer seemed like the best option for this look. The paint sprayed beautifully by the way! I did, however, brush on the cabinets themselves and I must say they turned out pretty smooth as well. I diluted the paint slightly and used a nice dense foam brush.

I went back and forth a dozen times about how to seal my lovely new painted cabinets. Annie recommends wax, which typically I use with ease and love, but for my cabinets I was very unsure. Keep in mind I have 3 littles around my house, a dog, and a hubby…there are messes to be dealt with all the time. I needed the sealant I used to be highly durable and cleanable with water. I skipped the wax and chose General Finishes High Performance water based sealant. LOVE this stuff! It went on like a dream and many months later I am very pleased with how everything has held up!

SO that is my cabinet story. If I had it to do all over again I would make all the same choices. I am so pleased with how everything turned out!

Recently, I had a customer walk in my house and comment on how much she loved my modern farmhouse vintage-y kitchen. Ahhhh….mission accomplished. Just what I was shooting for!

UPDATE: Kitchen

Hi friends! What have you been up to lately? Me, oh…juggling. Juggling all the demands of wife, mommy, and my 100’s of projects. Anyone been there?

Jon and I were finally able to get our kitchen in livable working order. Whew! That turned out to be a lot of work BUT so worth it! I still have lots to do to bring some decor, curtains, rugs, etc. back into the room but I am not in any big hurry. I will just add things as I find them…or…re-purpose them sounds more accurate. 

I am so pleased with the painted kitchen cabinets! We went with French Linen by Annie Sloan and it was the perfect choice! I was worried the grey color might be too dark at first but we have a large open kitchen with high ceilings and lots of natural light making the grey work beautifully! PLUS the ease of the Annie Sloan paint was a dream. Seriously, no prep necessary. I love that I can just pop over to Jennie Leigh Designs and pick up a can at anytime and not have to wait on shipping. Nice!

The first two pictures show the most accurate cabinet color…

I really love the crisp look of the white subway tile with the light grey grout. I had to talk the hubs into this one a bit but in the end we were both pleased!

The color is off on this picture. You can see the corbel we added under the cabinet on the left side for some character. I like how the corbels give definition to where the tile stops as well. I still need to paint the inside of my glass cabinets but I will…at some point. White...maybe a color? Hmmm…decisions…decisions.
Ohhh the counter tops. Me like! I will post on how we made these happen later. Wait for it. 🙂

Just in case you forgot ALL the places this kitchen has been go here for the changes it has undergone over the years.
Posts to come…
How I painted my kitchen cabinets
DIY Butcher Block Counter Tops
Paint Colors…
Trim: Marshmallow Creme by Glidden
Cabinets: French Linen by Annie Sloan
Wall: Sweet Leaf by Valspar

New Kitchen Color {Ahhh that’s better}

Ok so after my post about the kitchen last week I totally got a wild hair and painted it this weekend! I grabbed my BM Wedgewood Grey paint I had used in the laundry room and painted a sample spot. Umm yea that sample spot turned into…I caaaan noooot stop…and so I didn’t. I was supposed to be getting ready for my girlfriend coming into town and I guess I was…I just suddenly became very ambitious to get it all done before she arrived. A few hours on Friday and an hour on Saturday and she’s done! The wall color anyway.

Remember…we went from countrified blue

To whiny green…
To a cool smoky aqua…

Soo whatcha think?

I am still debating on painting the cabinets. If I do I am thinking a creamy white with a grey glaze similar to the finish from this rehab.

Close up…
If not white maybe a very light grey. I am not in a super big hurry just planning. Of course, I say that but I could have them painted next week, who knows?!

Ok so help me out and cast your vote…

A. Leave them natural maple
B. Creamy white with grey glaze
C. Light grey

I am the most indecisive person ever so thanks so much for your help!

I am spending this week with one of my closest friends visiting from Georgia and our 7 children…yes you read that right. S-e-v-e-n.

Ready for a great {loud} week! Hoping you all are well and have a fabulous week!!!

This Old House {Kitchen}

When we moved into our house eight years ago the plan was to be here for five years before we moved on…obviously moving on never happened. We had only been married a little more than a year when we were desperate to get into a house but didn’t quite feel we were ready for the plunge. That didn’t stop me from browsing the internet for homes ALL the time. In truth it is an addiction of mine. I just love to look at houses. It can sometimes stir up discontentment though so i try to stay away from it. I’m silly like that.

Anyway I found a house I LOVED from the pictures and they were having an open house that weekend. I managed to convince the hubs to look at it. I knew it was for us as soon as we walked in…mind you it really wasn’t much to look at at the time but it had potential for sure and so the story of this ever evolving old house began. 

I thought it would be fun to share with you the house as it was when we moved in and how it has changed over the years and maybe my future plans too.

So we will start with the kitchen…

The kitchen as it looked when we moved in. Nice wallpaper, huh?!?

The stove in front of those gorgeous windows was not working for me.

I did love those glass cabinets so we included that look when we remodeled. How about that faux butcher block?! Oh and did you notice this kitchen is minus a dishwasher? While I know lots of people live completely normal and happy lives without them I am just not one of those people. I remember the day we were doing a walk thru of the house before we moved in and Jon’s parents came with us. I pointed out there was no dishwasher and Jon’s dad quickly snapped back…”I am looking at her, right?” OH DEAR! I am sure he meant that in jest…surely.

A few months before Sam was born Jon did install a dishwasher for me. Good husband. Oh check out that peel and stick flooring we had. Um it was a special kind of gross.

I would tear a piece of wallpaper off every time I walked in the kitchen so eventually it was so bad it all had to come down. Down it came and the kitchen became blue. About a year after I painted it blue we gutted the kitchen and it became this…

The glass cabinets inspired by the original kitchen and those gorgeous windows can now be fully appreciated!

Millions of miles better than it was before! At the time we did all that we could afford paying cash for the whole reno. That being said we were working with a tight budget and there are definitely things I would have done differently. I guess. I wouldn’t have wanted the debt for it but we did have to trim some corners.
The two biggies that I would change…taller top cabinets and different flooring. We have 10 foot ceilings and there is so much space wasted above the cabinets. I am not a fan of junk on the top of the cabinets either but I have to put something up there! The floor was DIY gone wrong…I will explain more later.

Here is the kitchen now(ish)…

I am actually going to be painting the kitchen again within the next month or so. Going back to the blues to flow more with the new laundry room! New window treatments and some budget friendly decor too!


I have been drooling over these Ikea butcher block counter tops for some time now and seriously every time I see them I looooove them. I am not sure about the practicality of them but they are gorgeous and very affordable. Seriously considering.

OOOO I like this cottage style…
My plan exactly...wood counter tops, glass upper cabinets, Bead board back splash!

To paint the cabinets or not to paint???? White or color??

Yes please.  Copper farmhouse apron sink and beadboard backsplash.  Lovely.
source unknown
painted cabinets

Hmmm…I may be more confused now than when I started this post. It will all come together eventually, I suppose.

Have a great day!