The Charmed Nest began on August 4, 2001, the day I married Jon, my high school sweetheart. Although, at the time I did not refer to it as The Charmed Nest, the moment I had my own home to decorate, I was off and running! Living on a tight budget, Jon and I learned to be creative with our decorating. We perused yard sales and found great satisfaction in taking other people’s “junk” and transforming it into something truly unique. Our thoughts were that yard sale shopping was just a temporary fix until I finished Dental Hygiene school and we could afford to shop in real stores. I did finish school but our love for the creative never diminished. Actually, it grew until other people started seeing our work and asking to have their own pieces redone. We worked out of our home for several years until the demand was much greater than what our home could handle. In November 2012, we opened our studio in Taylors, SC.

I no longer practice Dental Hygiene. The arrival of our three beautiful children brought that chapter in my life to a close. Fortunately, our hobby has evolved into a business that allows us not only the ability to work together, but also to keep up with the ever growing demands of the family. We are truly blessed by what has become our own Charmed Nest.

Thanks again and feel free to contact me anytime at clara@thecharmednest.com.