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Weathered Blues

Whew! It’s been a busy month full of custom goodness. I am so thankful and enjoying it so much! 

I have a fun little rehab to show off today that I just completed for a friend. Christy brought me this fabulous antique dresser she wanted to use in her craft room. I was excited to do something really fun for a creative space! 

Here is the dresser before…


Vintage inspired papers line the drawers…

This piece is quite the mix of colors. After a good cleaning and priming I painted it with a slate blue. It was a little too slate and not enough blue…happy accident. I added two more thin coats of a pale blue oops paint. I allowed the slate color to show through in areas which gave a really nice result thus the happy accident. I am on a bit of a kick with the Silhouette, so I churned out some cutesy tall stemmed flowers. After getting them positioned perfectly I painted two more thin coats of Annie Sloan Graphite over everything but the top surface. Lots-o-distressing and sealer coats later..she’s all loverly!

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::Limeade:: Side Table Makeover

Who is ready for Summer? Me! I find there is such excitement around each upcoming season. No matter what time of the year is around the corner I get excited about what that season will bring. This year we are finishing up Sam and Maggie’s first year at the BIG school, Jon and I are completing our second round leading Financial Peace University, and then there is Cate…and Cate is 2…enough said, right?! So in just 2 more short weeks Summer kicks off at this house! I am ready to park it at the pool for the next couple of months but first we are going to visit Mickey and Minnie! Yep…the kids are so stinkin’ excited! I have some really fabulous memories as a kid at Disney World and I can’t wait to make those memories for my kids! This is your warning…Disney pictures coming soon!

On to the furniture re-fabu-lication business. I finished up several projects this week but these say Summer to me for sure. The before…


I primed this pair and painted them with an oops paint from Benjamin Moore. They were very green…maybe too green…so I decided they needed some pizazz to tone down the green a bit. I broke out the Silhouette and whipped up some vinyl dandelions. I placed them on the table top and then coated the top with 2 coats of Annie Sloan Pure White. I distressed everything but more heavily on the white as I wanted the green to show through more. I painted the hardware white and distressed it as well.

These are a custom order for my friend, Stephanie. I love that she is not afraid of color and she gives me creative reign. Thanks Steph, you are awesome!

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UPDATE: Kitchen

Hi friends! What have you been up to lately? Me, oh…juggling. Juggling all the demands of wife, mommy, and my 100’s of projects. Anyone been there?

Jon and I were finally able to get our kitchen in livable working order. Whew! That turned out to be a lot of work BUT so worth it! I still have lots to do to bring some decor, curtains, rugs, etc. back into the room but I am not in any big hurry. I will just add things as I find them…or…re-purpose them sounds more accurate. 

I am so pleased with the painted kitchen cabinets! We went with French Linen by Annie Sloan and it was the perfect choice! I was worried the grey color might be too dark at first but we have a large open kitchen with high ceilings and lots of natural light making the grey work beautifully! PLUS the ease of the Annie Sloan paint was a dream. Seriously, no prep necessary. I love that I can just pop over to Jennie Leigh Designs and pick up a can at anytime and not have to wait on shipping. Nice!

The first two pictures show the most accurate cabinet color…

I really love the crisp look of the white subway tile with the light grey grout. I had to talk the hubs into this one a bit but in the end we were both pleased!

The color is off on this picture. You can see the corbel we added under the cabinet on the left side for some character. I like how the corbels give definition to where the tile stops as well. I still need to paint the inside of my glass cabinets but I will…at some point. White...maybe a color? Hmmm…decisions…decisions.
Ohhh the counter tops. Me like! I will post on how we made these happen later. Wait for it. 🙂

Just in case you forgot ALL the places this kitchen has been go here for the changes it has undergone over the years.
Posts to come…
How I painted my kitchen cabinets
DIY Butcher Block Counter Tops
Paint Colors…
Trim: Marshmallow Creme by Glidden
Cabinets: French Linen by Annie Sloan
Wall: Sweet Leaf by Valspar

Quick Kitchen Update

I have been stalling on showing pictures because the “we’re almost there” pictures aren’t as fun as the final reveal. This is taking FOREVER so I thought an update was needed. Plus I need a little input from you!

We decided to tackle some budget friendly DIY butcher block counter tops. I seriously could not be more pleased with the look! I will share the how-to for that process in another post but for now here is what we have…

See a sneak peak of my new cabinet color on the bottom? Thank you Jennie Leigh Design and all your fabulous Annie Sloan paints for making the daunting task of painting my entire kitchen more doable. More on that too but I will say this…yesterday I was able to completely paint all of my bottom cabinets…that is impressive for one days work!

All my doors waiting for some sealer and to be rehung…

What do you think about the tin back splash? It appears more silver in this picture than it is in person. It is silver just not a bright silver, it has a subtle brown patina to it that compliments the counter tops. OK, so really what do you think?

Now to decide what to paint the upper cabinets? Hmmm…

Black Beauty

Hi my friends! I have super busy lately with lots of fun projects. One of which I am excited to share with you today! I started with this dresser…

And I ended up with this buffet..

I thought this piece could also work for a media center. Just loose a basket or two to place you electronic components and there you have it!

Details…just a little distressing was all this one needed to bring out the lines.

I painted this baby in Annie Sloan Graphite and used layers of Jacobean and Dark Walnut for the top. Added some fun fabric and baskets because I love lots of texture.  Delivering this lovely to it’s new home tonight! 

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Side Table Overhaulin’

Busy over here finishing up details for the workshop this weekend and taking care of all my little people. Seriously, I have the best job ever! 

Just wanted to share with you a quick little rehab!

Ok…a perk of being in the furniture business…friends come to you first when they need to get rid of something. That is exactly how I came by these side tables. 

Jon picked them up for me and when he brought them in I was sooo excited! Why? Because I had the perfect spot for them in mi casa. So I know I have been doing lots for my own place lately but I had reserved January to really finish up some things that were on the to do list around here. 

I had two mismatch-y tables in my living room…and not mismatch-y in a good way. These beauts seemed like the perfect replacement.

Here is one of the tables…

And now all dolled up…

I used two coats of Annie Sloan Arles then one white coat brushed over so the Arles would show through in areas. Good ol’ sandin’, some wax, new hardware, aaaaaand they’re done!

Don’t you just love those amber knobs?!

Tomorrow the laundry room reveal! Woot! Woot!

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The Beast

I was so excited when I found this dresser at Goodwill! I had been looking for a new buffet for our dining room since I sold Pretty in White. It was perfectly ugly and perfectly priced…my favorite combination. I snagged this one for $12…warning results are not typical but I do enjoy a little happy dance when a deal this good comes my way.

Here is the beast as I found it…

Annie Sloan Arles for the body and Dark Walnut for the top. I planned on repairing the funky door but in the end I liked the look of the door off with the baskets instead. Helps it to look less like a dresser and more buffet-ish.

What do you think? Pretty sweet, huh? I am so happy to have it in my dining room! Makes the whole room look more finished.

Bonus: there was an entire Disney Scene It game tucked away in one of the drawers. I think the kiddos should have fun with that one. 🙂

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A Craft A Day …Or Not

Hi, my name is Clara and I have fallen off the craft-a-day wagon.

Yes, I admit it.

Instead of inspiring creativity in my children today I melted a few brain cells playing with Sam and his new Super Mario Wii game all most…who am I kidding ALL day. But…but…but wait we did conquer like 3….oh my stop me now.

Don’t throw stones at me yet….we did squeeze in some reading this morning although I am not really sure any of that will count at this point.

Well, since I have no kid friendly craft to share with you I thought I’d share the sweet little rocking chair I finished for Cate’s room. Sound good?

Ok. The girl loooves to rock. So I found this UGLY rocking chair this Summer, it was priced right and it did have potential so I got it! When I picked it up I told the lady I was going to paint it and she was like…really??! Agh! She didn’t like it, had never used it, and was selling it but she was aggravated I was going to paint it. Make sense to you? Oh well, I know painted furniture is not for everyone but for Miss Cate it needed to be done.

As I found it…

Solid wood but kind of bulky and well…bulky.

Not much I could actually do about that but I did try to slim her down a bit with some Annie Sloan Pure White. Then a good ole sandpaperin’ and clear wax to seal ‘er up.

I recovered the cushion with some outdoor fabric I have had forever and made a simple pillow for the back.


Baby Cake is one happy girl with her own resting spot. Crazy hair and all…

Happy Wednesday and I am jumping back on the wagon today!

Dramatic Flair

This piece has taunted me since this Summer. Every time I went to start another project I literally had to step over this one to get to something else and yet I did again and again.

My client had purchased this piece via an internet auction. She paid a whooping $13 for it but we both wanted to cry a little when we laid eyes on it. I usually have some sort of vision or inspiration but I just wasn’t feelin’ it. My client was in no hurry and I was not very motivated so it sat and sat.

Anna, my client, saw a picture on Savvy Southern Style of what she envisioned for the chest. Here is the inspiration piece from Kim at Savvy Southern Style…

A wee bit closer…


Hmmm. Ok, now I am slightly more motivated. A month or two more pass and here we go (finally!).

Jon, spent a Saturday chiseling about 85% of the peeling cracking veneer off. After lots of cleaning and prep I choose Annie Sloan Paris Grey and Pure White for the highly distressed and quite dramatic finish. Anna wanted the top stained so I choose Dark Walnut which showed off the tiger striping detail beautifully. New hardware and this baby had new life!

Hold your head to the left to fully appreciate this terrible before shot…

This look isn’t for everyone but it was just what Anna wanted. Ugly duckling no more…

The new hardware really tied it together and made the look work…
New fabric lined drawers…
Beautiful tiger striping detail…

Wishing all of you a wonderful week! Looking forward to some girl time this weekend at the workshop!!

Aqua Happiness

Whoa! What a crazy couple weeks it has been around here! Things are finally settling down again and I am really trying to knock out my collection of furniture. My goals are always ridiculously unrealistic but it keeps me on my toes I guess. Anyone else suffer from the endless list syndrome? I have discovered since Cate has started Parent’s Day Out on Fridays and I am kid free for a few hours my list for those days are particularly crazy. As soon as I drop off the two eldest my wheels are turning. Silly, I know.

I have a fun redo to share with you that I definitely is one of my most favorite to date. I picked up this pair from Craigslist.


I chose Annie Sloan Provence with Dark Wax. I was so happy all the original hardware was intact because I looooove it. I cleaned it up a bit and reassembled. I stripped and stained the tops dark walnut. Finally, I found a fun print fabric to line all the drawers with.


LAST CALL for October’s workshop! Today is the last day to sign up and pay for your sign. Need more info? Go here.

My fellas are headed out camping again this weekend. I can’t tell you what it does for my heart to see them have their time together. I do love getting my girls all to myself too! I see a round or 12 of Pretty Pretty Princess in my near future. Happy Weekend!

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