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Entertainment Console: New Style, New Purpose

I love painting furniture…truly I do…but I seriously love transforming a piece for a new purpose. It is just fun! I was super excited when my client, Christina, brought me this very cool buffet and wanted it switched up a bit to work for an entertainment console. 


Sorry for the blue hue but I am so bad about snapping before pics with my phone and you never know how those are going to turn out. As she brought it to me it was black with red sanded through on the edges. 

For the new look Christina picked out SW Quietude (pale aqua) and Black Bean (deep brown). I so love the aqua and brown combo!

I choose a liquid sander for this as the wood was thin I didn’t want my electric sander to get sander happy on me…it has a mind of it’s own you know. Primed her with my favorite Kilz Original and after some light sanding she was a blank slate.

I brushed on 2 coats of quietude followed by 2 coats of black bean to the body. For the top I experimented with dry brushing the black bean on and it worked beautifully! Then comes the fun part…sanding to perfection. 

With the help of my awesomely handy hub we took out the center portion of the middle door and replaced it with chicken wire. Christina needed another shelf to accommodate her media components so Jon added the shelving and I covered them in coordinating papers. The result…loverly…

Coordinating papers line the component shelves…

New glass knobs…

Dry brush detailing…

I love how these details are highlighted now to be appreciated and not lost in the paint.

Happy Tuesday Ya’ll! Make it a good one!

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Aqua Happiness

Whoa! What a crazy couple weeks it has been around here! Things are finally settling down again and I am really trying to knock out my collection of furniture. My goals are always ridiculously unrealistic but it keeps me on my toes I guess. Anyone else suffer from the endless list syndrome? I have discovered since Cate has started Parent’s Day Out on Fridays and I am kid free for a few hours my list for those days are particularly crazy. As soon as I drop off the two eldest my wheels are turning. Silly, I know.

I have a fun redo to share with you that I definitely is one of my most favorite to date. I picked up this pair from Craigslist.


I chose Annie Sloan Provence with Dark Wax. I was so happy all the original hardware was intact because I looooove it. I cleaned it up a bit and reassembled. I stripped and stained the tops dark walnut. Finally, I found a fun print fabric to line all the drawers with.


LAST CALL for October’s workshop! Today is the last day to sign up and pay for your sign. Need more info? Go here.

My fellas are headed out camping again this weekend. I can’t tell you what it does for my heart to see them have their time together. I do love getting my girls all to myself too! I see a round or 12 of Pretty Pretty Princess in my near future. Happy Weekend!

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Aqua…My New Fav!

This little baby was a yard sale find…shocker I know. I love it when they are all beat and banged up because then the seller is like…”well…I am not sure what you could do with it so you can have it for $7.” Ummm…sold! I don’t always have vision right from the get go but with this piece I liked the different wood patterns in the top so I knew I wanted to enhance the beauty of the wood and not cover it up with paint. Here is the side table as I bought it…

All that shiny black finish had to be sanded…sanded…and then sanded a little more. Next step…primer. I had a wee bit of help from the wee one.

After a few coats of paint this baby is ready to meet my new “girly” sander. Notice in the picture Buddy is peeking out the back door to make sure I am doing everything right while Daddy is at work.
 And there she is. Jon says “girly” I say “just right.” The tapered end made it perfect for getting into tight spaces and saved me from having to ice my arm that night.

And here she is all dolled up after a coat of dark walnut stain and some satin poly and she is ready to go to her new home.

This little bit has found a happy home with my new friend Erica!

A pretty lil’ seat for a pretty lil’ thang

Another Goodwill find turned from blah to fab. This occasional chair now packs a ton of color!

Baby Cake couldn’t seem to keep away from the chair while mommy was trying to snap some before shots. Good thing she’s a cutie!
And voila lots o color
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