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March Workshop {Pallet Art}

Workshop night is next week!!! Pallet Art is on the schedule! 

My handy hubby is creating fabulous wooden signs for us! Each sign will measure 18 x 24. I have selected some designs for you to choose from. No worries…painting experience is NOT necessary! We are not using stencils either, I am looking forward to teaching you a fun transfer technique.

You may choose to paint your pallet or have a stained natural wood background.

Painted Wood Sample                    


Natural Stained Wood Sample

Quotes and Sayings to choose from…









Where: The Charmed Nest
            250 Mill St, Ste. 5C
            Taylors, SC 29687

When: Tuesday, March 5th 2013 at 6:30

Cost: $27 per sign. Payable by Paypal to or by check. Mailing address given upon request. **Please note your seat is NOT reserved until payment in made. To be fair to everyone reservations are first come, first serve.**

RSVP directly to our Facebook event page HERE! Please include whether you want a stained or painted background (all stained signs will be pre-stained) as well as which quote you would like! Deadline is Friday March 1st for reservation.

We have 16 seats available for this workshop! Sign up quickly to reserve your spot!!

Nonnie’s Kitchen will be rockin’ the refreshments as usual!!

Beginner’s Sewing Class Supply List

Heeeelllllooooo Ladies!!

Below you will find the list of all the essentials you will need for February’s Sewing Class!

Sewing Class Supply List

  • Sewing machine – cleaned, oiled, and good working order

  • Scissors – sharp for cutting fabric

  • Straight pins and pin cushion or magnetic pin holder

  • Matching thread – all-purpose thread

  • Sewing machine needles – size 12/80

  • Measuring tape

  • Seam ripper (optional)

Fabric for Project

I am recommending Duck Cloth fabric, which comes in a variety of colors and patterns at Hobby Lobby. You will need two pieces of fabric: one for the body of the tote bag and a smaller, coordinating piece for the accent border and handles. This is your opportunity to let to let your creativity go to work as mixing and matching fabrics is a part of the process. In other words, have fun with it! You will need:

1/2 yard of fabric for the body of the tote bag

1/3 yard of fabric for the accent border

Whoop! This is going to be a FUN time!!

February Workshop ~ Jewelry Organization

It’s that time again! February workshop is here! We are organizing our jewelry in a fun and super cute {of course} way recycling old materials and adding a little new. Let’s get to it…

We are starting with this…

Excited yet?!?

And finally we are re-purposing these old shutters to display our baubles and bangles…

The circle can be used for stud earrings or push pins for a variety of things.

These babies can be displayed in your room, bathroom, closet….where ever you like! It is so nice to be able to see all my jewelry and easily grab what I want instead of fishing for the right thing only to find it is a tangled mess. That’s not just me, right?! Been there? Done that?

Where: The Charmed Nest
            250 Mill St, Ste. 5C
            Taylors, SC 29687

When: February 5th at 6:30

Cost: $27 Each organizer comes complete with 3 decorative knobs and 6 additional hooks. The knobs will vary and are chosen first come first serve. 

Payment: Class fee can be paid via Paypal or by check. When you RSVP please do so with your intended payment method. If you intend to pay by Paypal, please include your email address. If by check please let me know as I will promptly send you our mailing address which is NOT the same as our studio address.

RSVP: All reservations and payment must be made by Friday, February 1st. You can RSVP directly to our event page HERE.

What to bring: 1/4 yard of fabric and small scrap fabric to cover 6 in circle.

Supplies are limited for this project so once materials have been reserved I will close registration.

As always we will have yummy treats to much on while we get our craft on with a great group of ladies! 

December Workshop ~ Last Minute Gifts

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and then the season of giving is upon us! I have a couple of fabulous gifts lined up for our December workshop night!

First up…we have monogrammed canvas totes. These babies are perfect gifts for friends, teachers, coworkers. Really…who doesn’t love to receive a personalized gift?!?

Next, we are going to be tackling hand stamped mama bird necklaces. Each necklace contains the branch and bird connector and each leaf charm represents one of your children. So for my necklace I will have 3 leaves hanging from my branch each with a hand stamped letter of my kiddos initials. This would also be a great grandparent gift!

You in yet? Come on join us…it will be FUN!


When: Tuesday, December 4th at 6:30 ~ FULL

EDITED to add 2nd workshop date: Tuesday, December 11th @ 6:30
RSVP here by Thursday, December 6th!

Where: OUR NEW LOCATION! …I’m not excited or anything… 🙂
            The Charmed Nest
            250 Mill St, Ste. 5C
            Taylors, SC 29687

Cost: $28, Each necklace will include 3 leaves for stamping, additional leaves may be purchased for $1 each. The necklaces themselves retail anywhere between $30-$40 on Etsy so this is a pretty sweet deal!
Payment: Class fee can be paid via Paypal. As you RSVP I will directly invoice to your email address. Our Paypal email address has changed! The new address is Checks accepted as well with mailing address given upon request. Please note our mailing address is different than address above. 

RSVP: All reservations and payment must be made by Thursday, November 29th. You can RSVP directly to our Facebook page HERE.

**Please note our RSVP deadline. It has always been our policy that payments must be made by deadline in order to reserve your spot. If you have not paid, I do not have materials for you. I can no longer accept payment on workshop night. Each workshop requires lots of preparation on my part to ensure you have all the materials needed for your project. If you have paid and for some reason are not able to make it I will complete your project for you. Thank you so much for your cooperation!**
Seating is limited for this workshop. The majority of our supplies were special ordered and once they are spoken for I will close registration. 

Light refreshments and hot chocolate will be served. Christmas music will fill the air as we create our goodies! See you there!

Oatmeal and Peacock China Hutch Makeover

I love meeting the sweet families bringing me their furniture for a custom look. This couple was no exception! Ann-Marie and Travis are new to the area…and the couth for that matter.

Workshop ~ Reversible Burlap Banner

Whoa baby I am squeakin’ this in at the last minute! I assure you it is not for lack of trying. I had a few flops and maybe a brain freeze or two. Nevertheless, we have a really cool project for October just in time to get you in the spirit of the beautiful Fall season. We are making burlap banners that are perfect for a mantle or if you don’t have a mantle like me I use mine on my “faux” mantle. They would be cute across the top of an armoire or even on the wall! Get creative!

The best part is they are reversible! Use one side for your Fall decor and the other for Christmas decor! Sweet, huh?!? 

Check it out…

You will have 8 individual banner pieces to work with so you are welcome to use any wording that suits your fancy or stick with what I have done. I will have all the supplies ready to go for your banner! There will be a variety of ribbons and colors to choose from! 


When: Tuesday, October 2nd at 6:30

Where: Outreach Church
           2414 Wade Hampton Blvd
           Greenville, Sc 29615

Payment: Class fee can be paid via Paypal. As you RSVP I will directly invoice to your email address. Checks accepted as well with mailing address given upon request.

RSVP: All reservations and payment must be made by Friday, September 28th. You can RSVP directly to our Facebook page HERE.

**Please note our RSVP deadline. It has always been our policy that payments must be made by deadline in order to reserve your spot. If you have not paid, I do not have materials for you. I can no longer accept payment on workshop night. Each workshop requires lots of preparation on my part to ensure you have all the materials needed for your project. If you have paid and for some reason are not able to make it I will complete your project for you. Thank you so much for your cooperation!**

Optional: Any extra embellishments if you would like.

Thanks for being patient with me girls! Looking forward to a fun night!

How I Painted My Kitchen Cabinets ~ Annie Sloan Style!

Ummmm K so I am pretty sure I promised this post some months ago….a promise is a promise…right?!?

Remember the before….

The After…

Let me share with you what worked for me in this process. I have worked with Annie Sloan on many projects at this point and really appreciate many qualities about the paint. Of course…the minimal prep work part is a biggie. When it came time to paint the cabinets it was a simple choice to go with the ease of the chalk paint.  Still I tend to like to do things the good ol’ fashioned way…you know where lots of elbow grease is required and anything less than that is cheating. Resisting the urge to go crazy with the sander on my cabinets I choose to wipe them down with a couple coats of liquid deglosser before painting. This may have been an unnecessary step but for me I rationalized it with the thought that these were my cabinets that I was going to be living with for many years to come and durability was key. Also, I wasn’t going for the distressed look either. I really just wanted a smooth satin finish. So liquid deglosser it was. 

Next I filled my spray gun with paint and went to town spraying the doors. I know…I broke the rules again. I rarely use my sprayer but sometimes it is just necessary. Like I said I really wasn’t going for the hand painted look but more sleek and the sprayer seemed like the best option for this look. The paint sprayed beautifully by the way! I did, however, brush on the cabinets themselves and I must say they turned out pretty smooth as well. I diluted the paint slightly and used a nice dense foam brush.

I went back and forth a dozen times about how to seal my lovely new painted cabinets. Annie recommends wax, which typically I use with ease and love, but for my cabinets I was very unsure. Keep in mind I have 3 littles around my house, a dog, and a hubby…there are messes to be dealt with all the time. I needed the sealant I used to be highly durable and cleanable with water. I skipped the wax and chose General Finishes High Performance water based sealant. LOVE this stuff! It went on like a dream and many months later I am very pleased with how everything has held up!

SO that is my cabinet story. If I had it to do all over again I would make all the same choices. I am so pleased with how everything turned out!

Recently, I had a customer walk in my house and comment on how much she loved my modern farmhouse vintage-y kitchen. Ahhhh….mission accomplished. Just what I was shooting for!

Operation Fort…well underway!

Jon and I have been planning to build the kids a fort/playhouse this year but we just hadn’t come across THE plan until now. Last year we got rid of the play equipment a piece at a time. I don’t know if you have noticed but things just aren’t made the way they used to be. Ugh! 

Several Christmas’s ago the babes received a fort swing set combo from Toys R Us. I do not recommend. If you are just looking for a couple years use then by all means go for it but I was disappointed that after two years it was in pretty sad shape. Then came the trampoline. Ahhh that was a favorite right up until the net was ripped to shreds and I saw Maggie go flying out of it one day. By the grace of God she was completely unharmed but needless to say I banned anymore use of it. I did, however, make some Craigslist shoppers very happy when they took these off our hands. 

So here we are…a bare backyard and my favorite tidbit of Mom wisdom…”Go…use your imagination”…was only going so far.

So back to operation fort. We found THE plan and Jon…my eager to build something…anything…husband was immediately ready to get to work. Ummm…I am sure it had nothing to do with getting to it before I changed my mind…surely not. :/

We are not there yet but well on our way…

Day 2 and 3: All framed and siding begins
Day 4: Partially roofed and sided. Windows taking shape.
That is where we are for now. The kids are so stinkin’ excited! I love it!

P.S. I am also super excited we picked the hottest month of the year to do this one…go us! Gah!

Playing catch up…June’s furniture goodness

I have been a total blogging slacker lately…sorry! I have been so busy with projects and the kiddos being home from school and all that entails I just don’t have it in me to put words together worthy of being read by all of you at the end of the day. 

So now that we are halfway through July let’s recap all the project June held for me…ahhh…I’ll try to be better…I promise. 

Let the before and afters roll…

First up a dining table and 4 chairs got a sleek new look.

::Black Fox Dining Set::

Painted SW Black Fox and left smooth and sleek with no distressing. It was hard…sooo hard not to break out my lil’ friend the sanding sponge…but I resisted.

The best pic of the true fabric colors…

What no after shots of the finished table? Umm…yea…no…can you say lazy. I just couldn’t bring my self to reassemble the table just to take it apart again for my customer to take home. Yep…lazy.

Next up…a sweet little side table that had seen better days.

::Orange Pop::
Love this pop of orange! I went with SW Copper Harbor with heavy distressing and antiqued with a dark walnut stain. 

So it doesn’t matter how many times I see it I still swoon every time I see a piece painted in aqua. This beaut is no exception. I tried a new for me technique with Vaseline for a more chippy look. At first she looked like a turquoise cow with large brown spots after I removed the Vaseline…not so cute. But after feathering in more paint and working the sanding sponge I could not have more pleased with the result!

::Aged Beauty::

Valspar Deep Aqua with heavy distressing and heavy glaze.

This antique pine dresser now has a new home in a sweet baby’s nursery. My client was looking for a dresser that would double as a changing table and this lovely fit the bill. 

::Just for Baby::
We went with SW White Raisin for the perfect pale yellow.

This estate sale find was a large blank canvas…

::Vintage Ruby::

These pictures are terrible of the finished product and absolutely don’t do it justice buuuut it’s all I got. This dresser is finished in SW Crabby Apple and has golden oak accents.

Vintage inspired papers line the drawers…

My customer requested a clean white finish for the vintage Jenny Lind bed.

::Crisp and Clean::
SW Snowball, no distressing, and a semi gloss sealer made for a nice white finish.

This fun side table has some unique lines and details.
::Golden Dreams::

ASCP Arles and dark wax…

::Sweet Dreams::

A little creamy SW Navajo White brightened this bed right up! Didn’t it turn out great?!

Whew! I have been a busy chick! Now there I will play catch up with creations form July this week. Happy weekend ya’ll!

Summer Reading Fun!

Summer time is in full swing and that means so is Summer reading at this house. While reading is fun a little incentive program for all their efforts makes the deal that much sweeter. I found some fun printables from How Does She right here to get us started. Super cute and made it super easy to get started! Me like easy.

Best part…my kids are excited about reading! I do love to see them curled up with a book…makes this mama happy.

For us I have each of them decide which task they would like to check off for the day. They spend 20 minutes of quiet reading time completing their task. Then they choose one book to read back to me. Perfect. 

Our local Greenville Macaroni Kid has put together a list of businesses that offer Summer Reading Programs as well. Go here for that list.