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The New Look!

Looks a lot different around here, huh?! I have been teasing you all for last couple of weeks about some exciting changes happening! Here you are…welcome to The Charmed Nest! 

What’s in a name? A LOT! Just to give you a little background…

Monkey Doodles was created many years ago. I have been creating for as long as I can remember! Before Sam was born {that is how a mom keeps track of the years…according to each child’s birth…well I do anyway} my Mom and I created Monkey Doodles. We mostly sold our goods on the craft show circuit and our products consisted mostly of children’s items. We were always asked if we had a website or not. The answer was always no because I was clueless in how to go about that. Last January when Cate was almost a year {see there I go again} I was feeling ready to jump back into the business of creating for others.  I knew I needed a web presence so from there Monkey Doodles Creations was born. I had no idea the direction I was headed but I was ready to see where it would take me. A year later and the Monkey Doodles name was no longer fitting for what this business has evolved into. 

Often, I felt Monkey Doodles wasn’t taken seriously as awesome furniture rehabs. Soooo…here we are with a new name, a new look, a new feel, one that I believe is much more fitting to me and the services I offer.

I would also like to show you the future home of The Charmed Nest Studio…

It doesn’t look like too much now but I have plans! I am not sure how soon this all will happen but Jon and I are dreaming about a workshop/studio for me to contain all my work and have a place to show customer’s available furniture. 

I see a little pea gravel drive and walkway, flower boxes under the windows and a tin roof. The picket fence is perfect too, it just needs some TLC at the moment.

Thanks to each of for all your support! I appreciate every one of you! Take a minute a look at around at all the new designs here on the blog. Yes, I proudly have a web design degree from You Tube University. 🙂 BIG thanks to Ashleigh at Grow with Flourish for her creative eye in designing our logo!! She is awesome!

Sharing the love…

Welcome to Monkey Doodles! I have many loves in my life one of them being my love for creating! It’s good therapy and even better when it can bring a smile to someone else. Here begins my journey of sharing that love with you all.