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Nursery Collection Up-Do for a New Baby Girl

I am showing off a sweet custom rehab today! My client, Annie, brought me some vintage pieces that had been collecting dust in storage for quite some time. They were way too pretty to be tucked away…well after a bit of TLC they were waaaaay too pretty. 

The name of the game on this rehab was repair, repair, repair. The veneer was rather peeled and wavy. Not so cute. Glue, clamp, putty, sand…repeat if necessary. A week of furniture flipped upside down in my kitchen and they were ready to be sanded down. 

In the midst of the process…

Annie chose SW Watery and the result is soft and lovely!

Weathered Blues

Whew! It’s been a busy month full of custom goodness. I am so thankful and enjoying it so much! 

I have a fun little rehab to show off today that I just completed for a friend. Christy brought me this fabulous antique dresser she wanted to use in her craft room. I was excited to do something really fun for a creative space! 

Here is the dresser before…


Vintage inspired papers line the drawers…

This piece is quite the mix of colors. After a good cleaning and priming I painted it with a slate blue. It was a little too slate and not enough blue…happy accident. I added two more thin coats of a pale blue oops paint. I allowed the slate color to show through in areas which gave a really nice result thus the happy accident. I am on a bit of a kick with the Silhouette, so I churned out some cutesy tall stemmed flowers. After getting them positioned perfectly I painted two more thin coats of Annie Sloan Graphite over everything but the top surface. Lots-o-distressing and sealer coats later..she’s all loverly!

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This solid oak hutch was a Craigslist find. Seems to be my usual treasure finding spot lately. I am missing my Saturday morning treasure hunts but our weekends have been so packed lately that I haven’t been able to get out for that.

There was really nothing wrong with this baby she just needed a facelift and a whole lot of sanding to get rid of that shiny finish. To me it already had a country look to it just in the not so good kinda way…you know?

The process…
Sand and prime. I used Benjamin Moore Wood and Metal Enamel in Smoke. Love this paint, it has such a great finish! Turned out a really nice pale blue color. Distressed and painted hardware and chicken wire with Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze. Replaced the glass shelf with a wooden shelf and the glass door panels with chicken wire to go with the farmhouse look. Also, I replaced the original backer board with white bead board paneling. Voila!


Jon and I delivered this beauty to her new home with Stephanie and her sweet family. She had a great spot in her kitchen that looked like it was made just for this hutch. It fit perfectly in her home!

Now to share some overdue pics of the two eldest in their back to school adventures.

Now that’s more like it…

They are loving school! I couldn’t be more pleased for them!

Happy Monday! Let’s make it a great week!

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Ice Ice Baby

Whoa…going way back now but it is probably better I leave that alone.

I just finished up this sa-weet piece and it turned out a nice icey blue color. Ohhhh…I so love it!

Not so beautiful but just as I found her…

Jon had to work his magic fixing the drawers before I could take my hand at it. I applied primer and next came a lovely shade of Bayou Blue. Distressed and glazed with a mix of glaze and an oops Benjamin Moore color which I would describe as a pale baby blue.
When I began distressing somehow I only had 1 kiddo at home with me…angels singing…HALLELUJAH! Naaaah…love those babies but I also love getting to have one on one time with them because I get to see the real little person without all the fussing and fighting that comes with siblings. So I had my Sam boy and he wanted to help me out sanding. He worked his little arms silly and was really good might I add. We got to the last drawer and he suggests we wait on that one till tomorrow. I tell him no let’s get it done…”well, alright…it’s just my muscles are so uncomfortable.”
Next, I painted the hardware silver metallic and glazed with the same mixture I used before. I added pink paper to the drawer insides. Finally, a good ol’ waxin’ and she is D.O.N.E.
Drum roll purdy please…
The flower was a happy accident! Got to love those!

And on that note…I am outta here. See you tomorrow with an Oh So Glamerous Girlified birthday party with all the fun details.

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Duo of blue

Well…actually a grey blue to be more precise but “duo of grey blue” just didn’t seem as catchy. This lovely pair was more I salvaged from Jon’s old house. It is funny to me because I remember them in his place when we were dating 100 years ago. One still had one of those sticky round room perfume things. I have no idea what you call them?? When I flipped the table over and saw it stuck to the underneath he remembered putting it there…again 100 years ago. I am sure he did that to impress me with his good smelling abode. I am going with that anyway. Regardless, I pried that sucker off pronto.

I sanded my pretty little arms silly getting them ready taking the tops down to the wood. I chose an oops paint that was really a tinted primer I had picked up at Sherwin Williams. Next, I heavily distressed them with the help of my paint scraper and a 60 grit sanding block. Glazed with a dark walnut and clear glaze mixture and used Danish Oil in Dark Walnut to finish off the top. The final dressing came with some new hardware from the Hob Lob and then I called it a day or a week…whatever…finito!

Please contact me at for pricing and dimension info.
Counting down the days till I can feel the sand between my toes. I can almost smell the ocean air now. Did I mention school is almost over?? Happy Dance! Looking forward to snugglin’ in with my babes in the mornings.
Thanks so much for your comments! I looooove them!
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Get your game face on for a great giveaway!

Alrighty my friends you have just stumbled upon my first giveaway and it’s a good one! Calling all parents, grandparents, and anyone who knows any kids you don’t want to miss this! I have up for grabs a beautiful children’s table and four chairs! It really is quite lovely if I do say so myself. Formerly it was a very drab oak set for adults but now it has been transformed into the perfect seating for the vertically challenged. The beauty of it is the seats were made for adults so Mom and Dad can sit down comfortably with the kids too. This set will work for boys or girls or both. It is chock full of color but gender neutral at the same time. If you have only girls you could doll it up a bit with some fun standard size seat cushions. Check it out…

The alphabet paper is red and green. It looks a little washed out on the photo but it is red not pink.

Listen up peeps this is how this beauty can be yours…

1. Contestant must be a blog follower. So follow me already!
2. Must “like” Monkey Doodles Facebook page.
3. Must be local to Greenville, SC and able to pick up. No delivery available.
4. Enter by typing…”I want that table!” on Monkey Doodles Facebook page and you are in the running.
5. Get your family and friends on board! Ask nicely, beg, plead for them to vote for you on our Facebook page. They must “like” our page and cast their vote. They can cast their vote by writing your name on our wall ONLY once please. 

Contest begins immediately and ends midnight April 30th. So get moving! The competitor with the most votes takes it home. Just think how excited those little people will be!

Maybe this set is not for you but I bet you know someone who would looove it. Spread the word!

This is my first giveaway and while I have tried to think of everything I reserve the right to tweak the rules a bit if need be.