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Hootie Hoo and a Tweetie Tweet

Remember this precious little owl table???

Well, it now belongs to a sweet little lady. Her mom loved the table so much she decided to decorate her new room around it. Whoa…do I feel honored! That is so cool! Mom picked out a cute Pottery Barn bedding set to tie in the owl and it’s array of colors. Lovely, isn’t it???

Switching things up a bit this week I have been working on a pair of canvases to add to the fun girly decor in her new room.
We decided on large 20 x 20 square canvases…love em’. I painted a soft chevron pattern for the background in my trusty Muslin White and Seashore Bud. The pattern doesn’t show up great in my pics but it definitely adds some interest to the background. Miss Owl and the Tweeties were next. I love the quilt for her bedding and all the different patterned fabrics. I wanted to replicate that somehow on the canvas so I pulled out my paper stash and found the perfect papers. I cut out leaves from my paper and adorned my tree branches with them. I am pleased with them and hope Little Miss Laurel will be too!

For all my workshop girls, I am working, working, working trying to get our event together. You can go ahead and mark your calendars for October 22nd though!

Wishing you all a blessed day!

New Digs for a New Babe

Today I am sharing a super fun nursery by my friend Mandi. She is not afraid of color and I love that! I myself am a little addicted so I can totally relate. Her family will be welcoming baby Evan any day now and I know it feels good to have everything ready to go before baby arrives. Let the pictures roll…

Evan’s name and some really cute circles Mandi painted herself to coordinate with his crib bedding. Look at all those diapers all neat in a row just ready for that lil’ babe. Don’t miss that aqua shelf too! Seriously love all the color.
Organization is important in any room especially for the kiddos.

Lots of baby snugglin’ will be taking place in this sweet spot. The alphabet picture on the wall Mandi’s mom made and it hung in her nursery as a baby.

Lastly, Evan’s awesome bedding and more bright circles. The large giraffe and turtle canvases I created to coordinate. A pleasure to create for a friend!
Mandi, thanks for letting me show off Evan’s room!
As always, I would be glad to help you outfit your nursery for your new little one or big kid room. Monkey Doodles offers custom canvases as well as murals to suit your decorating needs. Contact for details.  

Just me, a paintbrush, and a canvas…ok well some paints too

This is where it all started…a nice clean white canvas. I have been creating and selling my paintings for many years now and this remains one of my favorite things to do. I am not a trained artist but I do what I do and I enjoy it. As I embark on this blogging journey I sure wish I would have kept pictures of my work but alas I have not done a good job of that. Nevertheless, I am going to take a minute to show off a few of my paintings.
This little lady was created while my first girlie girl was still a cookin’. Ladybugs have just been a thing for me ever since I can remember. It started out as a nickname and then as a girl I collected all things ladybug so I thought it right lil miss have a ladybug room of her own. You can see a bit of her curtain to the right that I was coordinating with. Ohhh and the wall words…I love love love them! If you have been in my house you know this already. You can get them all over now but all mine came from Uppercase Living. They are super easy to use!
These babies were an order from a friend. She gave me a sample of her curtain fabric you see to coordinate with. I am sure this is much more lovely hanging on her wall than my craft table but you get the gist. This is actualy one flower painted over three canvases. Lots o fun!
My favorite room in my house…maybe because it’s chocolate brown and I do have a thing for chocolate. As my husband and I were painting this room in a delirious state of home remodeling gone mad we both swore it was actually chocolate pudding. I don’t know but those days of our major home overhaul were quite intense so I am not sure I can be completely held responsible for my actions. Sheeesh! So glad that is all behind us! I painted these canvases for our dining room to coordinate with our curtain fabric. The bright flowers against the deep brown make me happy!
Ahhh…the best for last because this was made with sweet lil baby Piper in mind. She is quite a beauty! Mama Sloan picked out an adorable tulip crib set by Dwell Studio and I went to work. Love this verse from James and perfectly fitting for such a sweet gift of a new baby girl.
Have something you would like painted for your home? I would love to help! Email me at
Until then…happy creating!