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Ice Ice Baby

Whoa…going way back now but it is probably better I leave that alone.

I just finished up this sa-weet piece and it turned out a nice icey blue color. Ohhhh…I so love it!

Not so beautiful but just as I found her…

Jon had to work his magic fixing the drawers before I could take my hand at it. I applied primer and next came a lovely shade of Bayou Blue. Distressed and glazed with a mix of glaze and an oops Benjamin Moore color which I would describe as a pale baby blue.
When I began distressing somehow I only had 1 kiddo at home with me…angels singing…HALLELUJAH! Naaaah…love those babies but I also love getting to have one on one time with them because I get to see the real little person without all theĀ fussing and fighting that comes with siblings. So I had my Sam boy and he wanted to help me out sanding. He worked his little arms silly and was really good might I add. We got to the last drawer and he suggests we wait on that one till tomorrow. I tell him no let’s get it done…”well, alright…it’s just my muscles are so uncomfortable.”
Next, I painted the hardware silver metallic and glazed with the same mixture I used before. I added pink paper to the drawer insides. Finally, a good ol’ waxin’ and she is D.O.N.E.
Drum roll purdy please…
The flower was a happy accident! Got to love those!

And on that note…I am outta here. See you tomorrow with an Oh So Glamerous Girlified birthday party with all the fun details.

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