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Tea for Two

So I give the hubby a hard time but in all fairness he is pretty awesome to me. I am blessed beyond measure to have him in my life. Without his support in this whole venture I could not proceed.
I had been eyeing this table at the permanent yard sale near my house. Gotta love the permenant yard sale…when it is not across the street from your house it is much cooler. Gah! Nevertheless they had this really cute table not for sale but just to display all their other crap stuff on. Jon dutifully stopped and asked the guy if he would sell it and how much. I thought it was a bit pricey for an old worn out table that I would still need to get chairs for but I wasn’t ready to give up on it. You know when you want it…you want it. Plus I had vision for it already. Then I remembered this old table we had in the shop that was unusable to me and I thought about maybe trading if the guy was willing.

A few days went by and I kind of forgot about it. Then I was outside sanding another peice and I thought the hubs was working in the yard until I see him coming around the corner carrying this table…yes carrying! He sets it down and in his way says…”I made your trade babe!” ::Swoon:: He knows how to make me melt. So I know I am a little abnormal but seriously he made my day.

I love the round shape and the curvy details. I knew this table was in for a little surgery to transform it into a sweet little table for some girly girls.

Jon measured, leveled, and cut the legs down with his circular saw. This is actually a chair from another set being cut down but it gives you the idea.
I still needed to find some chairs with the right amount of curves. I found this duo while visiting family in Georgia. Yes, I am that die hard. It was music to my ears when the Mim’s asked if I want to go yard sailing with her on my visit. Here is one of the two chairs I found while we were out…

They underwent surgery as well.

I primed the whole set and handpainted fun details to the chairs and leg spindles. No matchy matchy completely random. Then I distressed everything. I used Danish Oil in dark walnut to give an aged look. I used scrapbook paper to create the flower for the center and applied it to the table with Mod Podge of course! A few coats of poly to protect surfaces from sticky fingers. Lastly, I gave the cushions a fresh look with new decorator fabric. And here you have it…

I can see two little ladies dressed in their finest enjoying an imaginary cup of tea. Sweet memories are going to be made here.

Interested in purchasing this set? Email me at for pricing information.

Get your game face on for a great giveaway!

Alrighty my friends you have just stumbled upon my first giveaway and it’s a good one! Calling all parents, grandparents, and anyone who knows any kids you don’t want to miss this! I have up for grabs a beautiful children’s table and four chairs! It really is quite lovely if I do say so myself. Formerly it was a very drab oak set for adults but now it has been transformed into the perfect seating for the vertically challenged. The beauty of it is the seats were made for adults so Mom and Dad can sit down comfortably with the kids too. This set will work for boys or girls or both. It is chock full of color but gender neutral at the same time. If you have only girls you could doll it up a bit with some fun standard size seat cushions. Check it out…

The alphabet paper is red and green. It looks a little washed out on the photo but it is red not pink.

Listen up peeps this is how this beauty can be yours…

1. Contestant must be a blog follower. So follow me already!
2. Must “like” Monkey Doodles Facebook page.
3. Must be local to Greenville, SC and able to pick up. No delivery available.
4. Enter by typing…”I want that table!” on Monkey Doodles Facebook page and you are in the running.
5. Get your family and friends on board! Ask nicely, beg, plead for them to vote for you on our Facebook page. They must “like” our page and cast their vote. They can cast their vote by writing your name on our wall ONLY once please. 

Contest begins immediately and ends midnight April 30th. So get moving! The competitor with the most votes takes it home. Just think how excited those little people will be!

Maybe this set is not for you but I bet you know someone who would looove it. Spread the word!

This is my first giveaway and while I have tried to think of everything I reserve the right to tweak the rules a bit if need be.


Student desk and chair to boot

I found this piece in need of some major TLC in a local thrift store. In the same trip I found a chair that was perfect sooo I HAD to get them.
Here is the desk already sanded. The only thing missing is the ugly pink knobs…but you get the idea.
These drawers were a special kind of yuck…really. gross. Here they are cleaned and ready to say bye bye weird outdated paper lining.
Completed with a fresh new look and ready for a happy home!
Found these great glass knobs in my stash and found some new pewter handles for the lower drawers.
I was determined to blow the dust off my sewing machine to make a cushion for this lil thing. Sheer determination is the only thing that got me through it. Now seriously this is not a difficult task but when you haven’t used your sewing machine in as long as me you get a little rusty. Oh well! I survived and next time it will be much smoother. It did add to the set…I was pleased.
Drawers refinished. Much better!
And when I am not painting furniture this lil babe keeps me
busy as you can see.

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