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Stainless Steel Cleaning Recipe

My refrigerator FINALLY bit the dust. Seriously that thing was as old as the hills. I have been wanting to replace it for-EVER but I always had 42 other things that seemed more important. Alas the time had come to say goodbye to the dinosaur and hello sleek and shiny stainless steel! While I do love all that sleekness it does like to grab hold of all those messy little fingers that are always touching it.

In my efforts to keep my house sparkly at all…uhh I mean most…most of the time…yea that’s it. I do not care for those messy prints everywhere. Not so sleek. 

I found a remedy that I thought was worthy of sharing with you all. Now I am sure you have your own trick and I would love to hear what it is but hey another trick up your sleeve never hurts, right?

What you need…

Olive oil…just use the cheap stuff
White Vinegar
3 cleaning cloths

Get it done…

  • Wipe down the whole fridge…or any SS appliance…with olive oil on you cloth.
  • Now go back and wipe it down with white vinegar using a new cloth
  • Take you third clean cloth and buff it all off. Seriously works like a charm. 

Now I haven’t tried other SS cleaners but I love that I have all this in my pantry anyway and it is chemical free.

What are your cleaning secrets?

Things are SLOOOOW in the furniture rehabin’ department this week because I have an extra guest at the house. So glad to have some unexpected company and I am just trying to soak it all up. In other news he is a picture takin’ mc-smarty pants and fortunately for me he is letting me in on some of his secrets. For you that means MUCH better pics for you to feast your eyes on. Nice! Much needed instruction. I am a hands on learner and in my quest to figure it out on my own EVERYTHING I read sounds the same….blah…blah…ba…ba…blah. Ya know?! 

Hope you are having a great week!!!