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Back in the Summer I was out with my favorite peeps checkin’ out some yard sales. Yes, me yard sale-ing can you even fathom it?!? We passed a group of people having a bazaar and we swung on in to check it out. Boy was that God’s hand! They did have a few things to sell, a bounce house, baked goods, and a fabulous face painter. Most importantly the people we met were so warm and friendly I felt like I had known them forever. 

I found out they were a church group.  I was so excited to call my Mom when we left because I knew she was searching for a church home and I knew that I knew that I knew…did I say I knew…this was the place for her. She went…she loved it…she has a home. 

Ok so that was awesome but also while I was there I bought the most fabulous bed for Maggie Rae. I seriously can’t wait to have some time to get to it for my girl’s room. Jon probably can’t wait either considering it is taking up space in his workshop. Poor guy.

Marsha, the pastor’s wife, asked me to make a cork board for her 10 year old daughter, Abijah, who my Maggie girl thinks hung the moon. 

Abijah’s room is purple and green. The girl loves some color and some sparkle. Girl after my own heart, I got this. 


Cork Board Panel 
2 Feather Boas
Letter “A”
Scrapbook Paper
Felt Sheets
Sparkly Gems
Hot Glue Gun
Straight Pins

I used straight pins to tack the boa around the edge. I didn’t want the feather to be all goopy with glue so the pins worked well.

I painted the edges of the letter then used Mod Podge to adhere scrapbook paper to the front surface of the letter. I filed the edges of the letter with sand paper to remove any extra paper. 
Grabbed my felt sheets to create flowers and leaves. Added some sparkly gems for a little bling. Abijah was pleased and hopefully by now it is covered up with pictures, notes, and whatever else a girl deems important. 

It was really a lot of fun working with Marsha on this! Next up…Abijah needs props for her dance recital. More sparkles are in my future!