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Girly Dresser Makeover in Calypso

My crew headed back to school today and I think it was all a success…if you overlook the part where I wasn’t nearly as prepared as I thought I was, the kids were wound up trying to get ready, Sam didn’t want to take pictures, and we were late. BUT other than that it was awesome! Naaaahhh….there were some challenges in the morning but we’ll get the kinks worked out. The most important part they love school! That is enough to make this mama happy. 

I finished up this dresser a couple weeks ago now and I was thinking it was time to show it off here. 

This dresser belongs to a spunky little chick, Lyndi. I have enjoyed working with Janet, Lyndi’s mom, on a few projects now but I loved how excited Lyndi was about her dresser makeover. 

Before…a blank canvas…

In process…and yes, Minnie was keeping me company.

**EDITED to answer your questions on how I achieved this look… I prepped, primed, and painted as usual. Then I grabbed an oh so lovely roll of wood grain contact paper…of course any pattern will do it is ultimately going to the garbage anyway. I used my Silhouette Cameo to create the stencil. I LOVE the Cameo because I was able to create the whole pattern in one length per drawer. I CAREFULLY peeled the backing from the contact paper and placed it down on the drawer front. Next, I peeled up all the swirls and then filled in with white paint. Two coats of white and then the contact paper came back up and VOILA!


This picture shows the most true color, SW Calypso. More blue, less green in the other pics. 

There you have it…a super fun makeover!

Primitive and Proper

Entertainment Console: New Style, New Purpose

I love painting furniture…truly I do…but I seriously love transforming a piece for a new purpose. It is just fun! I was super excited when my client, Christina, brought me this very cool buffet and wanted it switched up a bit to work for an entertainment console. 


Sorry for the blue hue but I am so bad about snapping before pics with my phone and you never know how those are going to turn out. As she brought it to me it was black with red sanded through on the edges. 

For the new look Christina picked out SW Quietude (pale aqua) and Black Bean (deep brown). I so love the aqua and brown combo!

I choose a liquid sander for this as the wood was thin I didn’t want my electric sander to get sander happy on me…it has a mind of it’s own you know. Primed her with my favorite Kilz Original and after some light sanding she was a blank slate.

I brushed on 2 coats of quietude followed by 2 coats of black bean to the body. For the top I experimented with dry brushing the black bean on and it worked beautifully! Then comes the fun part…sanding to perfection. 

With the help of my awesomely handy hub we took out the center portion of the middle door and replaced it with chicken wire. Christina needed another shelf to accommodate her media components so Jon added the shelving and I covered them in coordinating papers. The result…loverly…

Coordinating papers line the component shelves…

New glass knobs…

Dry brush detailing…

I love how these details are highlighted now to be appreciated and not lost in the paint.

Happy Tuesday Ya’ll! Make it a good one!

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Weathered Blues

Whew! It’s been a busy month full of custom goodness. I am so thankful and enjoying it so much! 

I have a fun little rehab to show off today that I just completed for a friend. Christy brought me this fabulous antique dresser she wanted to use in her craft room. I was excited to do something really fun for a creative space! 

Here is the dresser before…


Vintage inspired papers line the drawers…

This piece is quite the mix of colors. After a good cleaning and priming I painted it with a slate blue. It was a little too slate and not enough blue…happy accident. I added two more thin coats of a pale blue oops paint. I allowed the slate color to show through in areas which gave a really nice result thus the happy accident. I am on a bit of a kick with the Silhouette, so I churned out some cutesy tall stemmed flowers. After getting them positioned perfectly I painted two more thin coats of Annie Sloan Graphite over everything but the top surface. Lots-o-distressing and sealer coats later..she’s all loverly!

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::Limeade:: Side Table Makeover

Who is ready for Summer? Me! I find there is such excitement around each upcoming season. No matter what time of the year is around the corner I get excited about what that season will bring. This year we are finishing up Sam and Maggie’s first year at the BIG school, Jon and I are completing our second round leading Financial Peace University, and then there is Cate…and Cate is 2…enough said, right?! So in just 2 more short weeks Summer kicks off at this house! I am ready to park it at the pool for the next couple of months but first we are going to visit Mickey and Minnie! Yep…the kids are so stinkin’ excited! I have some really fabulous memories as a kid at Disney World and I can’t wait to make those memories for my kids! This is your warning…Disney pictures coming soon!

On to the furniture re-fabu-lication business. I finished up several projects this week but these say Summer to me for sure. The before…


I primed this pair and painted them with an oops paint from Benjamin Moore. They were very green…maybe too green…so I decided they needed some pizazz to tone down the green a bit. I broke out the Silhouette and whipped up some vinyl dandelions. I placed them on the table top and then coated the top with 2 coats of Annie Sloan Pure White. I distressed everything but more heavily on the white as I wanted the green to show through more. I painted the hardware white and distressed it as well.

These are a custom order for my friend, Stephanie. I love that she is not afraid of color and she gives me creative reign. Thanks Steph, you are awesome!

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Sweet Memories

Back in the Summer I had the opportunity to meet a sweet couple through Craigslist of all places. I know I have said it before but I have been so blessed to meet some of the greatest people from there. I have heard other’s stories to the contrary but for me it has been cool who God has connected me with.

The couple, Jon and Melissa, were selling some furniture that I “needed”…ummm…let’s pretend it is not still in my stash of pieces waiting to be rehabbed. Nevertheless, meeting them turned out to be the real jewel of the whole process. While I was there Melissa showed me her Grandmother’s dressing table and chair that she wanted to have refinished for her daughter. The set was darling and very sentimental to Melissa but just not in a finish that was in keeping with the rest of the house.

A few months passed and Melissa and I reconnected to go ahead rehab the dressing table set.


Pinky red paint color + black glaze = not what Melissa wanted

We went with a dark stain for the top and Sherwin Williams Navajo White for the body. Melissa had asked for some “ABC” detailing on it but not to look too juvenile as she wanted it to grow with her daughter.

And the result (minus the hardware that Melissa already had)…

I really enjoyed working on this piece and getting creative with the details but the best part of all was Melissa’s reaction when she saw the finished product. She had sweet memories of her Grandmother sitting at the table so it was very precious for her. That made the whole process so much more rewarding! I mean I so love what I do but to see how much this meant to her was really fun for me!

I am starting the week off thanking God for the people and opportunities He has brought and continues to bring my way! Recognizing each encounter as a gift from Him. I am reminded of these passages…

James 1:16-18

So, my very dear friends, don’t get thrown off course. Every desirable and beneficial gift comes out of heaven. The gifts are rivers of light cascading down from the Father of Light. There is nothing deceitful in God, nothing two-faced, nothing fickle. He brought us to life using the true Word, showing us off as the crown of all his creatures.

Before you go…

The workshop was so much fun this weekend! So much so I completely spaced on taking pictures. Oh well! Everyone did a great job and I think some were surprised by their own creativity. Love it!

I have an idea for our next workshop in February. It is a little off the beaten path from what we have done before but I think it will be something busy mama’s will appreciate. Hmmm…I think I’ll give you a preview tomorrow and see what you all think about it so check back with me then!

Have a great week!

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Dramatic Flair

This piece has taunted me since this Summer. Every time I went to start another project I literally had to step over this one to get to something else and yet I did again and again.

My client had purchased this piece via an internet auction. She paid a whooping $13 for it but we both wanted to cry a little when we laid eyes on it. I usually have some sort of vision or inspiration but I just wasn’t feelin’ it. My client was in no hurry and I was not very motivated so it sat and sat.

Anna, my client, saw a picture on Savvy Southern Style of what she envisioned for the chest. Here is the inspiration piece from Kim at Savvy Southern Style…

A wee bit closer…


Hmmm. Ok, now I am slightly more motivated. A month or two more pass and here we go (finally!).

Jon, spent a Saturday chiseling about 85% of the peeling cracking veneer off. After lots of cleaning and prep I choose Annie Sloan Paris Grey and Pure White for the highly distressed and quite dramatic finish. Anna wanted the top stained so I choose Dark Walnut which showed off the tiger striping detail beautifully. New hardware and this baby had new life!

Hold your head to the left to fully appreciate this terrible before shot…

This look isn’t for everyone but it was just what Anna wanted. Ugly duckling no more…

The new hardware really tied it together and made the look work…
New fabric lined drawers…
Beautiful tiger striping detail…

Wishing all of you a wonderful week! Looking forward to some girl time this weekend at the workshop!!

Ramblings and a Sweet Lil’ Kitchen Reveal

I was so excited to hear from a college friend a couple months back. Facebook does has some benefits to it, although lately I am questioning how it fits into my life. Beware! I am totally going on a rabbit trail here…

I was visiting a church this past Sunday and the pastor challenged the congregation to a 40 day fast. I didn’t feel immediately moved to jump on board but yet I wanted to be able to pray and seek God to see if this was his desire for me. Later that day after some reflection I felt moved to restrict Facebook in my world. The social platform, pared down, back to the basics when it first caught on seemed like such a great way for me to connect with friends past and present and now it seems like a big pot of yuck. Nice description, huh? Maybe you can identify, maybe not. Either way for me it has become negative, so in an attempt to simplify my life and be real with my friends and family I am cleaning shop…the shop of my heart that is. Goodbye discontentment, goodbye negativity, goodbye. This is just a way for me to minimize some unnecessary junk and focus on what matters most to me. Focusing on getting to know my Creator better and more deeply, being a good wife and mom, and being the best friend possible. This is a small first step in reclaiming what has been a tumultuous year for me. A year where soils have been dug up and flipped me upside down leaving me not really sure where to begin again. I am still unsure of my new beginning but I know that God has a perfect plan for me. A plan that I have faith in and for which I am thankful. As you can see Facebook is really a side note to this story but maybe this is the start for me focusing in on what God has for me. 

I will still be maintaining the Monkey Doodles Facebook page (that is probably how you got here, right?), but on a personal level it will be limited.

Bringing it on around now…

My friend, Angela, wrote me and asked if I could find her a vintage kitchen. Well, it just so happened the Pinterest addiction had led me to the entertainment center turned play kitchen idea. I shared the idea with Angela and from there we went.

Here is the entertainment center as I found it…

Solid with good bones. A nice blank canvas.

Thankfully my hubby is awesomely talented and he was able to construct the new doors and other odd and ends for me.

In progress…

Angela’s only requests were sage green, pink, and ultra girly. Check, check, and check. Here she is…

Now I want to cook in this kitchen (and that’s saying a lot!). The curtains were made from vintage pillow cases. I used a dog bowl from Tractor Supply for the sink basin. I hijacked the old faucet from my house. We have had a new Kohler faucet for probably a year now and we finally changed that out. Woohooo!

Turnable stove knobs and sparkly stove burners. ‘Cause you know every girly girl needs a little sparkle.

Fabric covered magnetic board and hooks for all of little misses important kitchen utensils.

Last but not least every good cook needs an apron!

That’s all folks! Have a great Thursday! Be real.

Good Times and a Rehab Reveal

Another successful workshop in the books with some great ladies! Here are the gals hard at work…

Their creations turned out fabulous!

In other news I had the pleasure of working on a cute Ikea table and chair set for my friend, Shannon. This is a great set just a bit too plain jane. Shannon had already painted the set white but she wanted something more in keeping with her main living space where they keep the set. They have a son and a daughter so we wanted to keep it gender neutral as well.

Before (but after sanding):

I choose a chocolate brown for the table and colonial red for the chairs. The edges were distressed to add some interest. I love the white primer showing through. A few coats of polycrylic and she was good to go…hmmm maybe not. I just felt it needed a bit more punch. I looked high and low for the perfect fabric to work for the cushions. Finally, I found just the thing in a scrap pack. It worked really well because I was able to use each coordinating fabric to make them reversible.

Here is the result:

Shannon joined us for the workshop and took this sweet little diddy home with her.

I am wrapping up a few projects this week to share with you as well as diving head first into this entertainment center turned play kitchen! Fun, huh??! So excited to completely overhaul this baby!

Happy Monday! Let’s make it a great week!

Pretty in White

This sad puppy was a Craigslist find I actually bought for myself…gasp! I really need some sort of buffet in my dining room and I thought I could transform this baby for just that purpose. Alas, I sold it before I could have my way with it. Not complaining, believe me. My client saw it just as you see it now and wanted it for her daughter’s bedroom in white and distressed.

I was bummed the majority of the drawer pulls were missing. They were so dainty and cute but I was able to use the top row of pulls. I filled the holes on the bottom six drawers, sanded, refilled, and sanded again to replace the pulls with knobs. It turned out nice and smooth, you would never know!

Here she is pretty in white…

I already have found my replacement “buffet.” You love it, I know you do. Ok, maybe not yet but you will. 🙂

We are off to Hotlanta this weekend for some fun with the babes and family. Wishing you all an awesome weekend!

Hootie Hoo and a Tweetie Tweet

Remember this precious little owl table???

Well, it now belongs to a sweet little lady. Her mom loved the table so much she decided to decorate her new room around it. Whoa…do I feel honored! That is so cool! Mom picked out a cute Pottery Barn bedding set to tie in the owl and it’s array of colors. Lovely, isn’t it???

Switching things up a bit this week I have been working on a pair of canvases to add to the fun girly decor in her new room.
We decided on large 20 x 20 square canvases…love em’. I painted a soft chevron pattern for the background in my trusty Muslin White and Seashore Bud. The pattern doesn’t show up great in my pics but it definitely adds some interest to the background. Miss Owl and the Tweeties were next. I love the quilt for her bedding and all the different patterned fabrics. I wanted to replicate that somehow on the canvas so I pulled out my paper stash and found the perfect papers. I cut out leaves from my paper and adorned my tree branches with them. I am pleased with them and hope Little Miss Laurel will be too!

For all my workshop girls, I am working, working, working trying to get our event together. You can go ahead and mark your calendars for October 22nd though!

Wishing you all a blessed day!