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College Desk Makeover in Chevron

Landon started her first year of college this year and this Summer was in search of the perfect desk for her new room. Rummaging in her basement she came across the perfect table she already had. Score! After talking with her and finding out her colors were purple, yellow, and white I immediately started envisioning white with some yellow chevron details with maybe a punch of purple. When she brought everything by I was so happy to see a chevron-y white and yellow pillow in her bedding set. I knew I was on the right track!



Hope you have a great week ahead! As for me I have three three extra ladies with me this week. The bestie is up for a visit with her twin baby girls. Ready for a week of baby snuggles, late nights catching up, and lots of girl time! 

Sweet Memories

Back in the Summer I had the opportunity to meet a sweet couple through Craigslist of all places. I know I have said it before but I have been so blessed to meet some of the greatest people from there. I have heard other’s stories to the contrary but for me it has been cool who God has connected me with.

The couple, Jon and Melissa, were selling some furniture that I “needed”…ummm…let’s pretend it is not still in my stash of pieces waiting to be rehabbed. Nevertheless, meeting them turned out to be the real jewel of the whole process. While I was there Melissa showed me her Grandmother’s dressing table and chair that she wanted to have refinished for her daughter. The set was darling and very sentimental to Melissa but just not in a finish that was in keeping with the rest of the house.

A few months passed and Melissa and I reconnected to go ahead rehab the dressing table set.


Pinky red paint color + black glaze = not what Melissa wanted

We went with a dark stain for the top and Sherwin Williams Navajo White for the body. Melissa had asked for some “ABC” detailing on it but not to look too juvenile as she wanted it to grow with her daughter.

And the result (minus the hardware that Melissa already had)…

I really enjoyed working on this piece and getting creative with the details but the best part of all was Melissa’s reaction when she saw the finished product. She had sweet memories of her Grandmother sitting at the table so it was very precious for her. That made the whole process so much more rewarding! I mean I so love what I do but to see how much this meant to her was really fun for me!

I am starting the week off thanking God for the people and opportunities He has brought and continues to bring my way! Recognizing each encounter as a gift from Him. I am reminded of these passages…

James 1:16-18

So, my very dear friends, don’t get thrown off course. Every desirable and beneficial gift comes out of heaven. The gifts are rivers of light cascading down from the Father of Light. There is nothing deceitful in God, nothing two-faced, nothing fickle. He brought us to life using the true Word, showing us off as the crown of all his creatures.

Before you go…

The workshop was so much fun this weekend! So much so I completely spaced on taking pictures. Oh well! Everyone did a great job and I think some were surprised by their own creativity. Love it!

I have an idea for our next workshop in February. It is a little off the beaten path from what we have done before but I think it will be something busy mama’s will appreciate. Hmmm…I think I’ll give you a preview tomorrow and see what you all think about it so check back with me then!

Have a great week!

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Aqua Happiness

Whoa! What a crazy couple weeks it has been around here! Things are finally settling down again and I am really trying to knock out my collection of furniture. My goals are always ridiculously unrealistic but it keeps me on my toes I guess. Anyone else suffer from the endless list syndrome? I have discovered since Cate has started Parent’s Day Out on Fridays and I am kid free for a few hours my list for those days are particularly crazy. As soon as I drop off the two eldest my wheels are turning. Silly, I know.

I have a fun redo to share with you that I definitely is one of my most favorite to date. I picked up this pair from Craigslist.


I chose Annie Sloan Provence with Dark Wax. I was so happy all the original hardware was intact because I looooove it. I cleaned it up a bit and reassembled. I stripped and stained the tops dark walnut. Finally, I found a fun print fabric to line all the drawers with.


LAST CALL for October’s workshop! Today is the last day to sign up and pay for your sign. Need more info? Go here.

My fellas are headed out camping again this weekend. I can’t tell you what it does for my heart to see them have their time together. I do love getting my girls all to myself too! I see a round or 12 of Pretty Pretty Princess in my near future. Happy Weekend!

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Student desk and chair to boot

I found this piece in need of some major TLC in a local thrift store. In the same trip I found a chair that was perfect sooo I HAD to get them.
Here is the desk already sanded. The only thing missing is the ugly pink knobs…but you get the idea.
These drawers were a special kind of yuck…really. gross. Here they are cleaned and ready to say bye bye weird outdated paper lining.
Completed with a fresh new look and ready for a happy home!
Found these great glass knobs in my stash and found some new pewter handles for the lower drawers.
I was determined to blow the dust off my sewing machine to make a cushion for this lil thing. Sheer determination is the only thing that got me through it. Now seriously this is not a difficult task but when you haven’t used your sewing machine in as long as me you get a little rusty. Oh well! I survived and next time it will be much smoother. It did add to the set…I was pleased.
Drawers refinished. Much better!
And when I am not painting furniture this lil babe keeps me
busy as you can see.

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