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Goodbye factory finish…hellllooo custom goodness!!

I have a big ol’ rehab to show off today! My friend, Jena, asked if her table was worth saving…uhhh…yea silly! She asked me to take this project on for her and so I did! 

Here is what she gave me to work with…

White wood with a clear varnished top. The table does have legs somewhere…

 There they are and ohhhh those lattice back chairs…

All finished up! From factory blah to custom goodness! I used Behr Black Suede and Minwax Jacobean for the table top. *The sunlight in these pictures makes them appear navy but it is black I assure you :)*

It is times like these when I am so thankful to own a paint sprayer. While I rarely use it I knew these lattice back chairs were prime candidates for the sprayer. Whew!
Jena picked out a lovely fabric for her cushions from one of my favorite local fabric shops. This is actually the best shot of the true color of the table top. I kept getting a glare and I was not into moving this set all over the back yard chasing the shade. 🙂

That’s all for today peeps but I will be back this week with a lil’ something new.  I thought it might be fun to show you around this little cottage I call home. Going back to what it was (and wasn’t) when we moved in and all the changing scenery over the years around here.

Happy Monday!