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I’m baaaaaack…did ya miss me???

This Summer vacation hit with a bang the end of May with a fun family beach trip to Editso. Here we are the middle of July and finally I am getting back to work….well furniture bloggy work…because trust me there is no lacking for work over here even if the furniture is on hold. I have enjoyed the kids being home and all of our little adventures. I have bittersweet emotions about the upcoming school year as both the eldest are headed to the “big” school. They, however, couldn’t be more excited!

I thought as I am getting back into the swing I would share with you one of my most favorite rooms in the house, Cate’s nursery. One of my favorite things to do while I am pregnant is dream and create the nursery. With Cate we chose not to find out the sex before she was born so I knew I needed a gender neutral palette…that was a tough one believe me. I searched and searched and searched a little more before I found the right fabric. My lovely seamstress…AKA Nonnie, Mama, or Rachel…made the beautiful crib bedding you see below:

I painted this little aqua nightstand and added the sleek drawer pulls to go beside the full size bed in the room. As for now this room doubles as our guest room when we have company. The lamp was a fun yard sale find I just covered the shade in one of the coordinating fabrics.
I created a fabric circle collage above the bed using fabric scraps, glue, and varying size embroidery hoops. This rocker I had used in Maggie’s nursery. When I bought it I fell in love with it because the shape of the back made me think of Alice in Wonderland. Maybe it’s just me but I like it. I painted it brown to go in Cate’s nursery and my seamstress made a cute little cushion.
Next up, one of my favorite things about this old house is the BIG windows. Love them! This is what you see walking into the room. 12 x 12 canvases spelling her name painted by yours truly. My homemade sunbursts are made from tinker toys glued together, painted, and finally adhered the circle mirrors. Another easy and fun project.
Finally, Cate’s very own tree with a few blue birds to keep her company. There is one painted to look as if it is sitting on her crib. I walked in a month or so ago after she was waking up from a nap and she is pointing at it saying…”duuu….duuu…” That is “duck” for any of you who do not fluently speak Catenese and I am hoping she wasn’t picking on my skills because I was so going for a blue bird.
And that is Little Bits nursery. She is growing so fast it does make me a little teary to think that is the last nursery in the Huskey house but not THAT teary if you know what I mean.
This week I have a couple fun projects to show off so stay tuned! Have a great week!

DIY Wall Decor

I am going to give you a little tutorial today on how to make this wall art for your home. Sooo easy and cheap too! Trust me you can do it!

I got the idea flipping through a magazine. They had a picture of this nice Summery porch complete with a once upon a time silver tray now a beachy blue color with the help of a little spray paint. ::light bulb moment:: I had been racking my brain trying to figure out wall decor for my dining room and I had finally found my inspiration.

What you need:

Silver trays
Steel wool
Spray paint
Plate hangers

I began my hunt for silver trays. Yard sales…thrift stores…you know how I roll. It took me a few weeks to gather a collection of unique trays but I did it. I didn’t do a great job taking pictures throughout this process…sorry…but this is basically what I started with just more of them…

When I had enough for my collage I began gathering spray paints. I used several colors. Have I mentioned my color addiction? The curtains in that room pack lots o color so I picked a few of my favs to bring those into the room more.

All supplies gathered and ready to paint…almost. I laid out my trays in the pattern I wanted on the wall so I could decide which color to paint which tray.  Then scuffed up my trays with a little steel wool so the paint would adhere better. Didn’t go crazy just lightly scuffed. Next…paint away baby. My favorite part. I love how spray paint transforms anything so easily! Just a tip…brand matters! Don’t buy the cheap stuff you will regret it! Krylon is my personal favorite as you can see. Here is my stash…

Use traditional plate hangers to hang each tray. I really want to paint mine brown but since I have a problem with finishing things 100% I will get around to that one day. Until then they are a tacky gold.

The owl is without a doubt my favorite! Adds a bit of the unexpected. I was sooo stinkin’ excited when I found it! It was actually an old trivet with little feet on it. Jon sawed the feet off for me so it fits right against the wall. I added a couple green plates to the collage that I already had.

See you can do it! Now go and be creative! I would love to see what you come up with!

Ummm…yes, a piece of my glass is missing on my cabinet. Three kids…something will get broken. Yet another item I will get fixed one day.

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Model Material

Oh my word! Check out this little guy! Is he cute or what?! Trace is modeling his Tie Tee I made for his Easter outfit. The shirt is cute but seriously this kiddo makes it!

Have an idea for a custom shirt for your little ones? Not sure how to make it happen? Let me help!
Here are a few samples of appliques available, but really your imagination is the limit. So let me know what you have in mind!
Letter Tee’s available as well with your child’s initial.
Custom Big Kid Tee’s ~ $18
Custom Toddler Tee’s ~ $16
Custom Onsies ~ $14
Email me at with your order!
The giveaway is going GREAT! You girls took me seriously with the game face. Remember the deadline is tomorrow at midnight! Happy voting!

Hol-E Pillow Batman!




Sooo excited to show off my girlfriend, Natalia’s, awesome handiwork today! I dub her Queen of the Crochet Hooks. I have seen some cool stuff she has put together with her hooks and a skein of yarn but I thought her pillow project was particularly fun.

Isn’t she a beauty? These pillows can be used for a punch of color on the sofa or the bed or something soft to snuggle up to. They have a vintagey feel and fun fabric.

Also, good to know they are envelope pillow cases so you can easily handwash the outer cover and inside pillow. All you mamas out there can appreciate the washability factor.

What you want one or two or three? Lucky you Natalia is taking custom orders for her fabulous pillows! You pick your colors and she will have your order ready for you in a jiffy. Pillows are $20 each or a pair for $35. Shoot her an email at for your order.

Love this project as much as I do? Leave a comment and let her know!

Happy Creating!

A few of my favorite things…

Ahhh this makes me want to burst into song… ♫ I simply remember a few of my favorite things and then I don’t feel sooo baaaad.♫ Hey, just be thankful none of you can actually hear how incredibly…uhh…beautiful…that would sound coming from these lips and since I am not trying to out do Julie Andrews or anything I think the tune in my head will suffice.

All singing aside, this will be a regular around here. I will use “my favorite things” to showcase something I have done in the past in my own home, someone else’s home, or maybe inspiration of something I would like to do.

First up…drumroll please…

A fun way to decorate the kids bathroom!

I purchased unfinished wooden frames from the Hob Lob…multiple trips all with 40% off coupons. There are a few perks with a HL store being less than 2 miles from your house! The frames have a nice 2-3 inch border which I love and then it holds an 8×10 photo. I also purchased a few sheets of scrapbook paper to match my decor.

The idea is to cover the frames border with the scrapbook paper. First paint the outer edge of the frame only because the rest will be covered with paper anyway. Then cut the paper into strips slightly larger than the frame or cut to fit. Grab the handy dandy Mod Podge and foam brush. Brush Mod Podge directly on to frame and apply paper. Press and smooth. Continue until entire front surface is covered with paper. If you cut slightly larger you will have some extra paper hanging over the edge, just grab a finger nail file and use the edge to file the extra paper off. I like the way this makes the edge look best. Messy but simple. Voila frames are decorated and adorable.

I created these for my children’s bathroom. I have three little ones so I did three and they each have their picture in one. Since it was going in the bathroom I thought it appropriate Mags has a towel on her head, Sam has crazy wet hair, and Cate was just a few months in that picture so the one where I caught a smile worked. I found hooks that screw directly in the wall and put one hook below each frame so they could hang their towels there after showering. 

The kiddos think it is great and of course I love the functionality
and cuteness of it all. 
This is another frame I did as part of a baby shower gift. I added the chipboard “E” for Emery and the flower for good measure. My girlfriend actually had the mirror cut to fit. Another fun idea!

Happy Creating!