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Nursery Collection Up-Do for a New Baby Girl

I am showing off a sweet custom rehab today! My client, Annie, brought me some vintage pieces that had been collecting dust in storage for quite some time. They were way too pretty to be tucked away…well after a bit of TLC they were waaaaay too pretty. 

The name of the game on this rehab was repair, repair, repair. The veneer was rather peeled and wavy. Not so cute. Glue, clamp, putty, sand…repeat if necessary. A week of furniture flipped upside down in my kitchen and they were ready to be sanded down. 

In the midst of the process…

Annie chose SW Watery and the result is soft and lovely!

Baseball Inspired Rocking Chair

I am going to be a better blogger….I am going to be a better blogger…I am going to be a better blogger. Believe me yet? Ok, I am working on it and would really like to keep this updated better. Truly.

We have delivered some really cool pieces since my last post but I thought today I would feature a rocking chair makeover. 

Kelly found this rocking chair in our Facebook album of pieces needing a new look and wanted it for her son’s nursery. She requested an “old dirty baseball” look. So fun!

First up this baby needed some repair.  Fortunately, I am married to my guy who is awesomely handy and he totally fixed it up for me. If only he would read this little blog to see all the props I give him. Love you honey!

Sanded, primer, and white paint later this baby was ready for some baseball stitching. I played around chalking on some stitches and made a real mess actually. I tried making the seat itself look like a baseball and to be honest it look like a perfect place for your rear…ya know? Not cool. Erase.

Just so happens my girl, Amanda, was visiting that week and we put our noggins together and came up with this…

Heavily distressed and glazed for a good ol’ dirty worn look and it’s all ready for lots a baby snugglin’. Congrats Kelly on your new bundle arriving soon! 

College Desk Makeover in Chevron

Landon started her first year of college this year and this Summer was in search of the perfect desk for her new room. Rummaging in her basement she came across the perfect table she already had. Score! After talking with her and finding out her colors were purple, yellow, and white I immediately started envisioning white with some yellow chevron details with maybe a punch of purple. When she brought everything by I was so happy to see a chevron-y white and yellow pillow in her bedding set. I knew I was on the right track!



Hope you have a great week ahead! As for me I have three three extra ladies with me this week. The bestie is up for a visit with her twin baby girls. Ready for a week of baby snuggles, late nights catching up, and lots of girl time! 

Girly Dresser Makeover in Calypso

My crew headed back to school today and I think it was all a success…if you overlook the part where I wasn’t nearly as prepared as I thought I was, the kids were wound up trying to get ready, Sam didn’t want to take pictures, and we were late. BUT other than that it was awesome! Naaaahhh….there were some challenges in the morning but we’ll get the kinks worked out. The most important part they love school! That is enough to make this mama happy. 

I finished up this dresser a couple weeks ago now and I was thinking it was time to show it off here. 

This dresser belongs to a spunky little chick, Lyndi. I have enjoyed working with Janet, Lyndi’s mom, on a few projects now but I loved how excited Lyndi was about her dresser makeover. 

Before…a blank canvas…

In process…and yes, Minnie was keeping me company.

**EDITED to answer your questions on how I achieved this look… I prepped, primed, and painted as usual. Then I grabbed an oh so lovely roll of wood grain contact paper…of course any pattern will do it is ultimately going to the garbage anyway. I used my Silhouette Cameo to create the stencil. I LOVE the Cameo because I was able to create the whole pattern in one length per drawer. I CAREFULLY peeled the backing from the contact paper and placed it down on the drawer front. Next, I peeled up all the swirls and then filled in with white paint. Two coats of white and then the contact paper came back up and VOILA!


This picture shows the most true color, SW Calypso. More blue, less green in the other pics. 

There you have it…a super fun makeover!

Primitive and Proper

Entertainment Console: New Style, New Purpose

I love painting furniture…truly I do…but I seriously love transforming a piece for a new purpose. It is just fun! I was super excited when my client, Christina, brought me this very cool buffet and wanted it switched up a bit to work for an entertainment console. 


Sorry for the blue hue but I am so bad about snapping before pics with my phone and you never know how those are going to turn out. As she brought it to me it was black with red sanded through on the edges. 

For the new look Christina picked out SW Quietude (pale aqua) and Black Bean (deep brown). I so love the aqua and brown combo!

I choose a liquid sander for this as the wood was thin I didn’t want my electric sander to get sander happy on me…it has a mind of it’s own you know. Primed her with my favorite Kilz Original and after some light sanding she was a blank slate.

I brushed on 2 coats of quietude followed by 2 coats of black bean to the body. For the top I experimented with dry brushing the black bean on and it worked beautifully! Then comes the fun part…sanding to perfection. 

With the help of my awesomely handy hub we took out the center portion of the middle door and replaced it with chicken wire. Christina needed another shelf to accommodate her media components so Jon added the shelving and I covered them in coordinating papers. The result…loverly…

Coordinating papers line the component shelves…

New glass knobs…

Dry brush detailing…

I love how these details are highlighted now to be appreciated and not lost in the paint.

Happy Tuesday Ya’ll! Make it a good one!

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Primitive and Proper

Weathered Blues

Whew! It’s been a busy month full of custom goodness. I am so thankful and enjoying it so much! 

I have a fun little rehab to show off today that I just completed for a friend. Christy brought me this fabulous antique dresser she wanted to use in her craft room. I was excited to do something really fun for a creative space! 

Here is the dresser before…


Vintage inspired papers line the drawers…

This piece is quite the mix of colors. After a good cleaning and priming I painted it with a slate blue. It was a little too slate and not enough blue…happy accident. I added two more thin coats of a pale blue oops paint. I allowed the slate color to show through in areas which gave a really nice result thus the happy accident. I am on a bit of a kick with the Silhouette, so I churned out some cutesy tall stemmed flowers. After getting them positioned perfectly I painted two more thin coats of Annie Sloan Graphite over everything but the top surface. Lots-o-distressing and sealer coats later..she’s all loverly!

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::Limeade:: Side Table Makeover

Who is ready for Summer? Me! I find there is such excitement around each upcoming season. No matter what time of the year is around the corner I get excited about what that season will bring. This year we are finishing up Sam and Maggie’s first year at the BIG school, Jon and I are completing our second round leading Financial Peace University, and then there is Cate…and Cate is 2…enough said, right?! So in just 2 more short weeks Summer kicks off at this house! I am ready to park it at the pool for the next couple of months but first we are going to visit Mickey and Minnie! Yep…the kids are so stinkin’ excited! I have some really fabulous memories as a kid at Disney World and I can’t wait to make those memories for my kids! This is your warning…Disney pictures coming soon!

On to the furniture re-fabu-lication business. I finished up several projects this week but these say Summer to me for sure. The before…


I primed this pair and painted them with an oops paint from Benjamin Moore. They were very green…maybe too green…so I decided they needed some pizazz to tone down the green a bit. I broke out the Silhouette and whipped up some vinyl dandelions. I placed them on the table top and then coated the top with 2 coats of Annie Sloan Pure White. I distressed everything but more heavily on the white as I wanted the green to show through more. I painted the hardware white and distressed it as well.

These are a custom order for my friend, Stephanie. I love that she is not afraid of color and she gives me creative reign. Thanks Steph, you are awesome!

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Black Beauty

Hi my friends! I have super busy lately with lots of fun projects. One of which I am excited to share with you today! I started with this dresser…

And I ended up with this buffet..

I thought this piece could also work for a media center. Just loose a basket or two to place you electronic components and there you have it!

Details…just a little distressing was all this one needed to bring out the lines.

I painted this baby in Annie Sloan Graphite and used layers of Jacobean and Dark Walnut for the top. Added some fun fabric and baskets because I love lots of texture.  Delivering this lovely to it’s new home tonight! 

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French Script Trio

Last week I worked really hard to get my stash of furniture finished and cleared out, only to fill it back up again. ANY WAY…I had this plain oak set that really needed some attention to make it something special. The ladies from Red Hen Home and 4 The Love of Wood inspired me with their french script pieces. I knew this was the perfect set for that look.

Uh Oh! I Completely spaced it on the before pictures but think plain jane oak and you got it!

I had to change my plan a couple times to achieve the look I was going for but in the end I could not be happier!

The oak is truly not as orange as it appears in this picture…

The side table and the bottom of the coffee table received the Annie Sloan treatment in Graphite. For the coffee table I stripped the top, burnished, and filled in this awesome french graphic from The Graphics Fairy. I distressed, stained and then used a wash of the Graphite paint to age the top more. I love how what took me HOURS over a few days to do I just crammed into 2 sweet little sentences. Ahhh well. Next, a few coats of polyurethane and I have a lovely set of french inspired tables. This is my most favorite rehab to date!!

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Happy lil’ dresser for baby girl

For the love of the baby in this family I flipped this antique pine dresser for her big girl room. I actually did this a couple months ago but had a hardware issue so I just now getting around to sharing it with you all.

The dresser before (actually lovely as it was but it did have some deep scratches you can’t see in the photo)…

I used Homestead Resort Jefferson White by Valspar and added the teal flowers in Catalina by Olympic. I stripped and stained the top dark walnut and the pine soaked the stain up. I love the rich color it left behind. Gave it a good ol’ distressin’ and sealed it up. I found the perfect glass knobs at Hobby Lobby and they had the exact quantity I needed. Umm yea that was perfect until I broke one of them and HL never restocked them. Believe me I checked and checked and checked. So plan B…started over with different knobs and I believe these are better than the first. Check it out…

This mirror was left over from a dresser I painted awhile back but the mirror was cracked so I did not sell it with the dresser. Since the crack was positioned in the corner it was nothing a few rosettes couldn’t fix. Now see if I hadn’t told you you would have never known.

Ohhh and this sweet canvas Auntie Amanda painted for Cate while she was visiting. Perfect in in missy’s room!
I have a few more ideas for her big girl room we will see if all of those actually happen. My plate is full right now and I am loving it!