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Pottery Barn Revisited

Sometimes even the PB needs a little “umph.” These sweet little tables were commisioned to me to get a new look. The owners had a PB headboard and dressing screen in Desa Maize. They asked me to match up their little white tables to the Desa Maize color of their new pieces. I gladly took on this challenge. Equipped with my Bejamin Moore fan deck I matched up the color and we chose Despot Gold. Here is one of the tables before but after I had already disassembled it.

I sanded and primed with Zinsser. Painted 52 coats of paint…umm ok probably 3 or 4 but seriously I lost count. This color just required many coats. Next, I heavily glazed with dark walnut to match the other furniture. A couple coats of polycrylic and spray the hardware Leather Brown then wrapped this golden little set up.

Even though the first official day of Fall is not for a couple days it is already Fall at my house. These and all their golden pumpkiny goodness gave me the itch to get moving on my Fall decorating. It is my favorite time of year for so many reasons. One of my top favs is breaking out my comfy sweaters. Ohhh my weakness for sweaters. Loooove em’!

So the house is screaming Autumn is here and now I am just going to get going on a few more DIY projects that I will share with you all soon.

From this southern girl I’d like to say a big ‘ol…Happy Fall Y’all!!!