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Glamified Girlified Par-tay

My Maggie girl turned 5 this week and started K5! Talk about a teary week for a mama. It’s the whole point right…help them grow, learn, mature, become independent. Then why is it so emotional? Watching some of my goals as a mother being achieved and it gets me right there in that spot. I know, I know so cliche but I still remember that chubby little dark headed bundle when they handed her to me. Oh no…here I go again…I better stop.

Maggie had a really fabulous birthday party this year! Her friend Madison has a birthday just a few days before Maggie’s so Madison’s mom, Jena, and I got really smart this year and combined their parties. It was so much fun! I think Jena and I had just as much fun as the girls with all our planning!

The girls had a glamorous spa day and a fashion show! Side note: I am still wondering where my spa day is…hmmm….

I thought I would share with you the pictures from this girlified party.

*Beware lots-o-pictures ahead*

The banquet is set. Jena took care of all the food and what a great job she did! The ladies menu included: yogurt parfait, veggies and dip, mini pizzas, “M” cookies, rice krispie treats, yummmm…

Hair and Make-Up Booth…
Mani and Pedi Booths…

Dress Up Booth…

The stage is all set! Let the party begin…

Fabulous cakes made by Nonnie! Madison ordered chocolate and Maggie ordered strawberry. They were oh so yummy! Need a cake? Go here. You will not be disappointed!

Primping in progress…

Oooh la la! Gorgeous group of ladies all wearing Monkey Doodles! Appliqued shirts, matching hair bows, and tutus. You know I had fun with this one!

Happy Birthday Maggie and Madison! Love you girls!
Typical. Poor guy.

Fabulous furniture pieces coming up!! Stay tuned!

Also, Monkey Doodles has been featured again!

Mandi @ Altar’d featured this Shabby Cabinet.

Suzy @ Saved by Suzy featured this Icey Blue Chest.

Big thanks ladies!

Every little girl needs a hairbow or 12…

After the arrival of my second baby girl I thought it might be time to learn to make hair bows for the little ladies. Now for those of you who know me know that historically I haven’t been able to tie a bow to save my life. I married wisely though because my hubby who is talented in so many ways can tie a mean bow. You can see how that my inability to actually tie pretty bows would have been a deal breaker when it comes to making my own hair bows. But after buying many a boutique bow I buckled down and figured I could definitely figure this out for myself. I dedicated a Saturday to learning this craft. Googling, YouTubing, and trial and erroring only to have gotten NOWHERE! It was not my best moment. Now mind you I wanted a perfect boutique look and wasn’t going to be satisfied with anything less. After taking a nice long time out for myself and some new fancy schmancy tools I decided to give it a whirl again. Voila! Beautifulness! Once I got the hang of it I was able to run with and get more creative. For any of you mama’s out there who don’t quite yet feel you are up to bow making 101 let me help you out! I keep my prices competitive and reasonable as I know it may be less than rational to spring for a $10 bow to go with a $12 outfit.

Below are a few samples of my work along with prices. Feel free to email me at if you would like to order a special occasion bow or maybe a pack of 6 with a variety of bright fun Summer colors. Discounts will be given with multiple bow orders!
All bows come complete with a fabric covered alligator clip and finished off with a box knot.

Crocheted baby headbands available in hot pink, brown , white, and black. $1 each.

Itty Bitty Baby Bows ~ 2 for $4
Double Layer Boutique Bow ~ $6 each
Boutique Bow ~ $5 each (not pictured, single layer)
Multi Layer Boutique Bow ~ $7 each
Double Layer Classic Bow ~ $5 each
Classic bow ~ $4 each
Multi Layer Loopty Loop Bow ~ $6 each
Sweet baby girl modeling for her Mommy!