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A Craft A Day… Imagination Station

Our craft of the day was to design a city with the use of blue painter’s tape… of course. We picked the craft room for our city so they would have a nice open space to play and they wouldn’t be under foot all day. We cleared out their crafting table and there was tons of space!

The boy and the girl helped me layout their city. Here is their genius and all the essentials of a town according to a 6 and 5 year old.

Hot Wheels + Legos + our blue city = hours of pretend play
(which also = one happy mama)
Even lil’ bit was a happy camper!

Eeek! It’s 3 days till Christmas! Are you ready yet?

Before I go…

BIG thanks to Suzy @ Saved by Suzy for featuring Sweet Memories today!

A Craft A Day… Glow in the Dark Slime!

We made glow in the dark slime! Oh my! The boy was on cloud nine with this experiment. He really gets into science projects.
If you would like to make you very own hop on over to The Idea Room. She has a great tutorial with a video that you should check out.

What you need...

Here is my peeps enjoying their squishy slimey goo…
Maggie mixing up her purple-y blob

See…all boy
I thought it might be super sticky but it isn’t. It forms fairly well when manipulating but if left on the table for awhile it sloooowly begins to flatten out so be careful where you leave it unattended. It is best left in a container when it is not being played with. It does glow in the dark too! So much fun!
Ok…if you make your very own gooey concoction you must let me know!
Have fun on this drippy dreary day in Greenville. Hmmm…what are we going to get into today???

A Craft A Day… Felt Christmas Tree

Ok here we go…the kids are home and Jon will be working a bazillion hours this week with the Christmas rush so what in the world am I going to do to keep this little people entertained? Hehe…no really we have lots of cool things on the agenda but I thought it would be absolutely crazy super fun to complete one craft a day while they are home. I always have so much on my to do list…mostly self inflicted but a lot nonetheless…so I like to make sure I have intentional quality time with my babes. It takes some planning but always…most always…proves to be a rewarding time for us together. I am a planner though, it is just my nature. So onto my planning of all the fun activities I have in store for the kiddos these next two weeks.

Day 1 – Felt Christmas Tree (thank you Pinterest)

If you aren’t a crafty person Pinterest is a fabulous resource for awesome ideas laid out step by step to complete with your children.

I found this felt Christmas tree by Natalie at Johnny In A Dress and knew it was going on the list of must do’s. I did this one first because it could potentially provide much entertainment over the days to come.

So here is our lovely tree…


3/4 yard green felt
6-8 colorful felt sheets
hot glue gun

I cut my green triangle for the tree about 29 1/2 in wide at the base and 36 in to the top. I used  felt sheets to make the ornaments. The kid’s handy dandy Ikea cups were used to trace and then cut round ornaments and then decorated them with a hot glue gun and more felt. A bright yellow star for the top and some colorful gifts for under the tree. Use double sided tape (any removeable adhesive will do) to adhere to the wall and let the kid’s go to town decorating and redecorating their tree. Easy enough!

They are having a blast with it!