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Drum Roll Please…Laundry Room Reveal!

Patience…patience…you must have an extra dose when you undertake a remodel! Not to mention I have a whole lot of kids and a bazillion other things going on at the same time. Ok, well three kids but that feels like a whole lot some times. Like when they are all talking to me at the same time…say around 5:00 when I am trying to finish up dinner. Ahhh well the remodel is done…at least for the moment anyway. I can never really say anything is DONE when it comes to my house because my wheels are constantly turning. 🙂

Picture reel please with a few “before” shots just in case you forgot…

Ikea to the rescue! Check out those laundry sorters. Uh huh…the deal of the day for a whooping .99 cents each. Awesomeness!

Cork tiles and my most important organizational tool period. The calendar. I salvaged this old cabinet door to create my calendar station. Notepad for my grocery lists and a small tin to keep pens and push pins close by. 

Another cabinet door salvage…
All the shoes have found a home perfectly concealed in this Ikea cabinet! 

Cabinet door #3…yep I am addicted.

My most favorite element. 

Small Ikea baskets…do you see a theme here? Somebody went shoppin’! The top bins are diaper boxes covered in burlap and ribbon. They fit perfectly! Oh and do you see my laundry bar?
In case you missed it follow these links to see the progression of this transformation…

There are still a few details I would still like to add but then again there always will be I guess. 

Question…do you think I need curtains? I planned to make them but the windows are so pretty when it came down to it I thought they might take away. Plus that is my view to the back yard and when the kiddos are playing I like to be able to keep an eye on everything. What do you think?

Whew! Glad this one is done. Now I am going to enjoy!

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Laundry Room Update

Happy New Year to my faves! Hope you all had a happy and safe weekend bringing in the new year. I myself am super excited about the feeling of a fresh start the new year brings! Actually, if we peek into God’s word for a minute we can see that not just the new year but every morning can be a fresh start.

The LORD’S B)’>For His compassions never fail.
They are new D)’>Your faithfulness.
“The LORD is my F)’>have hope in Him.”

Lamentations 3:22-24

Be encouraged, everyday is a new start! A new day to be all He created you to be!

I have totally left you all hanging with the laundry room overhaul. Well wait no more….because I know you have been on the edge of your seat…I am here to give you one more update before this baby is wrapped up.

Since Jon has been working like a mad man with the Christmas rush this is basically what it looked like for the month of December but the craziness is over so hopefully I will have a completely renovated room to show you in the next few weeks. Yay for me!!

Considering I have a family of 5 is it OK to say that I LOVE the new washer and dryer?!? Seriously, a whole lot a dirties can fit in there making this Mama’s washin’ duties much quicker.

Can you even recognize this room?

We did run into a bit of a snag with the tile and our uneven floors. Never fear the hubs is on it and will have it fixed up in no time. Really, what is a renovation without a snag or 12?
I will catch up on the Craft-A-Day series over the next couple of weeks. The last leg of the kid’s vacation got a little nutty…ahhh the best of intentions.
Happy back-to-the-routine week!