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Magnetic Board Workshop

You are invited!

For those of you who saw the turtorial and still feel overwhelmed by the process…never fear…I am here to save the day! Well, that may be a bit dramatic BUT I am here to save your magnetic board troubles. I will be hosting a workshop where you can complete the project with a wee little help from mwa and you will leave with something you have created! The boards make great gifts if you aren’t chomping at the bits to have one in your own home. Don’t forget Mother’s Day is May the 8th! Whatever the occassion the workshop is going to be a fun time with the girls! So come on and join us!

Important Info:

Where: email me at for location

When: Saturday, April 2nd at 10:00

Reserve your spot today! All RSVPs and money will be due by March 28th. Also, below you will find six color palettes to choose from. Upon reserving your seat please let me know which palette you would like so I can have your frame and other materials ready.


This post made me think of what the hubs so affectionately calls our daughter Maggie…Magneat-O the Magnificent! As she comes bounding down the steps the other day in her brother’s Hulk costume…yea you read that right my not so dainty little girl as the Incredible Hulk. She was quite a sight! We thought it only fitting she have her very own super hero name. The price you pay when your little girl’s best friend is her big bro. Don’t be fooled we have caught him in some interesting get ups as well…but we won’t go there. Ahhh…I am getting off track or maybe I began off track?!

::Pulling it together now::

My dear friend Rosemary asked me to create a magnetic memo board for her. I came up with this idea a few years ago and have made many of them now. Here is step by step directions so that you can create your own.

1. Find a frame you like. I like to snag these at yard sales or thrift stores since you are going to change it anyway. This particular one I found at Goodwill for $3. The picture itself was pretty gross but you’ll have to look past that and just look at the frame to see if it’s worthy.

2. Choose a paint color and paint your frame.

3. You can purchase sheet metal at your local hardware store relatively inexpensively. I paid $8 for this sheet and I can get several projects out of it. Using metal cutters cut the metal to fit inside your frame. If the frame came with glass already in it you can use that as a template to size the metal.


4. Decorate the metal or leave it plain for a more modern look. With this magnet board I cut scrapbook paper into squares and used modge podge to adhere to the metal surface. Using Rub a Dub antiquing rub I distressed the edges of the board as well for more interest. I have also used a piece of fabric before to cover the metal. In that case use a spray adhesive directly to the metal and then lay fabric on top and press evenly and firmly.

5. Spray a clear protectant coat over decorated metal (only if using scrapbook paper) and frame. I used Rust O Leum clear enamel spray paint.

6. Create your magnets. There are endless ways to make your own magnets…you can get really creative! I used wooden discs from the craft store. I painted and distressed them. Then I used hot glue to adhere an embelishment to the center. I also used hot glue when attaching the circular shaped magnets to the back of my wooden disc.

7. Put it all together and you have a truely unique magnetic memo board.

That is a picture of Magneat-O the Magnificent when she was just a wee one. Geez…check out those cheeks!

Apparently, even super heroes suck their thumbs…at least this one does until she is 5…so she says. Love that girl! Happy creating!