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What do you think about this workshop idea?

Ok fellow workshoppers, I had an idea for a potential workshop in February but I thought I would poll you all first and get your thoughts.

I am a busy wife, mama, maid, bookkeeper, cook, blogger, painter…ahhh the list goes on and on. While I am thankful for all of it, it can get to be overwhelming at times. I am not alone, right?!? One chore that I dread is meal planning. Ugh! Wouldn’t you know, every week it keeps coming around again and I have to sit down and plan out the menu for the next week. If I don’t plan I end up walking aimlessly in the grocery aisles trying to figure out what to do. So I was thinking surely I am not the only one who dreads such a chore!

Perusing blog land I see lots of meal planning/organizational tools, ideas, printables and then it hit me…Ah ha! Wouldn’t it be fun to create a magnetized monthly menu planning board? Stay with me here. I start googling this idea and it has been done…beautifully done. Check out these awesome boards by Kimbo at A Girl and A Glue Gun.

My idea is to host a workshop creating the menu boards and also have a recipe swap. Bring 2 or 3 of your families favorite dinner recipes, 1 copy for each attendee. You will go home with tons of tried and tested recipes to add to your dinner rotation and a great way to plan them!

So what do you think? Would you be interested in this workshop? I am thinking Saturday, February 4th. Feedback people…I need feedback. 🙂