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Nursery Collection Up-Do for a New Baby Girl

I am showing off a sweet custom rehab today! My client, Annie, brought me some vintage pieces that had been collecting dust in storage for quite some time. They were way too pretty to be tucked away…well after a bit of TLC they were waaaaay too pretty. 

The name of the game on this rehab was repair, repair, repair. The veneer was rather peeled and wavy. Not so cute. Glue, clamp, putty, sand…repeat if necessary. A week of furniture flipped upside down in my kitchen and they were ready to be sanded down. 

In the midst of the process…

Annie chose SW Watery and the result is soft and lovely!

New Digs for a New Babe

Today I am sharing a super fun nursery by my friend Mandi. She is not afraid of color and I love that! I myself am a little addicted so I can totally relate. Her family will be welcoming baby Evan any day now and I know it feels good to have everything ready to go before baby arrives. Let the pictures roll…

Evan’s name and some really cute circles Mandi painted herself to coordinate with his crib bedding. Look at all those diapers all neat in a row just ready for that lil’ babe. Don’t miss that aqua shelf too! Seriously love all the color.
Organization is important in any room especially for the kiddos.

Lots of baby snugglin’ will be taking place in this sweet spot. The alphabet picture on the wall Mandi’s mom made and it hung in her nursery as a baby.

Lastly, Evan’s awesome bedding and more bright circles. The large giraffe and turtle canvases I created to coordinate. A pleasure to create for a friend!
Mandi, thanks for letting me show off Evan’s room!
As always, I would be glad to help you outfit your nursery for your new little one or big kid room. Monkey Doodles offers custom canvases as well as murals to suit your decorating needs. Contact for details.  

I’m baaaaaack…did ya miss me???

This Summer vacation hit with a bang the end of May with a fun family beach trip to Editso. Here we are the middle of July and finally I am getting back to work….well furniture bloggy work…because trust me there is no lacking for work over here even if the furniture is on hold. I have enjoyed the kids being home and all of our little adventures. I have bittersweet emotions about the upcoming school year as both the eldest are headed to the “big” school. They, however, couldn’t be more excited!

I thought as I am getting back into the swing I would share with you one of my most favorite rooms in the house, Cate’s nursery. One of my favorite things to do while I am pregnant is dream and create the nursery. With Cate we chose not to find out the sex before she was born so I knew I needed a gender neutral palette…that was a tough one believe me. I searched and searched and searched a little more before I found the right fabric. My lovely seamstress…AKA Nonnie, Mama, or Rachel…made the beautiful crib bedding you see below:

I painted this little aqua nightstand and added the sleek drawer pulls to go beside the full size bed in the room. As for now this room doubles as our guest room when we have company. The lamp was a fun yard sale find I just covered the shade in one of the coordinating fabrics.
I created a fabric circle collage above the bed using fabric scraps, glue, and varying size embroidery hoops. This rocker I had used in Maggie’s nursery. When I bought it I fell in love with it because the shape of the back made me think of Alice in Wonderland. Maybe it’s just me but I like it. I painted it brown to go in Cate’s nursery and my seamstress made a cute little cushion.
Next up, one of my favorite things about this old house is the BIG windows. Love them! This is what you see walking into the room. 12 x 12 canvases spelling her name painted by yours truly. My homemade sunbursts are made from tinker toys glued together, painted, and finally adhered the circle mirrors. Another easy and fun project.
Finally, Cate’s very own tree with a few blue birds to keep her company. There is one painted to look as if it is sitting on her crib. I walked in a month or so ago after she was waking up from a nap and she is pointing at it saying…”duuu….duuu…” That is “duck” for any of you who do not fluently speak Catenese and I am hoping she wasn’t picking on my skills because I was so going for a blue bird.
And that is Little Bits nursery. She is growing so fast it does make me a little teary to think that is the last nursery in the Huskey house but not THAT teary if you know what I mean.
This week I have a couple fun projects to show off so stay tuned! Have a great week!

Mural Mural On the Wall

I recently met a couple, Michael and Deidre, who are getting ready to welcome their first baby into the family. They are expecting a sweet baby girl! They have picked out a fabulous name might I add. Baby Claire will be making her entrance in August. They have done an amazing job getting everything ready for lil miss.

Can’t we all remember how it was with the first? The moment we found out boy or girl registries had been made, crib was in place, clothes washed in Dreft (no less would do), curtains hung, diapers neatly stacked and waiting. Ahhh the luxuries of the first time parents. Enjoy every moment first timers ’cause life may never look the same.

Truly, Deidre has picked out some super cute not over the top babyish bedding for Claire. Here you are for your viewing pleasure…

Deidre and I met through a mutual friend. She wanted a tree with a few whimsical birds for Claire’s nursery. I put some ideas together and we came up with a plan and it went a little something like this…

The blank canvas
Sketched and paint is going up
Color blocked in…this is about the moment I was feeling a little batty with all the leaves.
And finally it was all worth it…

Here’s to hoping Baby Claire has many nights of peaceful sleep under her tree.