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Ramblings and a Sweet Lil’ Kitchen Reveal

I was so excited to hear from a college friend a couple months back. Facebook does has some benefits to it, although lately I am questioning how it fits into my life. Beware! I am totally going on a rabbit trail here…

I was visiting a church this past Sunday and the pastor challenged the congregation to a 40 day fast. I didn’t feel immediately moved to jump on board but yet I wanted to be able to pray and seek God to see if this was his desire for me. Later that day after some reflection I felt moved to restrict Facebook in my world. The social platform, pared down, back to the basics when it first caught on seemed like such a great way for me to connect with friends past and present and now it seems like a big pot of yuck. Nice description, huh? Maybe you can identify, maybe not. Either way for me it has become negative, so in an attempt to simplify my life and be real with my friends and family I am cleaning shop…the shop of my heart that is. Goodbye discontentment, goodbye negativity, goodbye. This is just a way for me to minimize some unnecessary junk and focus on what matters most to me. Focusing on getting to know my Creator better and more deeply, being a good wife and mom, and being the best friend possible. This is a small first step in reclaiming what has been a tumultuous year for me. A year where soils have been dug up and flipped me upside down leaving me not really sure where to begin again. I am still unsure of my new beginning but I know that God has a perfect plan for me. A plan that I have faith in and for which I am thankful. As you can see Facebook is really a side note to this story but maybe this is the start for me focusing in on what God has for me. 

I will still be maintaining the Monkey Doodles Facebook page (that is probably how you got here, right?), but on a personal level it will be limited.

Bringing it on around now…

My friend, Angela, wrote me and asked if I could find her a vintage kitchen. Well, it just so happened the Pinterest addiction had led me to the entertainment center turned play kitchen idea. I shared the idea with Angela and from there we went.

Here is the entertainment center as I found it…

Solid with good bones. A nice blank canvas.

Thankfully my hubby is awesomely talented and he was able to construct the new doors and other odd and ends for me.

In progress…

Angela’s only requests were sage green, pink, and ultra girly. Check, check, and check. Here she is…

Now I want to cook in this kitchen (and that’s saying a lot!). The curtains were made from vintage pillow cases. I used a dog bowl from Tractor Supply for the sink basin. I hijacked the old faucet from my house. We have had a new Kohler faucet for probably a year now and we finally changed that out. Woohooo!

Turnable stove knobs and sparkly stove burners. ‘Cause you know every girly girl needs a little sparkle.

Fabric covered magnetic board and hooks for all of little misses important kitchen utensils.

Last but not least every good cook needs an apron!

That’s all folks! Have a great Thursday! Be real.