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UPDATE: Kitchen

Hi friends! What have you been up to lately? Me, oh…juggling. Juggling all the demands of wife, mommy, and my 100’s of projects. Anyone been there?

Jon and I were finally able to get our kitchen in livable working order. Whew! That turned out to be a lot of work BUT so worth it! I still have lots to do to bring some decor, curtains, rugs, etc. back into the room but I am not in any big hurry. I will just add things as I find them…or…re-purpose them sounds more accurate. 

I am so pleased with the painted kitchen cabinets! We went with French Linen by Annie Sloan and it was the perfect choice! I was worried the grey color might be too dark at first but we have a large open kitchen with high ceilings and lots of natural light making the grey work beautifully! PLUS the ease of the Annie Sloan paint was a dream. Seriously, no prep necessary. I love that I can just pop over to Jennie Leigh Designs and pick up a can at anytime and not have to wait on shipping. Nice!

The first two pictures show the most accurate cabinet color…

I really love the crisp look of the white subway tile with the light grey grout. I had to talk the hubs into this one a bit but in the end we were both pleased!

The color is off on this picture. You can see the corbel we added under the cabinet on the left side for some character. I like how the corbels give definition to where the tile stops as well. I still need to paint the inside of my glass cabinets but I will…at some point. White...maybe a color? Hmmm…decisions…decisions.
Ohhh the counter tops. Me like! I will post on how we made these happen later. Wait for it. 🙂

Just in case you forgot ALL the places this kitchen has been go here for the changes it has undergone over the years.
Posts to come…
How I painted my kitchen cabinets
DIY Butcher Block Counter Tops
Paint Colors…
Trim: Marshmallow Creme by Glidden
Cabinets: French Linen by Annie Sloan
Wall: Sweet Leaf by Valspar

Quick Kitchen Update

I have been stalling on showing pictures because the “we’re almost there” pictures aren’t as fun as the final reveal. This is taking FOREVER so I thought an update was needed. Plus I need a little input from you!

We decided to tackle some budget friendly DIY butcher block counter tops. I seriously could not be more pleased with the look! I will share the how-to for that process in another post but for now here is what we have…

See a sneak peak of my new cabinet color on the bottom? Thank you Jennie Leigh Design and all your fabulous Annie Sloan paints for making the daunting task of painting my entire kitchen more doable. More on that too but I will say this…yesterday I was able to completely paint all of my bottom cabinets…that is impressive for one days work!

All my doors waiting for some sealer and to be rehung…

What do you think about the tin back splash? It appears more silver in this picture than it is in person. It is silver just not a bright silver, it has a subtle brown patina to it that compliments the counter tops. OK, so really what do you think?

Now to decide what to paint the upper cabinets? Hmmm…

Drum Roll Please…Laundry Room Reveal!

Patience…patience…you must have an extra dose when you undertake a remodel! Not to mention I have a whole lot of kids and a bazillion other things going on at the same time. Ok, well three kids but that feels like a whole lot some times. Like when they are all talking to me at the same time…say around 5:00 when I am trying to finish up dinner. Ahhh well the remodel is done…at least for the moment anyway. I can never really say anything is DONE when it comes to my house because my wheels are constantly turning. 🙂

Picture reel please with a few “before” shots just in case you forgot…

Ikea to the rescue! Check out those laundry sorters. Uh huh…the deal of the day for a whooping .99 cents each. Awesomeness!

Cork tiles and my most important organizational tool period. The calendar. I salvaged this old cabinet door to create my calendar station. Notepad for my grocery lists and a small tin to keep pens and push pins close by. 

Another cabinet door salvage…
All the shoes have found a home perfectly concealed in this Ikea cabinet! 

Cabinet door #3…yep I am addicted.

My most favorite element. 

Small Ikea baskets…do you see a theme here? Somebody went shoppin’! The top bins are diaper boxes covered in burlap and ribbon. They fit perfectly! Oh and do you see my laundry bar?
In case you missed it follow these links to see the progression of this transformation…

There are still a few details I would still like to add but then again there always will be I guess. 

Question…do you think I need curtains? I planned to make them but the windows are so pretty when it came down to it I thought they might take away. Plus that is my view to the back yard and when the kiddos are playing I like to be able to keep an eye on everything. What do you think?

Whew! Glad this one is done. Now I am going to enjoy!

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Laundry Room Update

Happy New Year to my faves! Hope you all had a happy and safe weekend bringing in the new year. I myself am super excited about the feeling of a fresh start the new year brings! Actually, if we peek into God’s word for a minute we can see that not just the new year but every morning can be a fresh start.

The LORD’S B)’>For His compassions never fail.
They are new D)’>Your faithfulness.
“The LORD is my F)’>have hope in Him.”

Lamentations 3:22-24

Be encouraged, everyday is a new start! A new day to be all He created you to be!

I have totally left you all hanging with the laundry room overhaul. Well wait no more….because I know you have been on the edge of your seat…I am here to give you one more update before this baby is wrapped up.

Since Jon has been working like a mad man with the Christmas rush this is basically what it looked like for the month of December but the craziness is over so hopefully I will have a completely renovated room to show you in the next few weeks. Yay for me!!

Considering I have a family of 5 is it OK to say that I LOVE the new washer and dryer?!? Seriously, a whole lot a dirties can fit in there making this Mama’s washin’ duties much quicker.

Can you even recognize this room?

We did run into a bit of a snag with the tile and our uneven floors. Never fear the hubs is on it and will have it fixed up in no time. Really, what is a renovation without a snag or 12?
I will catch up on the Craft-A-Day series over the next couple of weeks. The last leg of the kid’s vacation got a little nutty…ahhh the best of intentions.
Happy back-to-the-routine week!

A little of this and a little of that…

This week has been full of construction for this family but it is coming together. Woohoo! It will all be worth it!
Movin’…movin’…movin’ right along…
Day 2, 3, and 4

Day 5
Porcelain tile floors in…
Day 6
Remaining windows placed and trimmed and tile grouted…
Taking a break from construction I got to hang out with the girls at the workshop on Saturday! We had a smaller crowd this time so we all got listen to Stephanie…ummm…no I mean we got to get to know each other better. 🙂 (Hehe…Steph…I had to) It was much fun and as always everything turned out great! Jennie Leigh Designs was a great space for us to gather! Thanks again Jennie!!
Some of the lovelies from Saturday…
My Maggie girl went to the Princess Academy at the Children’s Little Theatre on Saturday. Her Nonnie took her and made her a real princess gown! She was quite the lovely princess. Hair, make up, princess gown, lots of glitz and glam. What little girl wouldn’t be in heaven?

LOTS to do this week! Finishing up a few projects and preparing for Thursday’s feast at this humble abode. Squeezing my work into 2 days so I can relax and be with my babes when they are home from school. What are your Thanksgiving plans?

As Thanksgiving is happening this week and it is a great time to reflect on what really is important in life. I wanted to take a minute and say thank you! Thank you for reading, thank you for your support, and thank you for being just who God created you. Praying blessings over each of you this week!

One more thing…Baby Kail, are you here yet????

Laundry Room Renovation ~ Plans and Demo

Happy Monday! Sheesh…what a weekend! It started off with a family camping trip with Sam’s boy scout troop. I thought surely I could swing it since the camp out was less than a mile from my house and Maggie had been begging to go camping for weeks. I tried, I really really tried but the crazy cold night did me in. Sam and Mags were all snuggled into their cozy sleeping bags and Jon, well Jon is just tough so I snuck out right before I turned into a popsicle and ventured back home. I found my way back to the campsite before the sun and they barely missed me. I was a much better Mama with a little more beauty sleep. I survived and everyone had fun so all in all it was a successful trip.

When we got home Jon and I figured we would go ahead and start demo on our laundry room remodel. Make sense, right?! Little sleep, major renovation…sure sounds good. We have been thinking and planning for a few months now and while we didn’t plan when exactly we’d start Saturday seemed like as good a day as any. We went for it! Now we are in a construction mess but it isn’t the first time and it won”t be the last. Our 1920’s home is always in need of some sort of revamping.

The laundry room is the first thing everyone sees when they come to our house. The way our lot is no one ever uses the front door, leaving the back entrance as the first impression. Gah! We have lived here an embarrassingly long time not have touched this room but we are now on it!

Here are some pics with a few of my to do’s…

Day 1 ~ Demo leaves a pretty scary room. This room is an addition to the original house so the cedar shakes were found on two walls after we removed the cruddy bead board. Those walls will be nice and smooth in a week or two so it no longer looks like an addition.
Progress…scary…but progress…
New insulation and two new can lights. Just to be clear my hubby ROCKS! Woohoo! Excited to see this project get off the ground!
To be continued…