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The baby wave continues

In my circle of friends we have welcomed six babies within the last year and now we are expecting to meet the seventh in a couple short months. Gracious…don’t drink the water around here! This weekend we gathered around the newest mommy-to-be-again and showered her with lots o baby loot.

I do love a good party and an excuse to get a lil crafty! I was in charge of the party favors which is so up my alley. I decided to attempt cake pops made popular by Bakerella. While I was pleased with the end result I did feel like I had went to war with cake and candy coating but hey I came out on the winning side so all in all it was good. When or if I make them again it should go much smoother but with the first try there is always a learning curve. 
Rolled, dipped, sprinkled, and ready for packaging
Ahhh…the finished product!

You can also check out this tutorial by Bakerella.
My girlfriend gave me the inspiration for her gift…really quite clever I thought. She is welcoming her third boy…wowza…so instead of the traditional big brother, little brother shirts she went in a totally different direction. She wanted each shirt to have monkey and each to be doing something different to correspond with “hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil.” Love it! Here is what I came up with:
I made traditional fabric appliques for the monkeys and used a zig zag stitch to secure all the edges. For the lettering I used an iron on material I purchased at my second home…ummm…I mean Hobby Lobby. It is made by Purple Chimp and it is a printable sheet for iron on applique. You simply make your own design on your computer and print! Then follow instructions to apply to shirt. I have a couple sheets left. I think I will let me two oldest create their own shirts. Hmmm…sounds like another post a brewin’.