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::Limeade:: Side Table Makeover

Who is ready for Summer? Me! I find there is such excitement around each upcoming season. No matter what time of the year is around the corner I get excited about what that season will bring. This year we are finishing up Sam and Maggie’s first year at the BIG school, Jon and I are completing our second round leading Financial Peace University, and then there is Cate…and Cate is 2…enough said, right?! So in just 2 more short weeks Summer kicks off at this house! I am ready to park it at the pool for the next couple of months but first we are going to visit Mickey and Minnie! Yep…the kids are so stinkin’ excited! I have some really fabulous memories as a kid at Disney World and I can’t wait to make those memories for my kids! This is your warning…Disney pictures coming soon!

On to the furniture re-fabu-lication business. I finished up several projects this week but these say Summer to me for sure. The before…


I primed this pair and painted them with an oops paint from Benjamin Moore. They were very green…maybe too green…so I decided they needed some pizazz to tone down the green a bit. I broke out the Silhouette and whipped up some vinyl dandelions. I placed them on the table top and then coated the top with 2 coats of Annie Sloan Pure White. I distressed everything but more heavily on the white as I wanted the green to show through more. I painted the hardware white and distressed it as well.

These are a custom order for my friend, Stephanie. I love that she is not afraid of color and she gives me creative reign. Thanks Steph, you are awesome!

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Spring Bloom Rehab

My friend, Stephanie, brought me these sweet little side tables. She really wanted to use them because they belonged to her mother but was less than lovin’ the finish. Monkey Doodles to the rescue!

She had bought this little round table from me last year and wanted the same pale yellow for her side tables.

I wanted to add a little flair to them and she gave me creative reign. In process of overhaulin’ this set my new Silhouette Cameo arrived! Whooop! I have so many ideas for this little jewel! Back to the tables…the timing was perfect and I used the Silhouette to jazz them up a bit. I know Steph loves to dabble in her garden and the outdoors so that was my inspiration.

Ta da…

So springy and fresh! I hope Stephanie is as happy with them as I am!

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Pottery Barn Revisited

Sometimes even the PB needs a little “umph.” These sweet little tables were commisioned to me to get a new look. The owners had a PB headboard and dressing screen in Desa Maize. They asked me to match up their little white tables to the Desa Maize color of their new pieces. I gladly took on this challenge. Equipped with my Bejamin Moore fan deck I matched up the color and we chose Despot Gold. Here is one of the tables before but after I had already disassembled it.

I sanded and primed with Zinsser. Painted 52 coats of paint…umm ok probably 3 or 4 but seriously I lost count. This color just required many coats. Next, I heavily glazed with dark walnut to match the other furniture. A couple coats of polycrylic and spray the hardware Leather Brown then wrapped this golden little set up.

Even though the first official day of Fall is not for a couple days it is already Fall at my house. These and all their golden pumpkiny goodness gave me the itch to get moving on my Fall decorating. It is my favorite time of year for so many reasons. One of my top favs is breaking out my comfy sweaters. Ohhh my weakness for sweaters. Loooove em’!

So the house is screaming Autumn is here and now I am just going to get going on a few more DIY projects that I will share with you all soon.

From this southern girl I’d like to say a big ‘ol…Happy Fall Y’all!!!

Rehabed Goodness x 3

Just a few pieces I have been working on are all wrapped up and good to go so I thought I would share. This will be a quickie because I have lots to do to prepare for our girl’s weekend at Edisto Beach! Wooohooo! Excited about sleeping in, sun, and good friends!

My friend Stephanie kept asking me what I was going to do with the little round table. Me in my sleep deprived stooper had no idea. Jon finally got smart and asked her what color she wanted it to be. Duh! Yellow she said and yellow it is.


Found these two sad little pieces separately and thought they would be much happier together in a lovely shade of Paris Grey.


The Paris Grey set can be found under the “shop” tab under our logo. This sweet set also coordinates with our French Hutch!

Ok off to my to-do list for the day! Have a good one!

UPDATE: Sold, sold, and sold! 🙂

Duo of blue

Well…actually a grey blue to be more precise but “duo of grey blue” just didn’t seem as catchy. This lovely pair was more I salvaged from Jon’s old house. It is funny to me because I remember them in his place when we were dating 100 years ago. One still had one of those sticky round room perfume things. I have no idea what you call them?? When I flipped the table over and saw it stuck to the underneath he remembered putting it there…again 100 years ago. I am sure he did that to impress me with his good smelling abode. I am going with that anyway. Regardless, I pried that sucker off pronto.

I sanded my pretty little arms silly getting them ready taking the tops down to the wood. I chose an oops paint that was really a tinted primer I had picked up at Sherwin Williams. Next, I heavily distressed them with the help of my paint scraper and a 60 grit sanding block. Glazed with a dark walnut and clear glaze mixture and used Danish Oil in Dark Walnut to finish off the top. The final dressing came with some new hardware from the Hob Lob and then I called it a day or a week…whatever…finito!

Please contact me at for pricing and dimension info.
Counting down the days till I can feel the sand between my toes. I can almost smell the ocean air now. Did I mention school is almost over?? Happy Dance! Looking forward to snugglin’ in with my babes in the mornings.
Thanks so much for your comments! I looooove them!
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I don’t want to say goodbye…

More than a few times now have there have been a piece of furniture given new life that I really don’t want to part with. This is one of them. It would fit right in at this little place I call home but alas my friend Anna at Home Couture has already claimed her. I know it is for the best but I may just have to whine a bit.

Alright knock it off…

I found this piece with my dear friend Christine when we hit the town one Saturday morning at an insane hour hunting for deals. A little repair was needed. I batted my eyes and in the sweetest little southern voice I could muster I asked the hubs to help me with the repairs. Not too fooled by my charm he said a few words under his breath and went to work. Really he just likes to give me a hard time but he loves any excuse to get out in his shop and tinker. I guess it just wouldn’t be as much fun if he didn’t give me a hard time?

Nevertheless, he did a beautiful job as always and even did my sanding for me. Here she is all sanded…

She definitely had potential but now she has realized it…

Ahhh well. Sad to see her go but she will be quite lovely where ever she calls home.

I am wrapping up this perfect Easter day with my family and reflecting on the memories we made today. My motto for holidays this year is “laid back.” I get frustrated sometimes with all the hype of the holidays and the 52 lists that come along with it. When the day finally arrives I find it hard to enjoy myself. Today was a perfect combo. We had a fabulous Easter service this morning and it touched my heart to think about the sacrifice Jesus made for us but not only that he lives still! WOW! I might get a little teary again. Next came a relaxed lunch with my treasured family and playing with the kids the rest of the afternoon. I may have snuck one teeny tiny little project in but no one noticed. Take time to enjoy your loved ones today. This is just a moment in time and it goes by so quickly. Don’t get too distracted with all those lists that you miss the most important parts of life. Those things CAN wait…I promise.

My treasures…

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Aqua…My New Fav!

This little baby was a yard sale find…shocker I know. I love it when they are all beat and banged up because then the seller is like…”well…I am not sure what you could do with it so you can have it for $7.” Ummm…sold! I don’t always have vision right from the get go but with this piece I liked the different wood patterns in the top so I knew I wanted to enhance the beauty of the wood and not cover it up with paint. Here is the side table as I bought it…

All that shiny black finish had to be sanded…sanded…and then sanded a little more. Next step…primer. I had a wee bit of help from the wee one.

After a few coats of paint this baby is ready to meet my new “girly” sander. Notice in the picture Buddy is peeking out the back door to make sure I am doing everything right while Daddy is at work.
 And there she is. Jon says “girly” I say “just right.” The tapered end made it perfect for getting into tight spaces and saved me from having to ice my arm that night.

And here she is all dolled up after a coat of dark walnut stain and some satin poly and she is ready to go to her new home.

This little bit has found a happy home with my new friend Erica!

Tribute to a very special lady…

My mom. She is incredibly special to me. We have been through so much together and survived. Not only survived but come out on the other side better. I am truly blessed in my life and she is another blessing that I hold very dear to me. Last night we celebrated her birthday and all her adopted daughters came out to spread the love. When I say all her adopted daughters I mean ALL her adopted daughters. She has been a mama to so many when they needed a safe place to talk or someone to give advice in difficult situations. I know she has touched many lives but it is beautiful to see how each one of these women have put pieces of her back together as well. I have to sit back in awe of God’s handiwork in our lives and what incredible people he has brought along the path. Knowing that each person, each relationship has purpose and meaning that God intended from the beginning.

We enjoyed some delicious italian food tonight and topped it off with a smack yo mama sweet potato cake from Brick Street Cafe. OH MY! Ridiculously yummy!

Mom had asked me to refinish a table she had picked up last Summer at a yard sale. Sooo being her birthday and all I thought that would be a great gift for her.

Table before…not bad just a little plain jane.

After…shabby chic just like she wanted.
Conclusion after this little table was that I WILL be buying a sander and I love trying new things…well new to me things. Also, I may have enjoyed slamming a large metal wrench into the wood a little too much. Nahhhh!!
Happy Birthday Mama!

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Furniture Rehab…take 2

Furniture rehab will be a series of posts as I have several furniture projects going on right now. Below is a coffee table I picked up last Summer at a yard sale and completely forgot about it until the hubs was cleaning out his shop and very ummm…politely….yea that’s it…reminded me that it was time I did something with it. I had already done the not so fun prep work of cleaning and sanding so then it was just a matter of what to do. I am always a sucker for green…absolutely my most favorite color. Happy to say this baby has already been sold! Until next time…happy creating!