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Giving Back

It is my complete and total belief that part of living a fulfilling life is giving back. Giving back comes in many shapes and sizes. It is certainly my heart and desire to recognize needs around me and if it is within my reach to help meet that need then go for it. What have you lost by going for it…nothing! Now granted your gift may not always be received or handled in a way that you think it should but at the end of the day you have to be satisfied that you felt the nudge and followed it through and the rest is out of your hands. We can never go wrong sowing goodness into the lives of others.

Since Monkey Doodles began I have been praying and searching for how it as a business could give back. I am very pleased to share with you all that we will be directly supporting The Pull-thru Network with 10% of every sale.

The Pull-thru Network offers information, education, support and advocacy for families, children, teens, and adults who are living with the challenges of congenital anorectal, colorectal or urogenital disorders.

I became aware of this group after a sweet friend of mine, Becki, and her son, Tyler, were awarded a scholarship that paid for their trip to the PTN National Conference. When they returned home I heard stories of how much the whole experience meant to the both of them. With a congenital defect so rare you can I am sure feel isolated and alone at times. The conference provided for them other moms and children in the same place they are. People that understood not just because they were sympathetic but because they were too living with the same issues. It was life changing for them both. I was completely touched by their story.

Without the scholarship this is not a trip they could have made. The cool part is a young girl the age of 12 raised money for the networks “scholarship fund” making it possible for Becki and Tyler to have the money to go to the conference. WOW! What an amazing gift she gave! When Tyler returned home he decided he too wanted to raise money and make it possible for another family to go to the conference the next year. I have watched him over the last few months working and doing just that. It hit me that this is exactly what I had been searching for for Monkey Doodles! I am really excited to join Tyler in this journey and benefit this great network of people!

I will be adding a permanent link to the blog so that you can access The Pull-thru Network’s website and donation page if you feel so inclined.

As always thank you for your support of Monkey Doodles as we continue this adventure and you can feel good that each purchase is directly benefiting The Pull-thru Network and the families affected.