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DIY Wall Art: Ballard Style

I have had a few requests for a little tutorial for our project from last month’s workshop. I am happy to oblige. We tackled a Ballard knock off version of this fabulous wall art. 

Gather your Supplies:

– 1/2″ MDF board cut into 9 12×12 squares. The Lowe’s peeps are able to cut these for you and around here the first 4 cuts are free. 

– Permanent Spray Adhesive

– 9 12×12 sheets of scrapbook paper

– 80 grit sandpaper

– Paint and brushes OR Spray paint

– Rub-n-Buff antiquing rub

– Picture hangers OR drill

The process:

Once you have your wood squares cut paint the edges with the color of your choice. Mine are painted grey in the pictures below.

THOROUGHLY coat your board with spray adhesive and line your paper up and smooooooooth

Any little areas with any paper overhanging the sides grab the sandpaper and work against the edge of the wood. Gently keep working it until you sand the overhang off. 

Use a paper towel, sponge, cotton ball, finger….whatever you like to carefully work the Rub-n-Buff on the edges. Make the outside edges the heaviest and feather inward. **In this picture I used Precious Metals which is water based. It works but I prefer the Rub-n-Buff because it is oil based and less likely to bubble the edges.**

A little bit goes a long way. Trust me. Where you put it it stays. Start on the edge and work your way in.

I used my Silhouette machine to cut graphics for this set to hang in my kitchen.
And here is the original I created for my living room…

Happy creating! I would loooove to see your pictures if you make one too!

Valentine’s {Love} Sign Tutorial

Remember this sweet little picture from the giveaway a couple weeks ago? Well, since there could only be one winner I thought I’d share a little how-to with you to create something similar for your home. It’s a super cute little thrifty project.

What you need:

Mat (could make your own mat from a cereal box or any thin cardboard)
Scrapbook paper or any image you like
Crepe paper
Hot glue

I purchased a frame with a mat from Goodwill for $3. I loved the details in the frame but to enhance them a bit more I brushed on two light coats of grey paint and once dry I lightly sanded. Much better.

I took crepe paper…left over from a birthday party no doubt…to make rosettes. 

Here is the method I used to create the rosettes…

~ Cut strip of crepe paper and fold in half lengthwise. I used varying lengths for different size rosettes.

~ Fold one end and begin to tightly roll to create center of flower

~ Once you have a good center begin twisting tail up as you turn the bud. As you twist pinch and hold with you fingers holding the bud. 

~ As you continue turning and twisting your flower will grow larger and larger. You can add a dot of hot glue as needed to keep petals in place.

~ Continue until you come to the end and finally glue the tail to the back of your rosette.
Glue the rosettes to your mat. Squish them all together…there are a whole lot of rosie roses on there!

I added some scattered pearls in the rosettes for more texture.

I took the original art work from the frame and used a spray adhesive to glue the “LOVE” scrapbook paper to it. Next I took some scrap paper and cut a few triangles and scrap ribbon to create the pennant banner. I glued the pennant banner down and put my frame back together.

While this one is likely a one of a kind it would be so easy to create something similar with the same elements.

Happy Creating!