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Baseball Inspired Rocking Chair

I am going to be a better blogger….I am going to be a better blogger…I am going to be a better blogger. Believe me yet? Ok, I am working on it and would really like to keep this updated better. Truly.

We have delivered some really cool pieces since my last post but I thought today I would feature a rocking chair makeover. 

Kelly found this rocking chair in our Facebook album of pieces needing a new look and wanted it for her son’s nursery. She requested an “old dirty baseball” look. So fun!

First up this baby needed some repair.  Fortunately, I am married to my guy who is awesomely handy and he totally fixed it up for me. If only he would read this little blog to see all the props I give him. Love you honey!

Sanded, primer, and white paint later this baby was ready for some baseball stitching. I played around chalking on some stitches and made a real mess actually. I tried making the seat itself look like a baseball and to be honest it look like a perfect place for your rear…ya know? Not cool. Erase.

Just so happens my girl, Amanda, was visiting that week and we put our noggins together and came up with this…

Heavily distressed and glazed for a good ol’ dirty worn look and it’s all ready for lots a baby snugglin’. Congrats Kelly on your new bundle arriving soon! 

Happy lil’ dresser for baby girl

For the love of the baby in this family I flipped this antique pine dresser for her big girl room. I actually did this a couple months ago but had a hardware issue so I just now getting around to sharing it with you all.

The dresser before (actually lovely as it was but it did have some deep scratches you can’t see in the photo)…

I used Homestead Resort Jefferson White by Valspar and added the teal flowers in Catalina by Olympic. I stripped and stained the top dark walnut and the pine soaked the stain up. I love the rich color it left behind. Gave it a good ol’ distressin’ and sealed it up. I found the perfect glass knobs at Hobby Lobby and they had the exact quantity I needed. Umm yea that was perfect until I broke one of them and HL never restocked them. Believe me I checked and checked and checked. So plan B…started over with different knobs and I believe these are better than the first. Check it out…

This mirror was left over from a dresser I painted awhile back but the mirror was cracked so I did not sell it with the dresser. Since the crack was positioned in the corner it was nothing a few rosettes couldn’t fix. Now see if I hadn’t told you you would have never known.

Ohhh and this sweet canvas Auntie Amanda painted for Cate while she was visiting. Perfect in in missy’s room!
I have a few more ideas for her big girl room we will see if all of those actually happen. My plate is full right now and I am loving it!

A Craft A Day …Or Not

Hi, my name is Clara and I have fallen off the craft-a-day wagon.

Yes, I admit it.

Instead of inspiring creativity in my children today I melted a few brain cells playing with Sam and his new Super Mario Wii game all most…who am I kidding ALL day. But…but…but wait we did conquer like 3….oh my stop me now.

Don’t throw stones at me yet….we did squeeze in some reading this morning although I am not really sure any of that will count at this point.

Well, since I have no kid friendly craft to share with you I thought I’d share the sweet little rocking chair I finished for Cate’s room. Sound good?

Ok. The girl loooves to rock. So I found this UGLY rocking chair this Summer, it was priced right and it did have potential so I got it! When I picked it up I told the lady I was going to paint it and she was like…really??! Agh! She didn’t like it, had never used it, and was selling it but she was aggravated I was going to paint it. Make sense to you? Oh well, I know painted furniture is not for everyone but for Miss Cate it needed to be done.

As I found it…

Solid wood but kind of bulky and well…bulky.

Not much I could actually do about that but I did try to slim her down a bit with some Annie Sloan Pure White. Then a good ole sandpaperin’ and clear wax to seal ‘er up.

I recovered the cushion with some outdoor fabric I have had forever and made a simple pillow for the back.


Baby Cake is one happy girl with her own resting spot. Crazy hair and all…

Happy Wednesday and I am jumping back on the wagon today!

Sweet Memories

Back in the Summer I had the opportunity to meet a sweet couple through Craigslist of all places. I know I have said it before but I have been so blessed to meet some of the greatest people from there. I have heard other’s stories to the contrary but for me it has been cool who God has connected me with.

The couple, Jon and Melissa, were selling some furniture that I “needed”…ummm…let’s pretend it is not still in my stash of pieces waiting to be rehabbed. Nevertheless, meeting them turned out to be the real jewel of the whole process. While I was there Melissa showed me her Grandmother’s dressing table and chair that she wanted to have refinished for her daughter. The set was darling and very sentimental to Melissa but just not in a finish that was in keeping with the rest of the house.

A few months passed and Melissa and I reconnected to go ahead rehab the dressing table set.


Pinky red paint color + black glaze = not what Melissa wanted

We went with a dark stain for the top and Sherwin Williams Navajo White for the body. Melissa had asked for some “ABC” detailing on it but not to look too juvenile as she wanted it to grow with her daughter.

And the result (minus the hardware that Melissa already had)…

I really enjoyed working on this piece and getting creative with the details but the best part of all was Melissa’s reaction when she saw the finished product. She had sweet memories of her Grandmother sitting at the table so it was very precious for her. That made the whole process so much more rewarding! I mean I so love what I do but to see how much this meant to her was really fun for me!

I am starting the week off thanking God for the people and opportunities He has brought and continues to bring my way! Recognizing each encounter as a gift from Him. I am reminded of these passages…

James 1:16-18

So, my very dear friends, don’t get thrown off course. Every desirable and beneficial gift comes out of heaven. The gifts are rivers of light cascading down from the Father of Light. There is nothing deceitful in God, nothing two-faced, nothing fickle. He brought us to life using the true Word, showing us off as the crown of all his creatures.

Before you go…

The workshop was so much fun this weekend! So much so I completely spaced on taking pictures. Oh well! Everyone did a great job and I think some were surprised by their own creativity. Love it!

I have an idea for our next workshop in February. It is a little off the beaten path from what we have done before but I think it will be something busy mama’s will appreciate. Hmmm…I think I’ll give you a preview tomorrow and see what you all think about it so check back with me then!

Have a great week!

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Chic on a Shoestring Decorating

Dramatic Flair

This piece has taunted me since this Summer. Every time I went to start another project I literally had to step over this one to get to something else and yet I did again and again.

My client had purchased this piece via an internet auction. She paid a whooping $13 for it but we both wanted to cry a little when we laid eyes on it. I usually have some sort of vision or inspiration but I just wasn’t feelin’ it. My client was in no hurry and I was not very motivated so it sat and sat.

Anna, my client, saw a picture on Savvy Southern Style of what she envisioned for the chest. Here is the inspiration piece from Kim at Savvy Southern Style…

A wee bit closer…


Hmmm. Ok, now I am slightly more motivated. A month or two more pass and here we go (finally!).

Jon, spent a Saturday chiseling about 85% of the peeling cracking veneer off. After lots of cleaning and prep I choose Annie Sloan Paris Grey and Pure White for the highly distressed and quite dramatic finish. Anna wanted the top stained so I choose Dark Walnut which showed off the tiger striping detail beautifully. New hardware and this baby had new life!

Hold your head to the left to fully appreciate this terrible before shot…

This look isn’t for everyone but it was just what Anna wanted. Ugly duckling no more…

The new hardware really tied it together and made the look work…
New fabric lined drawers…
Beautiful tiger striping detail…

Wishing all of you a wonderful week! Looking forward to some girl time this weekend at the workshop!!

Pretty in White

This sad puppy was a Craigslist find I actually bought for myself…gasp! I really need some sort of buffet in my dining room and I thought I could transform this baby for just that purpose. Alas, I sold it before I could have my way with it. Not complaining, believe me. My client saw it just as you see it now and wanted it for her daughter’s bedroom in white and distressed.

I was bummed the majority of the drawer pulls were missing. They were so dainty and cute but I was able to use the top row of pulls. I filled the holes on the bottom six drawers, sanded, refilled, and sanded again to replace the pulls with knobs. It turned out nice and smooth, you would never know!

Here she is pretty in white…

I already have found my replacement “buffet.” You love it, I know you do. Ok, maybe not yet but you will. 🙂

We are off to Hotlanta this weekend for some fun with the babes and family. Wishing you all an awesome weekend!

Farmhouse Coffee Table

I had the pleasure of another custom rehab for my friend Anna. This coffee table she wanted made over for her daughter. Anna knew exactly what she wanted so I went with her vision. Here is the table before:

I sanded this baby down taking it down to the wood for the top surface to prepare for stain. Primed with Kilz Clean Start and painted in Muslin White. I distressed with my mouse sander and 80 grit sanding block for the leg spindles. Antiqued with Danish Oil in dark walnut and restained top surface. Finally, I used several layers of wipe on poly for protection.

Love my clients! Thanks Anna and I hope your daughter loves it!

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Summer Lovin’ and a Shabby Cabinet Redo

My sweet little fella has been asking his Daddy for a week to take him to the store to get me some flowers. Awwww! I love that he just got this idea and he was not giving up until he got them for me. It was supposed to be a surprise and I tried really really hard not to know I promise. Even this past weekend our neighbor was having a yard sale. …Side note: Ms. Cindy we still don’t like this whole moving thing!… Sam picked out a vase and insisted that he must buy it for something special and so he did. Too precious! Yesterday as soon as Jon got home the two ran their top secret mission and came back with a sweet bouquet of purple flowers little man picked out all by himself. Good gracious being a mom is the most challenging thing I have experienced but the rewards …oh the rewards… are wonderful and I don’t just mean the flowers. They are lovely as you can see but Sam’s heart and thoughtfulness throughout his mission, those are the things that make this job the best!

Ok, so onto my shabby little redo. I found this solid china cabinet at a yard sale earlier in the Summer. I spotted it while it was covered up with some plastic and there I go inquiring…

So glad I did! There was a beauty under there and in really good shape. The hubs said yes and it was a go. The couple who were selling it were so kind to us. I did feel bad for the guy though. As he and Jon were loading it up he commented on how glad he was it was going to a nice family…awww shucks…

My ‘say the first thing that pops in your head’ hubby says…”well, I don’t really know who’s getting it…we are going to refinish it.” Oh dear!

Nevertheless, I do think they would be pleased to know how stinkin’ adorable it turned out and it will still find a happy home.

The piece was in good shape just out of date…

Disassembled, sanded, and primed. I painted the cabinet in Muslin White. Distressed and glazed with a mixture of tintable glaze and Classic Silver by Behr (not metallic). I love the look of the grey on the white! I covered the back panel in textured wallpaper and sprayed with metallic silver spray paint. Next, I antiqued over the wallpaper to give it more depth and the look of aged tin. See the difference below…
Jon helped me get the cabinet all back together. We both learned a valuable lesson at this point. Label all hinges when removing. Geez! That was a pain because while they all seemed the same when I was removing them the slightest difference changed the way the door opened and closed. After a little extra work we got it all together and here is the result…

This china cabinet is available for sale. If interested you can contact me at for pricing and dimension information.

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Tea for Two

So I give the hubby a hard time but in all fairness he is pretty awesome to me. I am blessed beyond measure to have him in my life. Without his support in this whole venture I could not proceed.
I had been eyeing this table at the permanent yard sale near my house. Gotta love the permenant yard sale…when it is not across the street from your house it is much cooler. Gah! Nevertheless they had this really cute table not for sale but just to display all their other crap stuff on. Jon dutifully stopped and asked the guy if he would sell it and how much. I thought it was a bit pricey for an old worn out table that I would still need to get chairs for but I wasn’t ready to give up on it. You know when you want it…you want it. Plus I had vision for it already. Then I remembered this old table we had in the shop that was unusable to me and I thought about maybe trading if the guy was willing.

A few days went by and I kind of forgot about it. Then I was outside sanding another peice and I thought the hubs was working in the yard until I see him coming around the corner carrying this table…yes carrying! He sets it down and in his way says…”I made your trade babe!” ::Swoon:: He knows how to make me melt. So I know I am a little abnormal but seriously he made my day.

I love the round shape and the curvy details. I knew this table was in for a little surgery to transform it into a sweet little table for some girly girls.

Jon measured, leveled, and cut the legs down with his circular saw. This is actually a chair from another set being cut down but it gives you the idea.
I still needed to find some chairs with the right amount of curves. I found this duo while visiting family in Georgia. Yes, I am that die hard. It was music to my ears when the Mim’s asked if I want to go yard sailing with her on my visit. Here is one of the two chairs I found while we were out…

They underwent surgery as well.

I primed the whole set and handpainted fun details to the chairs and leg spindles. No matchy matchy completely random. Then I distressed everything. I used Danish Oil in dark walnut to give an aged look. I used scrapbook paper to create the flower for the center and applied it to the table with Mod Podge of course! A few coats of poly to protect surfaces from sticky fingers. Lastly, I gave the cushions a fresh look with new decorator fabric. And here you have it…

I can see two little ladies dressed in their finest enjoying an imaginary cup of tea. Sweet memories are going to be made here.

Interested in purchasing this set? Email me at for pricing information.

I don’t want to say goodbye…

More than a few times now have there have been a piece of furniture given new life that I really don’t want to part with. This is one of them. It would fit right in at this little place I call home but alas my friend Anna at Home Couture has already claimed her. I know it is for the best but I may just have to whine a bit.

Alright knock it off…

I found this piece with my dear friend Christine when we hit the town one Saturday morning at an insane hour hunting for deals. A little repair was needed. I batted my eyes and in the sweetest little southern voice I could muster I asked the hubs to help me with the repairs. Not too fooled by my charm he said a few words under his breath and went to work. Really he just likes to give me a hard time but he loves any excuse to get out in his shop and tinker. I guess it just wouldn’t be as much fun if he didn’t give me a hard time?

Nevertheless, he did a beautiful job as always and even did my sanding for me. Here she is all sanded…

She definitely had potential but now she has realized it…

Ahhh well. Sad to see her go but she will be quite lovely where ever she calls home.

I am wrapping up this perfect Easter day with my family and reflecting on the memories we made today. My motto for holidays this year is “laid back.” I get frustrated sometimes with all the hype of the holidays and the 52 lists that come along with it. When the day finally arrives I find it hard to enjoy myself. Today was a perfect combo. We had a fabulous Easter service this morning and it touched my heart to think about the sacrifice Jesus made for us but not only that he lives still! WOW! I might get a little teary again. Next came a relaxed lunch with my treasured family and playing with the kids the rest of the afternoon. I may have snuck one teeny tiny little project in but no one noticed. Take time to enjoy your loved ones today. This is just a moment in time and it goes by so quickly. Don’t get too distracted with all those lists that you miss the most important parts of life. Those things CAN wait…I promise.

My treasures…

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