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September Workshop ~ Decorative Flower Mirrors

I have a super fun project in store for September! We will be making flower mirrors inspired by Kristi at Addicted 2 Decorating. I have wanted us to make a star burst mirror for quite some time now and have even tried a couple but in my opinion they were crafty fails. Aren’t you glad I weed out the flops for you? The flower mirror is a keeper! As soon as I made one I wanted to make another…and another…ok Kristi’s blog name may just have me pegged!

When: Tuesday, September 4th at 6:30

Where: Outreach Church
             2414 Wade Hampton Blvd
             Greenville, SC 29615

Cost: $25 

Payment: Class fee can be paid via Paypal to or I will directly invoice if you prefer. Checks accepted as well with mailing address given upon request.

RSVP: All reservations and payment must be made by Thursday, August 30th. You can RSVP directly to our Facebook page HERE

What to bring: A can of spray paint in your color choice.  There are so many fun colors to choose from! Even metallics would work! **Just a note about spray paint…brand name matters. For best coverage go with Krylon, Rustoleum, Valspar at Lowe’s, etc. Krylon is 30% off this week for your bargain shoppin’ mamas or use the 40% off coupon!

Ready for another fun night out!!!

August Workshop~ Monogrammed Rugs

It’s that time again! We will be transforming ugly…in my humble opinion of course…foam mats into custom lovelies! These will work perfect for kitchen, bath, and entry spaces.

The scoop:

When: Tuesday, August 7th at 6:30

Where: Outreach Church
           2414 Wade Hampton Blvd
           Greenville, SC 29615

Outreach Church has been so awesome to commit to letting us use their space over the next several months! Yay for space to spread out!

Cost: $25 

Payment: Class fee can be paid via Paypal to or I will directly invoice if you prefer. Checks accepted as well with mailing address given upon request.

What to bring: 3/4 yard fabric of your choice to coordinate with your decor. When choosing your fabric keep in mind your monogram will be in black or brown. Lighter colors will be best. Hobby Lobby always has a 40% off coupon you can use on anything in the store. Pull it up on your phone at checkout or print coupon here. This will make your purchase just a couple of dollars…yay!!

RSVP: All reservations and payment must be made by Friday, August 3rd. You can RSVP directly to our Facebook page HERE. When you RSVP let me know your monogram letter…pretty please. 🙂

See you girls there!!

June Workshop!

Yep, it’s that time again…workshop has arrived! This month we are taking on a fun home decor project that I have had several requests for. This Ballard inspired wall art is lovely and brings color and interest into any room. 

So you could definitely head on over to Ballard right here and pick up a set of these lovelies for a mere $169 or you could join us and make an equally as fun knock of version for a fraction of the cost. Sound good? Uh-huh! Check it out…

The skinny…

When: Tuesday, June 26th at 6:30

Where: Email me at for location info

Cost: Two sizes available for this project:
9 12×12 plaques is $28
4 12×12 plaques is $22

Payment: Class fee can be paid via Paypal to or I will directly invoice if you prefer. Checks accepted as well with mailing address given upon request.

What to Bring: Depending on what size you decide to do you will need to bring 4 or 9 12×12 pieces of coordinating scrapbook paper. Pick something that suits the room where you plan to hang your masterpiece. 

RSVP: All reservations and payment must be made by Friday, June 22nd. You can RSVP directly to our FB event page HERE

**Space is limited for this workshop. Once all available seats are paid for I will close the workshop. If there is enough interest for another class we may open a Saturday class**

Ready for some girl time!!

May Workshop!

Our May workshop is just around the corner and I have a fun project planned for us! We are going to be making chalkboards using salvaged cabinet doors and mini bunting to adorn them. Fun!

These can be used in a variety of spaces…kitchens, bedrooms, work spaces…whatever suits your fancy! They are perfect for scriptures, organization, or to entertain the little people in our lives. I plan to use ours in our kitchen for inspirational tid bits.

Initially I wanted to make these magnetic BUT have you ever used magnetic paint? I am not a fan. I gave it a go and it was terrible. I am not sure how many coats would actually make it magnetic but I gave up, plus it is oil based and super messy! NO fun. 

I have my chalkboard made but I have not had a spare moment to take pictures…so what does a girl do…why she heads over to Pinterest of course! I perused until I found a few pictures to give you an idea (ours will more resemble the first picture)…

Boards will vary slightly in size but will all be approximately 28in by 18in.

Important Info:

When: Tuesday, May 8th @ 6:30

Where: Email me at for location details.

Payment: Class fee can be paid via Paypal to or I will directly invoice if you prefer. Checks accepted as well with mailing address given upon request.

RSVP: All reservations and payment must be made by Friday, May 4th. You can RSVP directly to our FB event page here.

Optional: I will have lots of fun paint colors to choose from for your frame but feel free to bring paint if you are trying to match something specific. 

So come hang out with some lovely ladies and make something fun for your home! It will be fun for sure!

April Workshop ~ Photo Gifts

Hi friends! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! 

Hopefully, you have saved the date for our photo workshop coming up! You ready for the scoop?! Here goes…

Monkey Doodles has teamed up with Monica Parkkonen Photography to bring you this sweet deal! Monica has been photographing my family for years and for good reason…she is awesome! Some of my most treasured shots of my babes Monica has captured for me. Love her work!

For the workshop we will be taking on two projects. First up 8×10 photo canvases…

Psst…Monica took this photo of my baby girl!

Next up photo pendant necklaces…

If you prefer there will also be patterned paper available instead of photos for the necklace. Like this fun weathered paper I used here…

These are fun to make for yourself or would make great personalized gifts as well!

So what’s the deal you ask…let me tell you! When you sign up for workshop and have a photo session with Monica you will receive a free additional necklace from Monkey Doodles AND Monica is offering a free digital file and copyright from your session! You know you love some free stuff! So get the kids dolled up in their springy best, get some fabulous photos, then come to workshop and knock out all your Mother’s Day presents!

All the particulars…

When: Saturday, April 14th at 10:00

Where: Jennie Leigh Designs
             27 Mohawk Drive
             Greenville, SC 29609

Yes! We get to craft in Jennie’s lovely shop again! She is our local Annie Sloan Paint stockist. If you have never visited her shop that is a treat all by itself.

Cost: $25 (includes canvas and necklace)

Payment: Class fee can be paid via Paypal to or I will directly invoice if you prefer. Checks accepted as well with mailing address given upon request.

RSVP: All reservations and payment must be made by Friday, April 6th. You can RSVP directly to our FB event page here.

What to bring: Bring any 8×10 photo (old or new) you would like to use for your canvas with you to class. Email me your photo for your pendant as I will have it resized and ready to go on class day. Emailed photos should be received by April 6th.

Looking forward to seeing you then!

Spring Wreath Workshop

Can you believe Spring is almost here?!? Yep…March 20th marks the first day of Spring! So let’s go ahead and get a jump on all that fun Spring decor!

Join me March 3rd when we will be creating colorful moss wreaths!

“Grass Green” color option…


“Spring Green” color option…
When: Saturday, March 3rd, 2012 @ 10:00

Where: Email me at for location info.

Cost: $25 per 18 inch wreath. You can check out “moss wreath” on Etsy and these babies sell for 30, 40, 50 and up so this is a pretty sweet deal. 🙂

Payment Options: Class fee may be paid through Paypal by following the button below or to You may also drop a check in the mail or bring it by in person. Mailing address is given upon request.
RSVP: Deadline for reservation and payment February 24th. You can RSVP directly to our Facebook event page here. Please let me know which color moss you would like. Spring green or grass green.

**Remember if you bring a friend who hasn’t attended a workshop before you get $5 off your class fee!

**April 14th we will be tackling photo pendant necklaces and photo canvases!

Can’t wait for another fun morning with the girls!!

FYI: Upcoming Workshop Dates!

Alright girls mark these dates on your calendar for the next couple of workshops! If you were here on Saturday we are definitely still doing the workshop I was telling you about but we are going to move it back for one month so we can squeeze in some Spring time fun before it passes us by. 

March 3rd ~ Spring Wreaths

April 14th ~ Photo Pendant Necklaces and Photo Canvases 

More details to come!!

Menu Board Workshop FAQ

The menu board workshop has prompted lots of questions…understandably so. I am going to take a minute to answer the most FAQ for you all. 

~ Can I create blank recipe magnets?

Absolutely! I will include 5 blank recipe magnets for each attendee. You will be able to use dry erase markers to write in a recipe. This is perfect for trying out new recipes!

~ How many recipe magnets can I make?

You can make up to 35 individual magnets and I will include 5 blank ones as well for a total of 40 magnets.

~ I like to add new recipes frequently. Can I add more recipe magnets later?

Yes ma’am! I have created an excel spreadsheet to input the recipes…just to keep them all the same size. I will email you the spreadsheet after the workshop so you can easily add new recipes…print…cut…glue a magnet and voila!

~ I am not able to come that day but I would really like to make one of these for my family. Can MD create my board for me?

Sure, I will be glad to make a board for you! I will create the board based on the colors you like. I will supply the materials for magnets and you will complete those at home. 

~ I don’t cook. How could I remix this to work for me?

I am sure there are lots of ways you could get creative using this as an organizational tool for your home. Some of the ways that have been mentioned:

Chore chart (could work for adults or kids) ~ create a cleaning schedule

Simply use it as a calendar/scheduler dry erase board

~ What if I don’t feel like cooking?

LOL! Ok, so in truth I rarely “feel” like cooking but I have found that to save time and money it is nice to plan those nights in on your calendar. So remember to include things like “date night”, “out to eat”, “fend for yourself”, “breakfast for dinner”…just whatever works for your family!

Hey, if all doesn’t go quite according to plan move a meal…it’s a magnet. 🙂

Ok girls I hope this answers questions for you all and takes some of the pressure off. It is going to take some effort to get your meals together but I think it will be worth it! Please feel free if you think of anything else…ask away!

This Friday the 27th is the deadline to get your RSVP in! Go to our FB event page to let me know you are coming! 


Who likes a deal? Ummm…everyone does, silly! I want to introduce a new program for Monkey Doodles Workshops! I have a great group of ladies who are faithful to join in the crafty fun and I wanted to give you all a chance to catch a break on your class fee. 

Super easy, really. You invite and get a friend signed up who hasn’t crafted with us before and you receive $5 off your class fee. Sweet, huh?! You get to hang with your friend and you get a deal at the same time!

Alright so spread the word already and save some cash!

*One discount available per person per workshop*

Remember sign ups are happening right now for the February Workshop!

February Workshop ~ Menu Board and Recipe Swap

UPDATE: Seating is limited for this event. Some supplies have been special ordered for this project so we will be limited to availability of supplies. Your RSVP is secure once you have paid. Thanks girls!


Yep, it’s that time again! Let’s get a little crafty and organized at the same time. Sound good? Uh huh…I thought so! Anything to make this busy Mama’s life a bit easier is a GOOD thing.

We will be making awesome magnetic menu boards to simplify planning out our family dinners for a month at a time. Your board can help to get the kids and the hubby involved in picking out the dinner rotation, avoid repeats in the same month, AND makes weekly grocery shopping so much easier!

Also, we will be recipe swapping! So pick a favorite recipe or two to share with the girls and get a whole lot of good ones back to fill up your calendar with yumminess!

Here are some samples for your viewing pleasure. These were created by A Girl and A Glue Gun

When: Saturday, February 4th, 2012 @ 10:00

Where: Email me a for location info

Payment Options: Class fee may be paid through Paypal to When you RSVP for event I will send out Paypal invoice. you may also drop a check in the mail or bring it by in person. Mailing address is given upon request.

RSVP: Deadline for reservation and payment is January 27th.

Important: Take a look through your recipe collection and type a list of recipes (***just the TITLE***) you want to include on your menu board. Email me your list and I will have them printed on card stock for you when you arrive. Simple!

Recipe Swap: Type up 1 or 2 of your favorite recipes and email them to me by the 27th and I will take care of printing copies for everyone attending. If you don’t want to participate in the swap, no problem. Just know if you don’t give you don’t get. 🙂

I will have lots of paper and paints for you to choose from to create your board customized to your decor.

Let me take care of gathering all your supplies and printing and join us for some fun! Sip some coffee and grab something sweet while you get crafty with the girls!