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Spring Bloom Rehab

My friend, Stephanie, brought me these sweet little side tables. She really wanted to use them because they belonged to her mother but was less than lovin’ the finish. Monkey Doodles to the rescue!

She had bought this little round table from me last year and wanted the same pale yellow for her side tables.

I wanted to add a little flair to them and she gave me creative reign. In process of overhaulin’ this set my new Silhouette Cameo arrived! Whooop! I have so many ideas for this little jewel! Back to the tables…the timing was perfect and I used the Silhouette to jazz them up a bit. I know Steph loves to dabble in her garden and the outdoors so that was my inspiration.

Ta da…

So springy and fresh! I hope Stephanie is as happy with them as I am!

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Rehabed Goodness x 3

Just a few pieces I have been working on are all wrapped up and good to go so I thought I would share. This will be a quickie because I have lots to do to prepare for our girl’s weekend at Edisto Beach! Wooohooo! Excited about sleeping in, sun, and good friends!

My friend Stephanie kept asking me what I was going to do with the little round table. Me in my sleep deprived stooper had no idea. Jon finally got smart and asked her what color she wanted it to be. Duh! Yellow she said and yellow it is.


Found these two sad little pieces separately and thought they would be much happier together in a lovely shade of Paris Grey.


The Paris Grey set can be found under the “shop” tab under our logo. This sweet set also coordinates with our French Hutch!

Ok off to my to-do list for the day! Have a good one!

UPDATE: Sold, sold, and sold! 🙂