• I have been attending The Charmed Nest workshops for almost a year now. It’s brought out a creative side of myself I never really knew was there! I love getting a night out to just enjoy other woman’s company and end up with a beautiful homemade item quirked to my style. I would defintely recommend these workshops to anyone! ~ Crystal Sauvola

• I love The Charmed Nest’s Craft workshops! I enjoy crafting but as a mom of 3 rarely have time to do it; Clara makes it so easy and affordable. She is organized, has all the materials there and ready to craft so all you need to do is show up and have a fun girls night! Oh, and the snacks are always amazing! ~Shelli Wilburn

The Charmed Nest Workshops are one of my favorite nights of the month! I 
have the first Tuesday of every month permanently reserved on my calendar.
 Clara has never had a craft I haven’t LOVED! My home has a whole new 
personal feel to it after just a few nights of workshops. I’ve recruited 
several friends and our girls nights are a blast!! ~Joelle Turner